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Steps For Brother MFC J6935DW Setup

Brother MFC J6935DW is an all-in-one printer that lets you perform the printer-related operations over a wired, wireless, or a USB cable connection. Inside the product package, you can find the following components: Brother MFC J6935DW printer, power cord, a set of genuine ink cartridges (black, cyan, yellow, magenta), Brother MFC J6935DW setup guide, Brother installation disc, maintenance sheet, and telephone line cord. Now, let’s see how to set up the Brother MFC J6935DW printer for the first time.

  •   Begin the setup process by unboxing the Brother printer package.
  •   Check if all printer-related components are present inside the package.
  •   If not, contact your dealer or printer manufacturer.
  •   Remove all the packing materials present inside and outside the printer.
  •   After removing all the packing materials, take the paper tray completely out of the printer. and start the Brother MFC J6935DW setup.
  •   Get a stack of plain A4 paper.
  •   Align the guides properly.
  •   Load the paper in the tray.
  •   Adjust the paper guides.
  •   Place the paper tray back into the printer.
  •   Now, connect your printer to an electrical outlet.
  •   Wait for your printer to turn on automatically.
  •   If the printer fails to turn on, press the Power button on the printer’s control panel.
  •   Perform the prompts displayed on the printer screen to complete the basic printer settings.
  •   Now, open the ink cartridge cover.
  •   Unpack the ink cartridges and insert the ink cartridges one-by-one into their slots.
  •   Make sure to shake the cartridges before inserting them.
  •   After inserting all the ink cartridges properly, close the cartridge cover.
  •   Now, the printer begins the initial cleaning process. Wait for it to complete.
  •   Once it is completed, configure your printer settings by following the touchscreen instructions.
  •   After completing it, the printer will prompt you to connect the telephone line cord.
  •   If you wish to use your printer for the fax operation, then connect the telephone line cord. If not, skip it.
  •   Follow the instructions displayed on the printer screen.
  •   Once you have completed the printer hardware setup process, begin the driver installation process on your computer.
  •   You can either use the software CD or the downloaded printer driver file to perform the installation.
  •   Based on your desire, you can select any one of the connectivity types when prompted.
  •   If your connectivity type is Wired network or USB, then make sure to connect an Ethernet cable or a USB cable only when prompted during the driver installation.
  •   For Wi-Fi connection, turn on your wireless router and connect your computer to the same wireless network to which the printer is to be connected. Select the Wi-Fi option on the installation screen and perform the prompts displayed on the screen. To know more about the Wi-Fi connection method, refer to the detailed instructions given below that help for Brother MFC J6935DW setup wireless connection.
  •   If you wish to connect your hand-held device to the Brother printer, then download and install the Brother iPrint & Scan app on it.
  •   After installing the application, open it and configure the printer settings as per the instructions displayed on the screen.
  •   Once you complete your Brother printer setup, try a test print.

Brother Mfc j6935dw Driver Download

  •   To download the Brother MFC J6935DW printer driver for your Windows or Mac computer, click the Driver Download for Windows or Driver Download for Mac button on this page.
  •   Now, based on your current OS type, the available printer driver file will be downloaded.

Brother Mfc j6935dw Manual

  •   Click the Manual Download button available below.
  •   Now, a soft copy of the Brother MFC J6935DW printer’s user guide will be downloaded to your computer.

Brother Mfc j6935dw Driver Mac

  •   Go to the Brother printer’s official site.
  •   Search your printer model and go to the printer’s support page.
  •   Click the Downloads tab available on the left-hand side of the screen.
  •   Select your Mac OS version from the drop-down menu.
  •   Choose the recommended diver package from the displayed list.
  •   Click the Download button.
  •   Once the selected driver package has been downloaded, begin the Brother MFC J6935DW setup driver process on your Mac.

Brother Mfc j6935dw Wireless Setup

You can set up your Brother MFC J6935DW printer over a wireless network through the WPS (Push or Pin) or Wi-Fi Direct method.

Here we will see how to connect the Brother MFC J6935DW printer over a Wi-Fi network using the WPS Push method.

Before you begin the setup process, perform the following steps.

  •   Check if you have completed the Brother MFC J6935DW setup as per the instructions.
  •   Make sure that your wireless router is turned ON and ready for the Wi-Fi setup process.
  •   Check if your printer is placed closer to the wireless router or access point.
  •   Gather your wireless router’s username and password.
  •   If an Ethernet cable or a USB cable is connected to your printer, unplug it.
Brother MFC J6935DW setup

Now, carry out the steps given below for Brother MFC J6935DW setup over a wireless network.

  •   Turn your Brother MFC J6935DW printer ON.
  •   Go to the Settings section.
  •   Select All Settings > Network > WLAN > WPS.
  •   Press the Yes button when the message Enable WLAN? is displayed on your printer screen.
  •   On your router, press the WPS button when prompted.
  •   Press the OK button on your printer’s control panel.
  •   Wait for your printer to connect to the wireless network.
  •   Once your Brother printer is connected to the Wi-Fi network successfully, the Connected message will be displayed on the printer screen.
  •   Now, begin your printer driver installation process on your computer.
  •   In the window titled Select Connection Method or similar to it, choose the Wi-Fi option.
  •   Follow the instructions displayed on the screen.
  •   Make sure to select the correct Brother printer model when prompted.
  •   Once you complete the Brother MFC J6935DW setup driver installation process successfully, perform a test print from your computer.

Brother Mfc j6935dw Airprint

AirPrint is a feature available in most of the latest iOS and Mac devices. This feature allows you to perform any printer-related operations from your device to the printer over a wireless network. The main advantage of the AirPrint option is that you can perform print or scan operation from your iOS or Mac device without the need to install the printer driver.Make sure to connect your printer and the iOS device to the same wireless network while using the AirPrint option.

Enable AirPrint

  •   Before you use AirPrint, check if the AirPrint option is enabled on your printer.
  •   By default, the AirPrint option is enabled.
  •   To confirm it, open a web browser on your computer or hand-held device.
  •   Type your Brother printer’s IP address.
  •   On your printer’s web access page, click the Network tab followed by Protocol.
  •   Now, check if the checkbox beside the AirPrint option is selected.
  •   If not, click the checkbox followed by the Submit button.
  •   Restart your Brother MFC J6935DW printer to save the changes.

Using AirPrint

  •   On your iOS device, open the document you want to print.
  •   Tap the Share icon followed by Print.
  •   Select your Brother printer from the list of available printers.
  •   Set the print preferences as per your desire.
  •   Finally, tap the Print option.
  •   Now, your Brother printer will start to print the selected document.

Brother Mfc j6935dw Scan To Computer

You can scan a document and save the scanned copy on your computer as a PDF file, Editable Text file, or Email attachment using ControlCenter4.The section below explains how to scan the document and save it as a PDF file using ControlCenter4.

  •   First of all, make sure that you have installed the ControlCenter4 application on your computer.
  •   Check if the Brother MFC J6935DW setup and your computer are connected to the same network.
  •   Turn your Brother printer ON and place the original document on the scanner glass.
  •   Now, launch ControlCenter4 on your computer.
  •   Click the Scan tab followed by File.
  •   Now, a dialog box titled File-Control Center4 will appear on the screen.
  •   Select the scan preferences as per your desire.
  •   Finally, click the Scan button.
  •   Now, the Brother printer will start scanning the document that you have placed on the scanner glass and save the scanned copy of it as the PDF file on your computer.
  •   Contact us if you need remote assistance for Brother MFC J6935DW setup.