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The Brother MFC-9330CDW printer allows you to perform printer-related operations over a wired or wireless network. Using this printer, you can print from mobile devices easily like never before. The printer comes with some great features like an ADF, 3.7 in TFT Color Touchscreen LCD & touch panel, color/black scan, etc. The interfaces supported by the printer are USB, Ethernet, and Wireless LAN. Scroll down this page to know how to perform the Brother MFC 9330CDW setup for the first time.

Brother MFC 9330CDW Setup

Step 1 : Unpack The Printer

  •   Open the Brother printer box.
  •   Make sure that the printer, drum unit & toner cartridge assemblies (pre-installed), waste toner box (pre-installed), CD-ROM, AC Power cord, product safety guide, basic user guide, and quick setup guide are provided along with the printer.
  •   Now, clear all the packing materials present inside and outside the printer.
  •   Make sure to remove the protective tape surrounding the drum unit & toner cartridge assemblies. After removing it, shake the assemblies and insert them into the printer.

Step 2 : Load Paper

  •   Remove the paper tray from your printer.
  •   Move the width guides based on the paper type that you’re going to load.
  •   Now, load the corresponding paper in the tray.
  •   Align the width guides correctly.
  •   Place the tray back into the printer.

Step 3 : Turn On The Printer

  •   Connect your Brother printer to an AC power outlet using the power cord provided along with the printer package.
  •   Turn on the printer.
  •   Set the printer settings as per your needs.
  •   If you wish to use the printer for the fax operation, then connect it to the telephone wall jack using the telephone line cord.
  •   Make sure to connect the cord securely.

Step 4 : Configure The Settings & Install The Driver

  •   To configure the fax settings, press the Settings icon on your printer’s home screen.
  •   Set the date & time, station ID, telephone line compatibility, and other settings as per your desire.
  •   After setting up the fax, go to the main screen of your printer by pressing the Home button.
  •   Now, install the Brother MFC-9330CDW printer driver on your computer using the setup CD-ROM or the downloaded driver file.
  •   Choose the desired connection type during the installation, and finally, print a test page to check whether the Brother Mfc 9330cdw setup is done correctly.

Brother Mfc 9330cdw Driver Download

  •   Locate the Driver Download button provided on this page and click on it.
  •   Now, the Brother MFC 9330CDW printer driver available for your current OS type will start to download.
  •   Once the driver is downloaded, you can open it and perform the installation on your computer.
Brother Mfc 9330cdw Driver

Brother Mfc 9330cdw Driver For Mac

  •   Visit the Brother MFC 9330CDW printer’s official support page.
  •   Click on the Downloads tab.
  •   If necessary, choose your OS type from the available radio buttons.
  •   Select the printer driver and click the Download button beside it.

Brother Mfc 9330cdw Manual Download

  •   Locate and click on the Manual Download button provided on this page.
  •   Now, a soft copy of your Brother printer’s user guide will start to download on your computer.

Brother Mfc 9330cdw Wireless Setup

Using The Printer’s Control Panel

  •   Initially, make sure that your Brother printer, wireless router, and computer are turned on.
  •   On your printer’s home screen, press the Settingsicon.
  •   Select the Network option followed by Setup Wizard. Press Yes to continue the wireless setup.
  •   From the list, select your wireless network’s SSID.
  •   In the given field, type the network password and press OK.
  •   Now, your Brother printer will try to connect to the selected network.
  •   Once it is connected, connect your computer to the same network.
  •   Open the printer driver file on your computer.
  •   Choose the Wireless Connection option and follow the rest of the instructions to complete the wireless setup for Brother Mfc 9330cdw Setup

Brother Mfc 9330cdw Airprint Setup

  •   Initially, make sure that your Brother printer and the iOS or macOS device are connected to the same wireless network.
  •   If your printer is connected to the iOS device via Wi-Fi Direct method, then disconnect it and connect the printer to the wireless network.
  •   Place your iOS or macOS device close to your printer.
  •   Now, open the document that you want to print on your iOS device.
  •   Tap on the Share icon.
  •   Select the Print option.
  •   If necessary, choose your Brother printer.
  •   Set the print preferences as per your desire.
  •   Finally, tap on the Print option.
  •   Now, the Brother printer will start to print the selected document.

Brother Mfc 9330cdw Copy Setup

  •   To configure the copy setup on your Brother MFC 9330CDW printer, follow the below instructions.
  •   Press the Copy button on your printer and select Options.
  •   Now, the following copy settings will be listed: Quality, enlarge/reduce, density, contrast, stack/sort, page layout, 2in1 (ID), color adjust, 2-sided copy, remove background color, and save as shortcut.
  •   Set the copy settings as per your desire.
  •   Finally, save them.

Copying A Document

  •   On your printer’s scanner glass, load the document that you want to copy.
  •   Select the Copy option on your printer’s control panel.
  •   Now, the configured copy settings will be applied to this copy job.
  •   To modify or add more settings to the current copy job, select Options and make the required changes.
  •   Finally, press the Black Start or Color Start option.
  •   Now, the Brother Mfc 9330cdw Setup will start making the copy based on your preferences. 
Brother Mfc 9330cdw Copy Setup

How To Scan On Brother Mfc 9330cdw?

  •   Initially, turn on your printer and load the original document on the scanner glass.
  •   Next, tap the Scan option on your printer’s control panel.
  •   If you wish to scan to a computer, then select the connected computer when prompted and set the scan settings as per your desire.
  •   Finally, press the OK button followed by Start.
  •   Now, your Brother printer will start to scan the document.
  •   Once the scanning is completed by the printer, you can access the scanned copy on your computer.
  •   To get remote assistance in performing the same, contact us.

Brother Mfc 9330cdw Fax Setup

  •   To set the fax settings such as receive mode on your Brother Mfc 9330cdw Setup, follow the below instructions.
  •   Initially, make sure that the printer is connected to a telephone wall jack.
  •   Now, go to your printer’s Settings section.
  •   Select the All Settings option followed by Fax.
  •   Choose the Setup Receive option and configure the receive mode settings as per your desire.
  •   Return to the main screen of the printer by pressing the Home button.
  •   To set up the ring delay feature, go to your printer’s All Settings option.
  •   Select Fax > Setup Receive > Ring Delay.
  •   Set the ring delay settings.
  •   Similarly, configure the fax setup as required and finally, send or receive a fax message.

Brother Mfc 9330cdw Troubleshooting

Most of the printer issues can be easily fixed by the user itself. But, to troubleshoot some issues, the user might require assistance. If you are facing issues while trying to connect your printer to your wireless network, or if you are not able to print or scan on your Brother Mfc 9330cdw Setup, you can get remote assistance to fix your printer issues by clicking the Call button provided on this page.