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CANON MG3520 SETUP– Guidelines

The Canon MG3520 printer can be set up to work with a computer and smart devices such as Android/Apple phones and tablets.Canon Mg3520 Setup to work with a smart device, you need to install an application called Canon PRINT app from the application store for free.

Canon Pixma MG3520 Installation Guidelines

Follow these guidelines to install a Canon Pixma MG3520 printer on a Mac computer.

  •   Power on the Canon Pixma MG3520 printer and wait until it initializes.
  •   Ensure that you have the Wi-Fi information on hand before proceeding with these steps.
  •   Download the Canon Pixma MG 3520 printer driver on your computer and double-click the driver to launch the installer. Click the Next button. Enter Mac admin account credentials and click the Install Helper button. Click Next.
  •   If you see a permission prompt on your Mac computer screen, click Open. Choose Wireless Connection and click Next to confirm your selection. Click Open Connect to the network Other setup Wireless Setup Using the USB Cable.
  •   Choose your residential region and click Next. Click on the appropriate sub-region and click Next. A list of Canon software packages will be displayed on the screen. Select the packages to be installed and then click Next.
  •   Read and review the Canon MG 3520 driver installer’s terms & conditions. Click Yes. Wait until the drivers are installed for Canon Mg3520 Setup.
  •   Click the ‘Set up the network connection via USB’ checkbox and then click Next. The Connect Cable screen appears. Attach a compatible USB cable to your Canon printer and computer. Click Next.
  •   The MG 3520 driver installer looks for access points and then displays the Confirm Connection Access Point screen. Verify whether the access point displayed on the screen is correct and then click Yes. In case there are many access points, they will be displayed on the Wireless Routers window. Choose the appropriate access point from the list and enter the network password. Click Connect.
  •   The MG 3520 driver installer checks whether the connection has been established correctly. When the installer prompts you to disconnect the USB cable, click Next followed by OK.
  •   The Add Printer window appears. Click Add Printer. When the Add window appears, choose the Canon MG 3500 series driver with Canon IJ Network mentioned under Kind. Click Add and then click Next.
  •   The Printhead Alignment screen appears. Click Next. The ‘Setup Complete’ screen appears. Click Next. When the User Registration screen appears, click Next.
  •   You can choose either Agree or Do not Agree, and choosing either of these options will not affect the driver installation. The ‘Installation completed successfully’ screen appears. Click Exit. This completes the Canon MG3520 setup.

Canon Pixma MG3520 – Driver

Download the Canon Pixma MG3520 driver from the manufacturer’s official Support site. If you have the Canon Mg3520 Setup box, look for the driver CD inside it. Using this Canon Pixma MG3520 driver, you can connect the Canon printer to your computer. The Canon driver installs the tools which help you monitor ink levels, troubleshoot issues, and do a lot more from your computer.

Canon Pixma MG3520 – Manual

The Canon Pixma MG3520 manual helps you perform printing, copying, and scanning with easy-to-understand guidelines. The Pixma user manual can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s official Support site. It can also be found inside the box in which your Canon Pixma MG3520 printer was shipped. If your Canon Pixma Printer displays an error message, you can refer to the Canon MG3520 manual to resolve it.

How To Scan On Canon Pixma MG3520?

Follow these guidelines to scan a document/photo on the Canon Pixma MG3520 printer.

  •   Power on the Canon MG3520 printer and wait until it initializes.
  •   Ensure that the Canon MG3520 driver has been installed on your computer.
  •   Set the photo/document on the Canon MG3520 printer’s scanner glass. Align this document/photo such that one of its corners touches the arrow mark on the platen glass. Close the scanner cover.
  •   Navigate to Go Applications Double-click Canon Utilities open the IJ Scan Utility folder Double-click Canon IJ Scan Utility2.
  •   Click Settings and set the scan preferences. Click the Document/Photo/Custom option according to your scan requirements.
Canon Mg3520 Setup

How To Setup The Printer Wireless

  •   Download the MP Driver package from this site by entering the OS version of the computer.
  •   Double-click on the downloaded file and enter the Administrator password to continue with the installation process.
  •   Tap Next on the initial screen and then choose the connection method.
  •   Select the Wireless Connection option. Check if the Canon Mg3520 Setup printer is turned on.
  •   Click on the Connect to the Network option and then choose the Cableless Setup option.
  •   Press the Wi-Fi button on the control panel and wait until the Orange light blinks.
  •   Release the button and check if the Power lamp is steady.
  •   Ensure that the blue Wi-Fi lamp flashes and then proceed with the installation setup.
  •   Select your Place of Residence and then choose the list of additional software to be installed.
  •   Comply with the License Agreement and take a test print once the installation process is over.

How To SEtup The Printer Airprint

To set up and print using AirPrint, follow these instructions:

  •   Enable the Wireless on your device and connect it to a wireless network of your choice.
  •   Next, turn on the Wireless feature on your printer and connect it to the same network as your iOS device.
  •   Download the AirPrint app and install it on your device.
  •   Find the text document or photo that you want to print and open it on your device.
  •   Launch the app after successful installation and tap the Share icon.
  •   Select the Canon Mg3520 Setup printer from the list and edit the necessary print settings.
  •   Tap the Print option available at the top of the screen.

How To Reset The Printer?

Follow the below-stated steps to reset your Canon printer.

  •   Check if the printer is turned on and in the ready state. If not, switch it on.
  •   Once the printer comes to the ready state, disconnect it from the power supply.
  •   Wait for at least 2 minutes and then connect it to the electrical outlet.
  •   Once the reset process is over, you can set up the Canon printer and use it.
Canon Pixma Mg3520 setup-Reset

Canon Pixma Mg3520 Troubleshooting

Your Canon Pixma MG3250 printer will face issues at times. You can rectify the errors using the detailed solutions that are stated here.

Canon Pixma Mg3520 Not Responding

  •   Check if the Canon MG3250 printer is turned on and connected to a power supply properly.
  •   Check if your computer is connected firmly to your Canon Mg3520 Setup printer.
  •   In case you have established a wireless connection, check if they are connected to the same wireless network.
  •   Examine if the front tray of the printer is open if so, close it.
  •   Delete the unnecessary print job from the queue and then try printing or scanning.
  •   Ensure that you have selected your Canon printer while assigning a print job.
  •   Reset the Canon Pixma MG3250 printer if the issue is not resolved.

Canon Mg3520 Wireless Troubleshooting

  •   First, check if you have connected the Canon Pixma printer and the computer to the same wireless network.
  •   Check if the network settings you have configured is correct. Edit the settings if required.
  •   Check if you have installed the MP driver package completely. Partial installation might lead to this problem.
  •   You have to restart the router, printer, and the computer if the problem persists.
  •   Ensure that you have not enabled any security or Antivirus software on your system.
  •   Turn off the firewall and the check if the issue has been resolved.
  •   Remove any interference that is present between the Canon Mg3520 Setup and the router.
  •   Position the printer near the router to obtain a strong signal. Assign a text print job.
  •   Call our technical team if the error remains unresolved.