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Brother DCP L2550DW is a laser printer. It has a color touch-screen LCD display. Using this printer, you can print on Executive and Legal paper. Apart from these media, you can print on labels and envelopes. This printer supports automatic two-sided printing. Let’s now look into the Brother DCP L2550DW setup in detail.

Unboxing The Printer And Checking The Components:

  •   First, you have to open the printer box.
  •   Next, you need to check whether the following components are available in the printer box:
  •   The Brother DCP-L2550DW printer
  •   The drum unit and toner cartridge
  •   Brother installation disc
  •   Telephone line cable
  •   The Quick Setup and Product Safety Guides
  •   Now, remove the packing materials from the printer.
  •   Next, you can install the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly.
  •   You have now completed the initial stage in the Brother DCP L2550DW setup.

Brother Dcp l2550dw Setup

Loading Paper Into The Printer:

  •   First, you have to pull the paper tray from the printer. By pulling, remove this tray from the printer.
  •   Next, you need to adjust the paper guides according to the size of the paper stack you are loading.
  •   Fan a stack of paper well. Use a flat surface to make the edges of the stack even.
  •   Now, you need to re-adjust the paper guides such that they touch the stack you have loaded.
  •   Ensure that the paper you have loaded does not exceed the maximum mark on the tray.
  •   You can now insert the paper tray back into the printer.
  •   You have now finished another stage in the Brother DCP L2550DW setup.

Powering On The Printer:

  •   Take the power cable and connect one of its ends to the back of the printer.
  •   Plug the opposite end of this power cable into an electrical socket.
  •   On the front of the printer, you will find the Power button. Press this button to turn on the printer.

Choosing The Desired Language:

  •   The first step is to press the Menu button on the printer control panel.
  •   Next, make use of the Up or Down arrow key to select the Initial Setup option. Now, you need to press the OK button.
  •   Use the Up or Down arrow key to display the Local Language option. Next, press the OK button.
  •   Yet another stage in the Brother DCP L2550DW setup is over. With this, the hardware part of the printer setup is finished. Once you install the printer software, the entire setup will be complete.

Connecting A Device To The Printer:

  •   You can either select a computer or a mobile device to connect to your printer. If you are opting for a computer, make use of the following steps to connect it to the printer:
  •   You need to insert the installation disc into the CD/DVD drive of the computer. Otherwise, download the Full Driver & Software Package from the official site of the printer.
  •   You have to perform this task depending on the OS you are using (Windows or Mac).
  •   Now, you need to continue with the on-screen instructions.

If Your Os Is Windows, Follow These Steps:

  •   In case the Brother screen does not display automatically, navigate to Computer (This PC).
  •   Next, you have to double-click on the CD/DVD-ROM icon. When it opens up, double-click on the start.exe file and continue with the Brother DCP L2550DW setup.

If Your Os Is Mac, Follow These Steps:

You can select the CUPS driver while you are adding the printer. This is essential for full driver functionality.

If You Are A Network User, These Steps Will Be Useful:

  •   At the back of the printer, you will find the Pwd mark. This is the default Web Based Management password for the printer. Change this default password immediately for protection from unauthorized access.
  •   You have now successfully finished the Brother DCP L2550DW setup.