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Before you start to work with the printer, follow the below steps for Brother Mfc j480dw setup process physically.

1. Unbox the printer

  •   Place the printer package in a safe space and take out the printer from the carton.
  •   Keep the other printer accessories such as ink cartridges, CD-ROM, and user manuals safe for later uses.
  •   Carefully remove the packaging materials and protective tapes from the printer.

2. Feed the paper

  •   Draw out the paper tray from the printer and open the output paper tray.
  •   Move the paper guides to the extent of the tray, and neatly arrange the paper in the tray with the printing face down.
  •   Then, shift the paper guides to the paper edges to hold it in a position but do not squeeze or bend the paper.
  •   Following that, replace the paper tray into the printer and extend the paper support.

3. Fax connection

  •   In case you don’t want to use the fax service on the printer, skip to the next step.
  •   Connect the telephone line cord to the LINE port on the printer.
  •   Complete the power connection and then configure the fax settings on the printer control panel.
  •   Follow these steps we can execute that Brother Mfc j480dw Printer Setup.

4. Power connection

Use the power cord provided with the printer and connect it between the printer and the power socket.

5. Ink cartridges installation

  •   Open the ink cartridge lid on the printer.
  •   Unpack the ink cartridge and discard the protective tapes and covers from the cartridge.
  •   Place the cartridge in the corresponding ink slot and snap it into the lock position.
  •   Install the other ink cartridges in a similar way.
  •   Check the control panel instructions to verify whether the installation is correct.

6. Initial printer settings

  •   Press the Settings button and set the basic settings like the date & time, language, and region for the printer.
  •   After that, make advanced settings such as fax service, print settings, and paper settings.

7. Software installation

When the hardware setup is complete, go on to install the printer software and update the firmware.

Brother Mfc j480dw Driver

The Brother driver is available on the installation CD and online. The driver helps to manage the printer operations, so install the driver on your computer.

Installation CD:

  •   Insert the CD in the computer and open the CD drive.
  •   Open the printer installer file and run the installation.
  •   Using these steps we can execute that Brother Mfc j480dw Printer Setup.

Download online:

  •   Launch the web browser and go to the genuine Brother website.
  •   Choose the appropriate OS Family and OS Version under the Downloads section.
  •   Then, Download the driver and begin the installation.

Brother Mfc j480dw Mac Driver

  •   If your Mac computer does not have a CD drive, you need to download the printer software.
  •   Navigate to the official site and find the Brother printer model’s support page.
  •   Select the Mac OS version and download the driver for your computer.
  •   Open the installer package and follow the guided instructions to complete the printer driver installation.
  •   By using these steps we can execute that Brother Mfc j480dw Printer Setup.
Brother Mfc j480dw Setup

Brother Mfc j480dw Connect To Mac Computer

  •   For initial connection, use a USB cable to connect the printer and the Mac computer.
  •   On Mac, download the printer driver compatible for your Mac version and open the package to install.
  •   After you accept the license agreement, select the wireless setup option as the connection method.
  •   Choose the USB cable connection and then connect the USB cable between the printer and the Mac device.
  •   Ensure that the computer is connected to the Wi-Fi network.
  •   Check if the network name appears under Available Wireless Networks, and
  •   Select the network name.
  •   Enter the network password to set up the wireless network connection to the Mac computer.
  •   In the Wireless Network Settings Confirmation window, confirm the connection and complete the on-screen instructions.
  •   By using these steps we can execute that Brother Mfc j480dw Printer Setup.

How To Connect Brother Mfc j480dw To Wifi

  •   Turn on the printer and the wireless router network, and then note down the network SSID & password.
  •   Now, select Menu or Settings and go to the Network option.
  •   After that, choose WLAN and then Setup Wizard menu.
  •   Next, enable the WLAN, after which the printer scans for the available wireless network.
  •   Select the router network SSID on the printer’s control panel and enter the network password.
  •   Connect the computer to the router network and install the Brother driver package on the computer.
  •   After the installation starts on the computer, read the license agreement and accept the terms & policies.
  •   Choose the Wireless network as the Connection method and continue with the setup.
  •   Select the network and enter the network password to establish the network connection.
  •   By utilizing these steps we can execute that Brother Mfc j480dw Printer Setup.

Brother Mfc j480dw Scan To PC

Use the following procedure to scan the document to your computer.

  •   Connect the scanner and the PC to the same network and install the scanner software on the computer.
  •   Place the document on the scanner glass and align it for proper scanning.
  •   Press the Scan button and navigate through the screen to select the Scan to Files menu.
  •   Search for the computer on the printer’s LCD panel and choose it; the printer prompts to enter a PIN on display.
  •   Next, set the scan type, scan size, resolution, and the other scan settings.
  •   Finally, press Color Start or Black Start to scan the document to the chosen PC.

Brother Mfc j480dw Print To Black Only

  •   After you install the printer software on the computer, connect the printer and the computer to the same wired or wireless network.
  •   Open the document to be printed and click the Print icon. The Printing Preferences window opens up.
  •   Under the Printing Preferences section, choose the paper type and the print quality from the drop-down menu.
  •   Click the Advanced tab, select the radio button for the Advanceds menu, and apply the print settings.
  •   Select the Print button to start printing in black.
  •   By using these steps we can execute that Brother Mfc j480dw Printer Setup.