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Guidance For Brother MFC J5330DW Setup

Brother MFC J5330DW setup is an All-in-one inkjet printer that is capable of printing in duplex. It is a wireless All-in-one printer capable of holding up to 250 sheets of paper in the tray. The ADF feeder can hold up to 50 sheets. The printer also has a 2.7” touchscreen for the user interface for navigating through the options easily.

Step 1: Unpacking the printer

  •   Take out the Brother MFC J5330DW printer from the carton.
  •   Place the printer in a location away from the direct sunlight and keep it in a well-ventilated area.
  •   Remove all the packing materials like the tapes and plastic films from the printer.
  •   The printer accessories consist of the following.
  •   Quick Setup and Product Safety Guide
  •   Brother Installation Disc
  •   Telephone Line Cord
  •   Power Cord
  •   Maintenance sheet

Step 2: Loading Paper

  •   Pull out the paper tray and remove the cover.
  •   Adjust the paper guides by sliding them to the edges of the tray.
  •   Fan a stack of paper and tap them on a flat surface to align the paper stack.
  •   Make sure not to exceed the maximum paper mark in the tray.
  •   Now, replace the cover and insert the tray back to the printer
  •   Pull out the output tray and support.

Step 3: Configuring the printer

  •   Connect the power cord to the printer’s rear side and plug in the other end of the cable to an AC outlet.
  •   Turn on the Brother MFC J5330DW setup printer and use the touchscreen user interface for settings.

Step 4: Initial settings

  •   Tap the Settings icon and go to All Settings. Touch the Initial Setup option.
  •   Tap Local language and select your language. 
  •   Select Date & Time under Initial Setup. You can select the correct date and time 
  •   Make sure to save all the settings you have made on the printer.

Step 5: Fixing the ink cartridge

  •   Open the cartridge door and take out the orange shipping restraint.
  •   Gently shake the black ink cartridge horizontally 15 times.
  •   Once you have installed the cartridges, check the print quality by following the instructions on the screen.

Step 6: Setting up Fax

  •   To set up Fax on the printer, raise the scanner cover.
  •   Connect a telephone line cord to the LINE port of the printer and fix the other end to a wall outlet. Close the scanner cover.
  •   Select Fax from Initial Setup and enter the required details to set up Fax on the printer.

Step 7: Installing the printer software

  •   You can install the printer software on your computer.
  •   On a Windows computer, install the printer software from the installation disc.
  •   For a Mac computer, download the software from the official Brother MFC J5330DW setup website. 
  •   Choose a preferred connection method while installing the software.
  •   To print from a mobile device, install the Brother iPrint&Scan application from the Google Play Store or App Store. 

Brother Mfc j5330dw Driver Download

  •   Open your browser and enter the official Brother website.
  •   Go to the Support page and choose your region.
  •   Enter the Printer model number in the search section.
  •   Select the Downloads tab on the printer’s page.
  •   Choose your operating system and OS version. 
  •   Now, you can select the required driver.
  •   Full Driver & Software is the most recommended driver to get the printer’s full functions.
  •   You can also click on the Driver Download button on this page to download the driver.

Brother MFC J5330DW Driver Mac

  •   Go to the official Brother MFC J5330DW setup website from your browser.
  •   Once you are on the Support page, select your printer model number.
  •   Click the Downloads tab. Choose your operating system as Mac and select your OS version.
  •   Double-click on the installer file and click Start Here. 
  •   When prompted to choose a connection type, select the connection method. Click Continue. 
  •   Choose your language and accept the license agreement.
  •   Click Install. If prompted to enter the Mac password, type it.
  •   Complete the rest of the installation by following the on-screen instructions.

Brother MFC J5330DW Manual Download

  •   Open the official Brother website from your browser.
  •   Choose your place of residence and navigate to the Support page.
  •   Select your printer model from Product Category.
  •   On the printer’s page, click the Manuals tab and choose the required manual.
  •   Now, click the Download option next to the required manual. 
  •   Otherwise, click on the Manual Download button on this page to download the manual.
Brother MFC J5330DW Manual Download

Brother Mfc j5330dw Wifi Setup

  •   You can easily connect your printer to the network using the SSID and password.
  •   Ensure to configure your wireless router prior to the Brother MFC J5330DW setup.
  •   Tap the Settings icon and go to All Settings.
  •   Select Network and choose WLAN. Now, select Setup Wizard.
  •   When prompted to enable WLAN, tap Yes.
  •   The printer will now start to search for the available networks near you.
  •   Select your network name and press the OK button.
  •   Once you are connected to the network, connect your computer to the wireless network.
  •   Install the printer software on your computer.
  •   Run the installer file and choose the connection method as the Wireless connection.
  •   Once you have installed the printer software, you will be able to print wirelessly from your computer.

