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The Brother HL L5000D printer uses the Electrophotographic Laser print method. It is a print-only printer and can be connected through USB alone. Carry out the following quick steps for Printer Brother Hl L5000D Setup for the first time.

  •   Once you unpack the printer, check for the following components.
  •   Installation CD-ROM 
  •   AC power cord
  •   Quick Setup Guide
  •   Product Safety Guide
  •   Drum unit and toner cartridge assembly (pre-installed)
  •   Clear the packing materials and orange part from the inside of the printer. Make sure to discard the silica gel pack.
  •   Now, remove the paper tray completely from the printer. Load some plain paper into the paper tray and then adjust the paper guides.
  •   Plug the AC power cord into your printer’s power port and a wall outlet. Press the Power On/Off button on the printer’s front panel.
  •   Wait until the printer turns on. On the printer’s control panel, select the General Setup option using the up or down arrow button. Press the OK button.
  •   Select the Local Language option, set your language, and press the OK button followed by the Cancel button.
  •   Use the installation CD-ROM to install the printer software on your computer.

Brother HL L5000D Driver Download

  •   Download the Brother HL L5000D printer driver on your computer by clicking the Driver Download button provided on this web page.
  •   To download the Full Driver & Software Package, go to the official Brother website. Search for your printer and navigate to the Downloads section. 
  •   Click Full Driver & Software Package -> Agree to the EULA and Download.

Brother HL L5000D Driver Mac

  •   “Printer Driver” is the available Brother HL L5000D driver for Mac on the manufacturer’s website. To download this driver file, visit the official Brother website. 
  •   Search for Printer Brother Hl l500d setup and click the Downloads tab. Ensure that you have selected your computer’s OS
  •   Click the Printer Driver link followed by the Agree to the EULA and Download button.
  •   Alternatively, click the Driver Download button on this page to download the printer driver for your Mac computer.

Brother HL L5000D Manual Download

  •   Visit the official Brother website and search for the Brother HL L5000D printer.
  •   Go to the Manuals web page and click the Download button next to your preferred manual.
  •   Or else, click the Manuals Download button given on this page to download the printer manual on your computer.
Brother HL L5000D Setup

Brother HL L5000D Wireless Setup

The Brother HL L5000D printer does not support wireless connectivity. The only supported interface is Hi-Speed USB 2.0. Here are the simple steps to perform the USB setup.

  •   With the computer turned on, place the Brother installation CD-ROM in the CD-ROM drive.
  •   Wait until the setup wizard appears on the screen.
  •   Insert a USB cable into the printer’s USB port and your computer’s USB port.
  •   Perform the on-screen prompts to complete the USB setup.

Brother HL L5000D Airprint

The Brother HL L5000D setup does not support the AirPrint feature.

Brother HL L5000D Scan to PDF

The Brother HL L5000D printer does not support scanning.

Brother HL L5000D Scan to Computer

The Brother HL L5000D printer is designed to perform printing only. You cannot scan using this printer. To print from your Windows computer, carry out the following steps.

  •   Open your document, then click the Print option.
  •   Choose your Brother HL L5000D printer and open the Printing Preferences window by clicking the Printing Properties or Preferences button.
  •   Specify the print settings and then click the OK button.

Brother HL L5000D Toner Reset

  •   Raise the printer’s top cover.
  •   On the Brother HL L5000D printer’s control panel, hold the Secure and Cancel buttons simultaneously.
  •   Choose the toner you want to reset and press the OK button.
  •   Select the Reset option and wait until the Accepted message appears on the printer’s LCD panel.

Brother HL L5000D Troubleshooting

Mostly, some of the typical printer problems can be resolved by yourself. To fix your Brother HL L5000D printer, check if:

  •   The printer’s power cord is connected securely and the printer is powered up.
  •   The protective materials from the inside of the printer have been removed.
  •   Paper is placed correctly in the paper tray.
  •   The USB cable is connected between the printer’s USB port and your computer’s USB port.
  •   Note: Never use non-Brother supplies. It might affect print quality, hardware performance, and reliability.
  •   Lastly, identify the problem using the error messages that appear on the printer’s LCD panel and then resolve it.
  •   If you have any doubts about resolving the Brother HL L5000D Setup problem, get assistance from our technical experts. To contact us, click the Call button on this page.
Brother HL L5000D printer