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Brother Mfc J775DW Setup


The Brother MFC J775DW printer is a low-cost, all-in-one printer that is an excellent selection for your home office. The printer supports Ethernet connectivity and allows you to print at a lower cost compared to other printers. The Brother mfc j775dw setup process is quite simple as the printer.

Steps To Set Up The Printer

Unpack the printer

  •   Discard all protective tapes and film covering the printer. 
  •   Unpack your printer and find the following components inside the package:
  •   Starter ink cartridges (Black, Yellow, Cyan, and Magenta)
  •   Quick setup guide
  •   Basic user’s guide
  •   Product safety guide
  •   Telephone line cord
  •   Brother installation disc

Paper installation

  •   Pull out the paper tray from the printer and open the output paper tray cover.
  •   Press the paper guides and extend them to their maximum.
  •   Take out a stack of paper, flip the bundle, even it out, and load it on the paper tray.
  •   Move in the paper guides until they touch the paper. 
  •   Close the output paper tray cover and place the tray back into the machine.
  •   Pull out the paper support and unfold the paper support flap.

Connect the printer 

  •   Plug the telephone line cord into the LINE port of the printer and into a modular wall socket.
  •   Now, connect the AC power cord to the machine and the power source.
  •   Press the power button and turn on the printer.

Ink installation

  •   Open the ink cartridge cover and discard the orange protective part from the printer.
  •   Place the ink cartridge into the printer and close the ink cartridge cover.
  •   Go to the printer’s control panel and complete the ink configuration for your printer.
  •   Set your preferred country/region and date and time on your printer’s control panel.
  •   Ensure to save the entered details on your Brother printer.

Software installation

  •   You can find the CD-ROM with the package. Insert the CD-ROM into your system to install the printer software for your Brother printer.
  •   Follow the prompted instruction and complete the software setup.
  •   If your system doesn’t support the CD-ROM, visit the Brother official page to download the printer software.
  •   You’ve now completed the Brother MFC J775DW setup.

Brother Mfc J775DW Driver Download

The printer driver plays a vital role and acts as an interface between your printer and computer. Our support page provides you an easy way to download the printer driver for your Brother MFC J775DW printer.

  •   You can find the Driver Download button on this page and click on it.
  •   Once the click is made, the page will detect your OS type and the driver file will be downloaded automatically.
  •   Extract the file and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  •    You can also download the printer driver from Brother’s official site. If you wish to do that, then follow these steps:
  •   Go to the Brother printer’s official support page and click on the Downloads tab.
  •   Choose OS from the drop-down list and select the driver you want to download.
  •   Hit on the Download button and choose the options to run the downloaded file.
  •   Follow the prompted instruction and complete the installation.
Brother Mfc J775DW Driver

Brother Mfc J775DW Driver For Mac

You can download the printer driver for your Mac from this page. Find and select the Driver Download button and proceed with the on-screen instructions.

  •   Follow the steps to download the printer driver from the official Brother site:
  •   Open Safari and go to the official Brother support page.
  •   Click Support and then click Software & Driver Downloads.
  •   Enter the printer model number in the field and click Search.
  •   Click on your printer model, choose the operating system, and download the printer driver.
  •   Extract the .dmg file and agree to the EULA.
  •   Follow the on-screen instructions and complete the installation.


  •   The printer manual enables you to clear errors and alerts on your printer at ease. To get the Brother MFC J775DW printer manual, click on the Manual Download button on this page.
  •   To download the manual from the official site, go to Brother printer’s official support site.
  •   Click the Manuals tab and download the required manual for Brother Mfc J775dw Setup.

How To Scan From Brother Printer?

  •   Before you begin to scan from your printer, make sure it’s turned on.
  •   Also, ensure to download and install the scanner driver on your computer.
  •   Now, lift the document cover, place the document on the scanner glass as per the document guidelines, and lower the document cover.
  •   Press Scan and choose your Scan to option followed by OK.
  •   Select your computer from the list and press OK.
  •   You can now alter the paper settings, orientation and can even preview it.
  •   Press Black Start or Color Start followed by the OK.
Brother Mfc J775DW Scan Setup

How To Copy From Brother Printer?

  •   Place the documents or photos on the scanner glass.
  •   Press Copy. You’ll be asked to select the quality of the output, paper type, paper size, and the number of copies you want to make. Enter your desired options and press OK.
  •   Press Black Start or Color Start. The printer will now begin to copy the placed document.

Brother Mfc J775DW Fax Setup

  •   Load your documents or photo on the scanner glass or in the ADF.
  •   Press Fax. You’re now required to enter the fax number.
  •   With the use of directional keys, you can also change the fax settings.
  •   Complete all the required changes and press Black Start or Color Start. Your printer now begins the fax process.
  •   You can also configure the fax settings from the Settings menu on your printer.

Brother Mfc J775DW Troubleshooting

The printer Brother Mfc J775dw setup comes with a wide range of features. All the error and alert messages will be displayed on the control panel itself. You need to follow the printer’s control panel instructions to eliminate any errors. If nothing works and you’re stuck for a long time, and you’re in need of assistance, you can contact us anytime. Just click on the Call button provided on this page and our technical team will assist you in resolving any printer issue.