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Brother HL L2395DW Setup

Proceed with the below-mentioned steps the Brother HL L2395DW setup.

Step 1: Unpacking the printer

  •   Start by unpacking the printer from the carton.
  •   Remove all the packing materials, which include tapes, plastic covers, and protective films.
  •   The components included in the printer package consists of the following:
  •   Brother Installation disc
  •   Telephone line cord
  •   AC Power cord
  •   Quick Setup Guide
  •   Drum Unit and Toner Cartridge
  •   Open the front cover to place the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly into the printer.
  •   Make sure to remove all the orange packing material from the toner cartridge assembly.
  •   After removing it, insert the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly into the printer.
  •   Push the assembly firmly till it holds into place, and after that, close the front door.

Step 2: Loading Paper

  •   Pull out the input paper tray from the printer.
  •   Slide the paper guides to the edges of the paper tray.
  •   Now, load papers into the input tray and do not exceed the maximum limit mark.
  •   Make sure to fan the papers well to avoid paper jams.
  •   Follow these steps we can execute that the Brother HL L2395dw Setup.

Step 3: Connecting Power Cord

  •   Once you have completed the initial setup on the printer, plug in the power cord to port on the rear side of the printer.
  •   Plug the other end of the power cable to an electrical outlet.
  •   Touch the Power button on the printer to turn it on.

Step 4: Initial Settings

  •   From the control panel display of the printer, go to Settings and navigate to All Settings.
  •   Select the Initial Setup option and tap on the Local Language option.
  •   Choose your preferred language from the displayed list and save the settings.
  •   Set the date, time, and other required settings and preferences.

Step 5: Connecting the printer to your device

  •   Insert the installation disc that was present in the printer box into the CD Drive of your computer.
  •   Continue with the installation wizard’s on-screen instructions to complete the setup.
  •   Choose a connection method to connect your device and printer. You can choose either a USB connection or a wireless connection.
  •   To print and scan from your mobile device, install the necessary printer application on your mobile.
  •   For Android devices, download the Brother iPrint & Scan application from the Google Play Store.
  •   For iOS devices, download the app from the App Store.

Brother HL L2395DW Driver Download

The steps to download the Brother HL L2395DW setup printer driver are:

  •   Open your browser and go to the official Brother website.
  •   Navigate to the Support page and choose your region.
  •   Click the Product search section and enter the Printer model number.
  •   Go to the Downloads section on the printer’s page.
  •   Choose your operating system and its version. Click the OK button.
  •   Click on the driver or software package you wish to download.
  •   The Full Driver & Software Package is the recommended driver package. Now, click the Agree to the EULA and Download button.
  •   Open the downloaded driver package and continue to install the driver by following the instructions displayed in the installation wizard.

Brother HL L2395DW Toner Reset

The below steps will guide you to reset the toner of your Brother HL-L2395DW printer.

  •   Open the front cover and keep it open until you complete the full process.
  •   Touch the Power button on the printer to turn it off. Now turn on the printer again.
  •   Press the Return and Cancel buttons together and hold it for about 1 to 2 seconds.
  •   Release the buttons and press the Return button again after a few seconds.
  •   When the Reset Menu appears, press the navigation arrows to select the “TNR-HC” option.
  •   When prompted for Reset, tap Yes.
  •   The printer will show a confirmation message as “Accepted.” Then, close the front cover of the printer.

Brother HL L2395DW Wireless Setup

Carry out the steps given below to connect your Brother HL L2395DW setup printer and computer wirelessly.

