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Brother HL L2340DW Setup

Brother HL-L2340DW is a monochrome, compact, and wireless printer suitable for office use. You have to set up the printer hardware before you can perform the printer operations. Carry out these below-mentioned steps to configure the Brother HL L2340DW setup.

1. Unboxing

  •   Take the printer out of the carton and check for the accessories such as drum unit, power cord, toner cartridge, installation CD, and user manual.
  •   Place the printer on a flat surface and start removing the orange packaging tapes as well as the other protective materials from the printer.

2. Installing toner cartridges

  •   Open the output tray cover and carefully, pull out the cartridge holder unit from the printer.
  •   Next, unpack the toner cartridge and remove the protective materials from it.
  •   Fix the toner cartridge in the cartridge holder and then place the toner cartridge assembly into the printer.
Brother HL L2340DW Installing toner cartridges

3. Feeding paper

  •   Draw out the paper tray and move the paper guides to the edges of the tray.
  •   Arrange the papers such that its print side faces down and place it in the tray.
  •   Ensure that the paper level in the tray is below the maximum indicator level.
  •   Adjust the paper guides to the paper edges and see that you do not cripple or squeeze the paper.
  •   Now, place the paper tray into the printer and raise the output tray support flap to stop the paper from sliding.
  •   Follow these steps to configure the Brother HL L2340DW setup.

4. Power connection

  •   Attach the power cord, that was provided with the printer, to the supply port on the printer.
  •   Next, plug the other end to the wall outlet and press the power button to turn on the printer.
  •   Once the printer display turns on, use the navigation keys to go to the General Setup menu.
  •   Under Local Language, select the preferred language and press OK.

5. Software installation

  •   Once the hardware setup is complete, proceed to install the printer software on the computer.
  •   You can make use of the installation CD, or download the printer software from the official Brother printer site.

Brother HL L2340DW Mac Driver

Download driver on Mac:

The printer driver can be installed from the installation CD. In case your computer does not possess a CD/DVD drive, follow the below steps.

  •   Open a browser on your Mac device and visit the official Brother support site.
  •   Find the printer model and go to its Downloads section.
  •   Select Mac as the OS Family, choose the correct OS Version, and click OK.
  •   On the next page, the available drivers will be listed. Here click the Full driver & Software Package link, which is the recommended driver package.
  •   Click the Agree to the EULA and Download button to download the driver package for your Mac device.
  •   Open the driver file and begin the installation.
  •   Using these steps to configure the Brother HL L2340DW setup.

Brother HL L2340DW Manual Download

The printer user manuals are provided as booklets at the time of purchase, but it is also available online. Use the below steps to download the printer manual.

  •   Go to the official Brother website.
  •   Search for the printer model using the search bar and go to its support page.
  •   Click the Manuals tab on the left side pane.
  •   Choose the language from the drop-down menu and click the Download button of the user guide you want to download.
Brother HL L2340DW Manual Download

Brother HL L2340DW Wifi Setup

Using Wi-Fi Direct:

  •   The device, either the computer or mobile phone, must support Wi-Fi Direct to establish a wireless connection.
  •   Turn on the printer and go to the Network menu on the printer’s display panel.
  •   Following that, select the Wi-Fi Direct option and choose Push Button.
  •   When the message ”Wi-Fi Direct On?“ appears, enable the Wi-Fi Direct on the device.
  •   Now, press the OK button on the printer’s control panel and wait until the device connects to the printer.
  •   If the printer cannot find your wireless device, then tap Rescan to connect the printer and device.
  •   Once the connection is successful, the message “Connected” appears on the printer’s display panel.
  •   Perform these steps to construct the brother HL L2340DW setup.

Brother HL L2340DW Wireless Setup Mac

Wireless Setup using Setup Wizard:

  •   Before you start the wireless setup, you have to download the printer driver on your Mac.
  •   Keep the router’s wireless network turned on and note down the wireless network name and password.
  •   On the printer’s control panel, select the Network menu and then tap WLAN.
  •   Following that, choose Setup Wizard and press OK.
  •   When the message “WLAN Enable?” appears on display, the printer scans for the available wireless networks.
  •   If the network name (SSID) appears, select it and enter the network password to establish the connection.
  •   Once the connection is successful, run the printer driver on your Mac computer.
  •   In the installation window that opens up on the screen, follow the guided instruction to complete the wireless setup.
  •   Print a test page on the printer to verify the connection.

Airprint Brother HL L2340DW

Follow the steps to connect to print from any Apple device using the AirPrint feature.

  •   Connect the Brother printer and the Apple device to the same wireless network.
  •   After that, open the document which you want to print on the Apple device and select the share icon.
  •   Tap the Print option and choose your Brother printer from the list.
  •   Tap Print. This will print the document on your printer.
  •   Proceed these steps to construct the brother HL L2340DW setup.

Brother HL L2340DW Toner Replacement

Toner replacement:

  •   Keep the printer turned off and open the printer’s front cover.
  •   Take out the toner cartridge assembly unit completely.
  •   Release the lock lever of the cartridge to separate the toner cartridge from the drum unit.
  •   Next, unpack the new toner cartridge and remove the protective cover.
  •   For better print quality, clean the corona wire, which is inside the drum unit.
  •   Set toner cartridge into the drum unit, place the cartridge & drum unit back into the printer and close the front cover.

Brother HL L2340DW Factory Reset

When you want to clear all the printer settings, try to reset the printer using the below steps.

  •   Press the up or down navigation key on the printer’s control panel and choose Reset Menu.
  •   After that, select the Factory Reset menu by pressing OK.
  •   Finally, choose Reset to start resetting the printer.

Brother HL L2340DW Troubleshooting

  •   The printer might face problems such as setup issues, print issues, paper jams, network connection issues, and print quality issues.
  •   It is common for the printer to encounter such problems. In such conditions, refer the printer manuals for an easy fix or check the online manuals.
  •   In case you cannot find a solution, then contact our technical team for support.
  •   By using these above steps to construct the brother HL L2340DW setup.