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Brother HL 8360CDW Setup

Brother HL 8360CDW is a professional color printer that prints documents at ease, and it supports only printing. It provides secure connectivity via the wireless or the Ethernet network or the most straightforward wireless print from your mobile devices using the Airprint option. The Brother HL 8360CDW setup is capable of duplex printing that helps in saving an ample amount of printing time. The support toner functions, and their generic toners are TN431: TN431BK, TN431C, TN431Y, TN431M, TN433: TN433BK, TN433C, TN433Y, TN433M, TN436: TN436, TN436BK, TN436C, TN436Y, TN436M.

  •   It has connectivity interfaces such as USB, Gigabit Ethernet, and Wi-Fi.
  •   It supports a resolution of upto 2400 x 600 dpi class. It has an adjustable 250-sheet capacity paper tray, and an expandable total printing capacity up to 1,300 pages by adding multiple optional paper trays.
brother hl 8360cdw Setup

Brother HL 8360CDW UnBoxing

Unboxing the Brother HL 8360CDW setup carton box will provide you with the following components and accessories:

  •   The Brother printer
  •   The Installation CD
  •   The Power cord
  •   The User manual and installation guide
  •   Once you remove the printer from the carton box, place it in a secure location closer to the wireless modem or the router.
  •   Remove the protective tapes from the sides of the printer and the opening slots of the printer.
  •   Open the cartridge slot from the front part of the printer and remove the protective tapes, insert the cartridge back into its position, and close the front tray.
  •   Remove the protective tray from the top of the printer.
  •   Open the paper tray from the bottom of the printer and gently remove the protective tape and remove any extra coverage from the tray.
  •   Take out the power cord and connect the main part to the power source and the other end to the printer.
  •   Open the paper tray and move the paper guides to the extreme ends and install the stack of papers.
  •   Once the papers are installed, move the paper guide to the edges of the paper to hold it firmly.
  •   Make sure the paper guides are not holding the papers too tightly; it will lead to paper jam errors.
  •   Turn on your Brother printer and wait for the control panel LCD to be lit up.
  •   Set the language of your printer using its control panel.
  •   Now, install the printer drivers on your computer using the Installation CD and connect your printer to your computer.

Brother HL 8360CDW Driver

The Brother HL 8360CDW setup comes with an installation CD that contains the necessary printer drivers. These drivers can be downloaded from the Brother website as well. The Brother printer drivers act as an interface between your computer and the printer. Also, the printer drivers are required to connect the printer to your computer and perform printer related functions.

Brother HL 8360CDW Mac Driver

The Brother printer 8360CDW comes with the installation CD. But since the Mac systems do not have a CD drive, you can download the driver from the official Brother website using the steps given below:

  •   Open the default browser and enter the Brother printer’s support page in the address bar, hit the Enter button.
  •   When the support page opens, enter the brother printer model in the search bar.
  •   The page will now redirect to the support page of your printer.
  •   You will see a list of tabs on the left side of the screen below the printer model and the printer photo.
  •   Click the Downloads tab and select the Mac radio button for the Mac driver download.
  •   Once you have selected the Mac OS version, click the OK button.
  •   The driver will be downloaded to the computer.
  •   Follow these steps we can execute that Brother HL 8360CDW setup.
Brother HL 8360CDW Mac Driver

Brother HL 8360CDW Wireless Setup

  •   Once you connect the printer to the power source and done with the paper installation in the paper trays, turn on the printer and wait for the control panel to light up.
  •   From the control panel, select the Settings option and select All Settings > Network > WLAN > Setup Wizard.
  •   You will see three sets of options to select from:
  •   Enable WLAN
  •   Switch Network Interface to Wireless
  •   Network I/F Switched to wireless
  •   Select the Wireless Network option, and the wireless setup wizard will start.
  •   The machine will search for available networks nearby.
  •   When your network appears, you can use the navigation arrow in the touch screen and select.
  •   Enter the Wi-Fi password and press the OK option.
  •   Once your printer is connected to the wireless network, you can add it to your computer using the installation CD or the downloaded printer driver package.
  •   Start the printer installer, select the wireless network option as the connection type, and the setup wizard will add your printer to the computer.
  •   Finally, perform a test print from your computer.
  •   By using these steps we can execute that Brother HL 8360CDW setup.

Brother HL 8360CDW Airprint Setup

  •   Before using Airprint, confirm that the Brother printer is connected to the same network as your Apple device.
  •   To use the Airprint function, open the Safari browser from your iPhone or iPad device.
  •   Open a document, tap the share option (a box with the arrow pointing upwards) and tap print.
  •   You will see the printer connected to the same network on the list. Now, tap the printer’s name.
  •   Make sure to make changes such as the number of pages and two-sided printing (not supported by some printers).
  •   Tap Print and the document will be printed.
Brother HL 8360CDW Airprint Setup

Brother HL 8360CDW Double Sided Printing

To perform double-sided printing:

  •   Make sure that the papers are loaded into the paper tray, and the bottom edge of the paper should be in front of the paper tray.
  •   Make sure you have installed the required printer drivers on your computer.
  •   Open the application on your computer and click the Print option.
  •   Select the Brother printer and click the Properties button.
  •   In the Printing Preferences window, under the Basic tab, locate and select the 2-sided / Booklet option. Then, click the 2-sided settings button and select the preferred settings.
  •   Change other printing options if necessary and click the OK or Print option.
  •   When the printer completes printing on one-side of the paper, follow the instructions displayed on your computer and re-insert the paper to print on the other side.

Brother HL 8360CDW Toner Reset

Carry out the below steps to reset the toner in your Brother HL 8360CDW setup.

  •   Press the front cover release button at the top right end of the printer and open it.
  •   With the front cover kept open on the printer, press the back button and the return button together.
  •   Now, again, press the back button on the control panel.
  •   The toner reset menu will be shown on the control panel display.
  •   Tap the toner you want to reset and then select Yes.
  •   Once done, the LCD will show the Accepted message and show the Reset was successful.