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Brother HL 5450dn SETUP – DESC & STEPS

Brother HL 5450DN is a monochrome laser printer. It is designed with a built-in Ethernet network interface. Use the instructions given on this page to set up the Brother HL 5450DN printer.

Brother HL 5450dn setup

Unbox the printer:

  •   Unpack the printer and keep it in a suitable place.
  •   Check if all the listed components are shipped with the printer without any damage.
  •   Remove all the packing and protective materials from the printer.

Turn on the Brother HL 5450DN device:

  •   Use the AC power cord that came along with the printer. Take the AC power cord and connect its one end to the AC power outlet.
  •   Connect the other end to the printer.
  •   Now, press the Power button and turn the printer ON.
  •   Set the control panel preferences and continue with the paper loading process.

Install the media in the Brother HL 5450DN printer:

  •   Open the paper tray of your printer and release the paper width guides.
  •   Install a stack paper in the paper tray and adjust the paper width guides.
  •   Close the tray.

Install the toner cartridges assembly:

  •   Open the drum unit and take out the toner cartridge assembly.
  •   Remove the orange protective material from the cartridges.
  •   Shake the toner cartridge assembly and the drum unit so that the toner is evenly distributed inside the cartridge.
  •   Place the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly back into its position and close the front cover of the Brother HL 5450DN printer.

Try to print a test page:

  •   Once all the above steps are performed correctly, print a test page using the Brother HL 5450DN printer.
  •   If the test page is printed, then the printer setup is complete.
  •   Finally, get the printer driver and install it on your PC to start operating the printer from your computer.

Brother HL 5450dn driver download – steps

The Brother HL 5450DN Driver Download button is given below. Click on that button and the compatible driver will be downloaded to your PC.

  •   You can also visit the official support page of your Brother printer.
  •   Click the Downloads tab on the left.
  •   Choose the operating system and its version.
  •   Click the Download button beside the required driver package.

Brother HL 5450dn manual download – steps

  •   It is quite simple to download the Brother HL 5450DN user guide from this site.
  •   Locate the Download button available for the Brother HL 5450DN printer manual.
  •   Click on the user guide download button, and the latest version of the printer manual will download to your PC.

Brother HL 5450dn driver mac – steps

The compatible Brother HL 5450DN driver for your Mac computer is available here. Refer to the instructions given below to download and install the driver from this site.

How to download a driver for your Mac?

  •   Search for the Driver Download button for your Mac.
  •   Click on that button and the compatible printer driver will be downloaded on your Mac.

How to install the downloaded driver on your Mac?

  •   Open the driver file from your Mac’s Downloads folder.
  •   It will show a set of prompts. Follow them and choose the desired connection type when prompted.
  •   Once all the installation instructions are completed, the driver installs on your Mac device.
  •   The alternative way to install the Brother HL 5450DN driver on your Mac computer is by using the manufacturer’s installation CD.
  •   Load the CD into the Mac’s CD drive. Open the driver file and begin the installation.
  •   Keep following the on-screen prompts until the driver installation is completed on your Mac.

Brother HL 5450dn wireless setup – steps

  •   The Brother HL 5450DN printer does not support wireless connection.
  •   To connect the printer to your PC using a USB cable, follow the below instructions.
  •   Download the printer software from this site.
  •   Open the file and install it on your PC.
  •   If prompted, choose the desired connection type (USB).
  •   Finally, the printer will be connected to the PC via USB.
  •   For assistance in connecting the printer to the computer, call us by clicking the Call button.

Brother HL 5450dn troubleshooting – steps

The Brother HL 5450DN printer might sometimes run into issues due to various reasons. It might encounter printing related issues, connectivity problems, paper jam error, etc. All these issues can be easily fixed using the printer manual. Make use of the manufacturer’s printer manual or get the updated user guide from here.

  •   As a basic step, try to restart your printer. See if doing this resolves the issue.
  •   Also, check if any error message is displayed on the printer’s screen. If yes, follow the on-screen instructions and resolve them.
  •   If it is a communication problem, then make sure there is a proper connection between the printer and the PC.
  •   Make use of the Network Connection Repair tool. This tool will detect and resolve the printer issues quickly.
  •   Also, check if reinstalling the Brother HL 5450DN printer driver resolves the issue.
  •   Whatever the printer problem might be, click on the Call button you see on this page. Our technical support team will identify the Brother HL 5450DN printer issue and resolve it quickly.