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Brother HL L8260CDW is a laser printer that uses Electrophotographic Laser technology to perform the print operation. This printer supports interfaces such as USB, LAN, and Wireless LAN. It is also compatible with all the OS versions and supports automatic 2-sided printing.Follow the Below Instructions For Brother Hl L8260cdw Setup.

Quick and simple steps to set up the Brother HL L8260CDW printer

  •   If you’re setting up a new printer, then make sure to unpack it first.
  •   Check whether the following components are provided along with your printer: 
  •   Drum unit
  •   Waste toner box
  •   Belt unit
  •   Toner cartridge (pre-installed)
  •   Brother installation disc
  •   AC power cord
  •   Quick setup guide
  •   Product safety guide 
  •   After unpacking the printer, place it on a table or on a surface where you can work comfortably.
  •   Now, remove your printer’s paper tray from its slot.
  •   Clear the packing material present in the tray.
  •   Adjust the paper width guide of the tray.
  •   Load a stack of plain paper in the tray. Readjust the width guide correctly and place the tray back into the printer.
  •   Now, connect your Brother printer to an electrical outlet and turn it ON.
  •   Set the basic printer settings by following the on-screen instructions.
  •   Once the printer’s physical setup is completed, connect it to a computer or mobile phone.

Brother Hl l8260cdw Driver Download

  •   You can download the printer driver from this page by clicking the Driver Download button.
  •   The printer driver available for your current OS type will be downloaded.
  •   You can also download the printer driver from the official Brother site.

Brother Hl l8260cdw Manual Download

  • Click the Manual Download button provided on this page to download a soft copy of the Brother HL L8260CDW printer’s user guide.
  • As soon as you click it, the printer manual will be downloaded to your computer as a PDF file.

Brother Hl l8260cdw Driver Mac

  •   Go to the official support page of your Brother printer.
  •   Click the Downloads tab.
  •   If required, choose your OS type from the drop-down menu.
  •   Choose the required printer driver from the list.
  •   Click the Download button beside the selected printer driver.

How To Connect The Printer wireless?

Setting up your printer over a wireless network – Windows

  •   Gather your wireless router credentials such as SSID and password.
  •   Turn on your Brother HL L8260CDW printer.
  •   Go to the Network section.
  •   Select WLAN > Setup Wizard > On. Now, your printer will start to detect the wireless networks available within its range.
  •   Choose your wireless router’s SSID and enter its password when prompted.
  •   Once your Brother printer is connected to the wireless network, begin the driver installation on your computer.
  •   Connect your computer to the wireless network to which the printer is connected.
  •   When prompted, choose the Wireless Network Connection option in the installation wizard.
  •   Complete the driver installation and print a test page from the computer.

How To Replace Toner In Printer?

  •   Get a new or replacement toner cartridge.
  •   Turn on your Brother printer if it is turned OFF.
  •   Open the front cover and take the drum unit out of the printer.
  •   Now, holding the handle of the toner, pull it out of the drum unit.
  •   Unpack the new toner cartridge.
  •   Make sure to clean the corona wire before inserting the new toner cartridge.
  •   Insert the cartridge, push the drum unit into the printer, and close the front cover of the printer.
  •   After replacing the toner cartridge, wait for the Ready message to display on your printer screen. 
  •   Once it is done, perform a test print to check the toner quality.

Brother Hl l8260cdw Paper Jam

A paper can get jammed occur in any part of your printer. Some of the common parts where the paper jam occurs in the Brother HL L8260CDW printer are the MP tray, paper tray, back of the printer, inside the printer, and underneath the paper tray.

  •   Remove the remaining paper from your printer’s paper tray first.
  •   Look for the jammed paper in the above-mentioned parts.
  •   If you find the jammed paper, then remove it.
  •   Make sure to remove the jammed paper without damaging it further.
  •   After removing the jammed paper, perform the instructions displayed on your printer screen.

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Brother Hl l8260cdw Setup