Brother Mfc j5330dw Photo Printing

  •   Make sure to load the correct paper and connect the printer to your computer.
  •   Select the photo that you want to print and open it. Choose the Print command.
  •   Choose the media type and set the paper type.
  •   Select Color mode and choose the preferred option.
  •   Set the orientation type and click OK to print your photo.
Brother Mfc j5330dw Photo Printing

Brother Mfc j5330dw Airprint

  •   You don’t have to install a driver on your iOS device for AirPrint.
  •   To enable AirPrint, open your browser and enter the printer’s IP address in the address bar. Tap Enter.
  •   If you have set any password, enter it and go to the setup page.
  •   Select Network and click the Protocol tab.
  •   Now, checkmark the AirPrint box to enable the configuration. Click Submit.
  •   Restart your printer and connect it to your wireless network.
  •   Once the Brother MFC J5330DW setup printer is connected to the wireless network, open Settings.
  •   Select the Wi-Fi tab and choose your network name.
  •   Enter the password of your network.
  •   Once your printer and iOS device is connected to the same wireless network, you can print easily.
  •   Open the webpage or document that you want to print. Tap Share and select Print.
  •   Choose your printer from the displayed list and select the printing preferences. Touch Print.
  •   Your document will now be printed easily.

Brother Mfc j5330dw Scan To Computer

  •   If you want to scan to computer, first connect the printer to a power source.
  •   Make sure to install the printer software and connect it to your computer.
  •   Place the document on the scanner glass and tap the Scan option.
  •   Select the To PC option.
  •   Choose scanning preferences as required and set the resolution.
  •   Press the Start button.
  •   Wait until the document is scanned and saved to your computer.

Brother Mfc j5330dw Scan To Email

  •   If you want to perform a scan to email operation, first load the document on the scanner glass.
  •   Place it by facing the printed side down and move it to the corner by following the mark.
  •   Ensure that the Brother MFC J5330DW setup printer is connected to your wireless network.
  •   Press the Scan option and select To PC.
  •   Now, select To E-mail.
  •   Select your computer name and press the Start button.
  •   You can set the preferred scanning settings and press OK.
  •   The scanned document will be converted as an email attachment on your default mail client.
  •   Add a recipient to send the scanned document.

Brother Mfc j5330dw Double Sided Scan

  •   If you want to scan a double-sided document, you can use the Auto-Document feeder.
  •   Place the document to be scanned in the Auto document feeder.
  •   If you are scanning from the Brother printer, select the Scan option.
  •   Otherwise, open the scanning software and select the scanning preferences. Click Scan.
  •   Select Double-sided scan and begin the scanning process.
  •   Once the document is scanned, you can save the scanned document.

Brother Mfc j5330dw Troubleshooting

  •   The Brother printer may face certain issues when it is not maintained properly. However, you can easily rectify the problem and resolve the issues.
  •   Check the printer screen for any errors shown on the screen.
  •   For some common issues, you can easily fix the error by following the instructions on the screen.
  •   In case of any other issues, you can click on the Call button on this page to sort out your problem and fix it.

Brother Mfc j5330dw Offline

  •   Check if the printer is paused. If it is in the sleep mode, wake the printer.
  •   Ensure that your printer is properly connected to the computer.
  •   For an Ethernet connection, make sure that the cable is not defective.
  •   Open the Control Panel window and right-click on the Brother MFC J5330DW setup printer.
  •   Select the Set as default printer option from the displayed list.
  •   Click the Printer menu and select Cancel all documents to remove the jobs from the print queue.
  •   If the Use Printer Offline option is not selected, uncheck it.
  •   Finally, restart the printer to fix the issue.
Brother Mfc j5330dw Offline