  •   Make sure that your wireless router has been configured before beginning the wireless connection.
  •   Turn on Wi-Fi from your computer and connect to your wireless network.
  •   Insert the installation disc into the CD Drive of your computer.
  •   Open the installer file and continue with the instructions on the installation wizard to complete the setup.
  •   Choose your language from the drop-down list.
  •   Accept the license agreement and click Next.
  •   Select the Connection type as the Wireless Network Connection (Wi-Fi) and click Next.
  •   In the Detecting Existing Wireless Network Settings window, select “Yes, I want to connect the machine to the wireless network” option.
  •   Verify the network name and click on the Next button.
  •   If your printer is not automatically connected, enable the wireless connection from the control panel of the printer.
  •   Go to the Control Panel of the printer and tap the Wi-Fi icon. Then, select the WLAN Assistant option.
  •   When prompted for confirmation, touch OK.
  •   Your Brother printer will now be connected to the wireless network.
  •   If the connection fails, click Next in the Failed to Connect window in the installation wizard on your computer.
  •   Now, in the Wireless Network Setup window, select the “No, I do not have a USB cable” option and click Next.
  •   Note down the network credentials from the bottom of the router.
  •   Again, go to the printer’s control panel, press the Wi-Fi icon on the touchscreen.
  •   Select the Setup Wizard option and select the wireless network name from the list. Then, touch OK.
  •   Enter the password of the wireless network and tap OK.
  •   You have now connected your printer and computer to the same wireless network.
  •   On the printer software, checkmark the Checked and confirmed option. Then, click Next.
  •   Select your printer from the list and click Next.
  •   In the Software Installation section, select the Standard option.
  •   Wait until the software gets installed on your computer.
  •   The Brother iPrint&Scan application will be automatically installed on your computer.
  •   In the Additional Software section, click on the Install button. Then, click Next.
  •   Once the installation process gets completed, you can print wirelessly from your computer.

Brother HL L2395DW Double Sided Printing

Carry out these steps to perform double-sided printing on your Brother printer.

  •   After connecting the printer and computer using a proper connection method, open the document to be printer on your computer.
  •   Go to the File menu and select the Print option from the list.
  •   Select the Printer Properties and choose the 2-sided option from the drop-down list.
  •   In the 2-sided settings window, choose the right option. Then, click OK.
  •   Load sufficient paper into the input tray.
  •   Click on the Print option, and your document will be printed successfully.

Brother HL L2395DW Drum Reset

You can reset the drum on your Brother HL L2395DW setup printer using the steps given below.

  •   You have to reset the drum before replacing it.
  •   Touch the Power button on the printer and turn it on.
  •   Make sure to close the front cover of the printer.
  •   Now, press the Cancel button.
  •   Select the Drum option from the Toner section and then tap Yes.
  •   Press the Home button on the control panel of the printer to return to the home screen.
  •   Once you have done the reset, replace the drum unit and toner cartridge.

Brother HL L2395DW Scan To Computer

Carry out the procedure given below to scan a document to your computer.

  •   Turn on both your printer and computer. Make sure that they are connected and your computer has all the printer drivers installed on it.
  •   Now, load the document/photo you want to scan on the scanner glass of the printer.
  •   From the control panel display of the printer, tap the Scan option by scrolling through the options.
  •   Select the Scan to PC option from the drop-down list.
  •   Press the File option using the touchscreen display.
  •   If you have connected the printer over the wireless network, select your computer from the displayed list.
  •   If you have not connected your printer to the wireless network, connect the printer and computer to the same wireless network.
  •   You can set the scanning preferences from Options. Set the Scan Type, Resolution, File type, Document size, and other settings.
  •   Once you have set the scan settings, press Start.
  •   After the document is scanned, choose a location on your computer to save the scanned document.
  •   Your scanned file will be saved to the selected location.

Brother HL L2395DW Scan Multiple Pages

Connect your printer and computer using a USB cable or through a wireless connection.

  •   Place the document on the scanner glass of your printer.
  •   If you want to scan a second page, click on the Add icon on the printer software.
  •   Continue with the same procedure to scan all the pages on your document.
  •   Select the Save button to save the scanned document.
  •   All pages of your document will be saved as a single PDF file.
  •   By using these steps we can process the Brother HL L2395DW setup.
Brother HL L2395DW Scan Multiple Pages