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Simple Guidance For Brother MFC J5845DW Setup

The Brother MFC J5845DW setup printer supports the USB, LAN, and Wireless LAN interfaces. To perform the initial hardware setup of the printer, carry out the steps provided below.

Unpack the Brother printer

  •   Check if the following components are included in the box.
  •   Starter ink cartridges (Black, Yellow, Cyan, and Magenta)
  •   Manuals (Quick Setup Guide and Product Safety Guide)
  •   Brother installation disc
  •   Maintenance sheet
  •   Telephone line cord
  •   Clear all the packing materials from the outside and inside of the printer.

Loading paper

  •   Remove the paper tray from the Brother MFC J5845DW printer.
  •   Place some A4 or letter-sized paper in the paper tray without exceeding the maximum paper mark.
  •   Place the paper tray back to the printer.

Power cord connection

  •   Plug the printer’s power cord into a wall outlet.
  •   Power up the printer by pressing the ON button.

Installing the starter ink cartridges

  •   Lift the printer’s ink cartridge cover.
  •   Shake the black ink cartridge, unpack it, and place it in its slot.
  •   Do the same to install the cyan, magenta, and yellow ink cartridges.
  •   Close the printer’s ink cartridge cover properly.

Date and time settings

Select the date and time correctly on the control panel of the printer.

Other settings

  •   Continue with the display panel instructions to configure the following settings:
  •   View operation tips
  •   Set Brother LCD Message defaults
  •   Check print quality
  •   Configure the tray or paper size settings
  •   Print the installation sheet

Telephone line cord connection

  •   Raise the scanner cover.
  •   Connect the telephone line cord between the LINE port of the printer and a wall jack.
  •   Close the printer’s scanner cover.
  •   Note: If you do not want to use the Brother MFC J5845DW setup printer for faxing, skip this step.

Language setting

  •   Navigate to the Settings menu on the printer’s control panel.
  •   Select All Settings -> Initial Setup -> Local Language.
  •   Choose your preferred language and press the Home button to exit.

Brother Mfc j5845dw Driver Download

Full Driver & Software Package is the manufacturer recommended Brother MFC J5845DW printer driver file. The steps to download the printer driver on Mac are given below.

Brother Mfc j5845dw Driver Mac

Method 1

Click the Driver Download button provided on this page to download the Brother MFC J5845DW printer driver on your Mac computer.

Method 2

  •   Launch the official Brother website and navigate to the Downloads tab.
  •   Make sure the macOS has been selected from the OS drop-down menu.
  •   Click Full Driver & Software Package -> Agree to the EULA and Download.
  •   The downloaded printer file will be saved in the Mac computer’s Downloads folder.

Brother Mfc j5845dw Manual Download

Method 1

Click the Manual Download button on this page to download a soft copy of the Brother MFC J5845DW printer manual.

Method 2

  •   Visit the official Brother website and go to the Manuals section.
  •   Click Download next to your preferred manual.
  •   The downloaded soft copy of the printer manual will be saved in the computer’s Downloads folder by default.

How to Connect Brother Mfc j5845dw Wireless

  •   Find the wireless network name and network key at the rear side of your wireless router’s sticker.
  •   On the Brother MFC J5845DW setup printer’s control panel, go to Settings and choose the All Settings option.
  •   Select Network -> WLAN -> Setup Wizard.
  •   When the Enable WLAN message appears, press the Yes button.
  •   The printer starts to search for your network and displays it on the LCD panel.
  •   Select it and press OK.
  •   Note: If your SSID is not displayed on the LCD panel, select the New SSID option and enter your SSID manually.
  •   Provide the correct wireless network key and press the OK button.
  •   Wait until the Connected message appears on the printer’s display panel.
  •   Download and install Full Driver & Software Package on your computer.
How to Connect Brother Mfc j5845dw Wireless

Brother Mfc j5845dw Airprint Setup

iPad, iPhone, or iPod

  •   Turn on the Brother MFC J5845DW printer.
  •   Open Safari on your iOS device and access the web page that you want to print.
  •   Tap the Share icon followed by the Print option.
  •   Check if your printer is selected. If not, tap the Printer option and select the Brother printer.
  •   Select the number of pages to print and then tap Print.


  •   Click the Apple logo and select System Preferences -> Printers & Scanners.
  •   Click the Add icon, select the Brother printer, and choose the AirPrint option from the Use menu.
  •   Click the Add button.
  •   On your Mac computer, launch Safari and visit the web page that you need to print.
  •   Click File and select Print. Set your print preferences and select the Print option.

How to Scan on Brother Mfc j5845dw

  •   Open the Brother MFC J5845DW setup printer’s scanner cover, load your document with its printed side facing the glass, and close the scanner cover.
  •   On the printer’s control panel, press the Scan button and select the ‘To PC’ option using the left or right arrow button.
  •   Select the To Image option.
  •   Choose your computer name if you have connected the printer over a network.
  •   Select the Options or Set at Device option.
  •   Set your scan preferences and press the OK button followed by the Start button.
  •   Follow the display panel instructions to finish scanning.

Brother Mfc j5845dw Scan to Email

  •   Connect the printer and your computer to the same wireless network.
  •   Place a document on the scanner glass.
  •   Press Scan on the Brother MFC J5845DW printer.
  •   Select To PC -> To Email.
  •   Select your computer name.
  •   Press Options, select the scan settings as per your requirement, and press OK.
  •   Once you press Start, the printer will scan the document as per the specified scan settings.
  •   The scanned document will be sent as a file attachment to your computer’s default email application.

Brother Mfc j5845dw Troubleshooting

Paper jam

  •   Remove the printer’s power cord from the AC power outlet.
  •   Pull out the jammed paper from the paper tray 1.
  •   Raise the scanner cover and remove the jammed paper using both hands.
  •   Make sure to clear torn pieces of paper and close the printer’s scanner cover.
  •   Also, clear the jammed paper from the rear side of the printer.
  •   Reconnect the printer’s power cord to the AC power outlet and turn on the printer.
  •   Check if the paper jam error has been resolved.

Nothing prints

  •   Check if the correct printer driver has been installed on your computer.
  •   Set the Brother printer as the default printing source.
  •   Deselect the Use Printer Offline and Pause Printing options in the printer program.
  •   Clear any stalled print jobs from the Print Queue.
  •   If you require assistance in resolving the Brother MFC J5845DW setup printer, click the Call button given on this page to contact our technical experts.