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The Brother MFC-L2690DW printer is designed for small homes and offices. This printer supports interfaces such as USB, LAN, and Wireless LAN. It comes with features like 2-sided printing, color/black scan, copy, LCD, and more. The below section explains how to perform the Brother MFC L2690DW setup for the first time.

Brother Mfc L2690dw Setup


  •   Unpack the Brother MFC L2690DW printer completely and place it on a clean surface.
  •   Open the front cover of the printer.
  •   Unpack the drum unit & toner cartridge assembly and insert it into the printer.
  •   Close the cover.
  •   Now, take the paper tray out of the box.
  •   Align the width guides based on the paper type that you’re loading.
  •   Load the paper in the tray and adjust the guides once again.
  •   Place the tray back into the printer.
  •   Now, turn on your Brother printer and configure its settings by following the on-screen instructions.

  •   If you wish to use your printer for the fax operation, then connect it to a telephone wall jack using the phone cord and configure the fax settings.
  •   Now, open the printer driver file on your computer.
  •   Install the printer driver to complete the setup.
  •   If you wish to perform the printer-related operation from your mobile phone, then install the Brother iPrint and Scan app and configure the printer settings.
  •   You can also use the AirPrint or Mopria option to perform the printer-related operation from your mobile phone.
  •   Print, scan, or copy a test page to check whether the Brother Mfc L2690dw setup is done correctly.

Brother Mfc L2690dw Driver Download

  •   Click the Driver Download button provided on this page.
  •   Now, the Brother MFC-L2690DW printer driver available for your current OS version will be downloaded.
  •   Once the driver is downloaded, open it and perform the software installation on your computer.

Brother Mfc L2690dw Manual Download

  •   Click on the Manual Download button provided on this page.
  •   Now, the soft copy of the Brother printer’s user guide will start to download on your computer.

Brother Mfc L2690dw Driver For Mac

  •   Visit your Brother printer’s official support page.
  •   If necessary, select your OS type.
  •   Choose the printer driver that you wish to install on your computer.
  •   Click on the Download button available beside the selected driver.
  •   Now, the driver download process will be initiated.


Brother Mfc L2690dw Manual

Brother Mfc L2690dw Wireless Setup

Wireless setup using the printer’s control panel

  •   Initially, gather your wireless network credentials such as SSID and password.
  •   Now, turn on your Brother Mfc L2690dw Setup if it is turned off.
  •   Go to the Menu section.
  •   Select Network > WLAN > Setup Wizard > Enable.
  •   Now, the wireless network SSIDs available within your printer’s range will be displayed on the screen.
  •   Choose your router’s SSID.
  •   In the given field, type your network password.
  •   Once your Brother printer is connected to the wireless network, connect your computer to the same network.
  •   Now, begin the printer driver installation on your computer. During the installation, make sure to select the Wireless Network Connection option.
  •   Finally, print a test page over the wireless network.

Brother Mfc L2690dw Airprint Setup

  •   Initially, make sure to connect your iOS or macOS device and the Brother printer to the same wireless network.
  •   Enable the AirPrint option on the printer’s web-based management page. Open a browser and type your Brother printer’s IP address in the address field.
  •   Once you reach the printer’s Web-based management page, click on the Network tab followed by the Protocol menu.
  •   Locate the AirPrint option and select it by clicking the checkbox beside it. Click Submit. 
  •   If prompted, restart your Brother printer.
  •   Now, your Brother Mfc L2690dw Setup is ready to perform the print operation using AirPrint.

How To Scan On Brother Mfc L2690dw

Scan using AirPrint

  •   On your Brother printer’s scanner glass, place the original document that you want to scan.
  •   Now, open the System Preferences window on your Mac computer.
  •   Locate and click on the Printers & Scanners option.
  •   Make sure that your Brother printer is selected correctly.
  •   Now, go to the Scan tab.
  •   Select Open Scanner and configure the scan settings such as the destination folder, scan size, etc.
  •   Finally, click on the Scan button.
  •   Now, your printer will start to scan the placed document.
  •   Once your printer completes the scan operation, a copy of it will be saved in the selected destination folder.

Brother Mfc L2690dw Copy Setup

  •   Load the original document to be copied on the Brother Mfc L2690dw Setup scanner glass or in the ADF.
  •   Now, go to the Copy menu by pressing the Copy button.
  •   Select the number of copies using the dial pad.
  •   To set the advanced copy settings, select Options.
  •   Initiate the copy operation by tapping the Start button.

Brother Mfc L2690dw Fax Setup

  •   Get a telephone line cord and, using it, connect your Brother printer to the phone wall jack.
  •   Now, turn on your Brother printer.
  •   Press the Fax button.
  •   Now, using the printer’s dial pad, type the fax number, receive mode, and other Fax settings as per your desire.
  •   Finally, make sure to save the configured fax settings.

Brother Mfc L2690dw Troubleshooting

As soon as an error message is displayed on the printer screen, restart the printer. If the same error message is displayed on the screen even after restarting the printer, then try to identify the cause of the error. If Paper Jam is displayed on the screen, identify the jammed paper inside the printer and try to remove it. Similarly, perform some general solutions to resolve the Brother Mfc L2690dw Setup issue. To get remote assistance in resolving your printer issues, contact us by clicking the Call button.