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Brother HL 2170W Setup

Brother HL 2170W is a wireless monochrome printer. The resolution of this Brother printer is 2400 x 600 dpi. It supports both wired network connection and the direct USB connection. It has a 250-sheet capacity tray and the starter toner cartridge is included in the printer. The steps to Brother HL 2170W setup the printer are given below.

Step 1: Unpacking the printer

  •   Take out the Brother printer from the carton.
  •   Remove all the packing materials including the tapes and protective films from the printer.
  •   The components included in the printer package consist of the following.
  •   CD-ROM
  •   Quick Setup Guide
  •   Drum unit and toner cartridge assembly
  •   AC power cord

Step 2: Fixing toner cartridge

  •   Lower the front cover and remove the packing materials present inside the printer.
  •   Now, unpack the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly from the package.
  •   Gently shake the toner cartridge assembly and insert it into the printer.
  •   Close the front cover.

Step 3: Loading Paper

  •   Pull out the input paper tray and press the green paper-guide release lever.
  •   Slide the paper guides according to the paper size that you are going to load.
  •   Fan a stack of paper and tap them on a flat surface before loading.
  •   Ensure to load the paper only below the maximum mark in the tray.
  •   Now, fix the tray back to the printer.

Step 4: Configuring the printer

  •   Connect the power cord to the printer’s rear side.
  •   Connect the other to an AC outlet. Now, press the switch on the printer to turn it on.
  •   Unfold the support flap and press the Go button when the printer LED stops blinking.
  •   Now, a test page will be printed.

Step 5: Installing the printer driver

  •   You can install the printer driver on your computer from the installation disc or using the downloaded printer driver.
  •   Run the driver installer and continue with the on-screen instructions.
  •   To print from your smartphone, install the Brother iPrint&Scan application from the Google Play Store or App Store. 

Brother Hl 2170w Driver Download

  •   Open your browser and enter the official Brother website.
  •   Go to the support page and choose your region.
  •   Click the Product search icon and type the Printer model number.
  •   Navigate to the Downloads section, choose your operating system, and then select the required driver.
  •   You can also click on the Driver Download button on this page to download the driver.

Brother Hl 2170W Mac Driver

To download the driver for Mac, go to the official Brother HL 2170W setup website.

  •   Enter the product model number and go to the printer’s page.
  •   Click the Downloads tab and choose your operating system as Mac. Select the version.
  •   Now, select the required driver and click on the Download button.
  •   Once downloaded, begin the installation and choose a connection method.
  •   Continue with the instructions on the screen to install the software.

Brother Hl 2170w Manual Download

To download the User manual, consider the steps given below.

  •   Go to the official Brother website and navigate to the support page.
  •   Enter the printer model in the search section and tap Enter.
  •   Select the Manuals tab and choose the required manual.
  •   Now, you have to click the Download button next to the User’s Guide.
  •   You must choose your language to download the manual.
  •   Otherwise, click on the Manual Download button on this page to download the manual.
Brother Hl 2170w Setup

Brother Hl 2170w Network Setup

If you want to connect the Brother HL 2170W printer to a network through a wired connection method, continue with the steps given below.

  •   Insert the installation CD-ROM into your computer.
  •   Make sure to turn on the printer and keep it near the router.
  •   Also, connect the printer and the router using a network cable.
  •   On your computer connected to the same router, run the installer and choose your language.
  •   Select the Install Printer Driver option.
  •   In the next window, choose the Network cable users option.
  •   Accept the license agreement and then choose the connection method.
  •   Choose the option to search for your printer connected to the network.
  •   When your printer is listed, select it and finally, click Finish.
  •   Now, you have connected your printer to a wired network.

Brother Hl 2170w Wireless Setup

  •   Ensure that your wireless network has bee configured.
  •   You can note down the network credentials before beginning the connection process.
  •   Install the printer driver to Brother HL 2170W setup a wireless connection.
  •   Run the installer file and choose Install Printer Driver > Wireless Network users > Wireless Setup and Driver Install.
  •   Now, you can choose to make the initial connection using a network cable or without the network cable (advanced).
  •   Continue with the rest of the instructions displayed on the screen to complete the installation and connect the printer to your wireless network.

Brother Hl 2170w Wireless Setup Mac

  •   First, make sure to download the printer driver from the official Brother website.
  •   Keep your wireless router turned on.
  •   Open the downloaded installer file on your Mac computer and begin the installation.
  •   Click Install Printer Driver and proceed to the next step.
  •   Now choose Wireless Network users and proceed with the instructions on the installation wizard to complete the wireless setup.
Brother Hl 2170w Setup-wireless Mac

Brother Hl 2170w Airprint

The AirPrint feature allows you to print wirelessly from your iOS device without installing the printer driver or apps. Unfortunately, the Brother HL 2170W printer is not AirPrint compatible.

Brother Printer Hl 2170w Troubleshooting

  •   The Brother printer may face certain issues while using it for an extended period. It may be due to low maintenance or other issues.
  •   One of the commonly occurring problems is the paper jam issue. If any paper is stuck, open the trays and check for the jammed paper. Remove the paper using both hands.
  •   For the printer offline issue, first, check whether the printer is in sleep mode. Set the printer as a default one and cancel the print jobs in the queue. Make sure that the Use printer offline option is not selected. Reboot the Brother HL 2170W setup printer to fix the issue.
  •   In case of any other issues, click on the Call button on this page to sort out your issues and resolve them.
Brother Printer Hl 2170w Troubleshooting