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Perform the following guidelines to set up the Canon Pixma e560 printer.

  •   First, remove the Canon Pixma E560 Setup printer from its package.
  •   Next, peel off the tapes and then remove styrofoams at either side of the Canon Pixma e560 printer.
  •   Check for the attached accessories such as the power cords, ink cartridges, installation CD ROM, quick setup guide, and reference manual.
  •   Press the power button on the Canon Pixma e560 printer to turn it on.
  •   Next, access the ink cartridge door and install the ink cartridges, gently pushing down the green lock lever.
  •   Slide the ink cartridges and make sure that they lock into place. Now, close the ink cartridge door.
  •   Next, load enough paper into the input tray. Make sure to fan the paper stack before loading it.
  •   Plug one end of the power cable into the rear of the Canon Pixma e560 printer and another end into the power outlet.
  •   Now, download the MP drivers from the manufacturer’s site.
  •   Install the Canon printer drivers by running the driver file. Try to print sample pages.
Canon Pixma E560 Setup

Canon Pixma E560 – Driver

First, turn off the Canon Pixma e560 printer by pressing the power button on it.Launch a new web browser tab, go to the manufacturer website, and download the Canon printer driver. The Windows computer will prompt for the Administration rights. Open the downloaded MP Driver file. Launch the installer and complete the installation process. At the time of installation, choose the connection type as wired or wireless. Once the Canon Pixma e560 printer driver has been installed, restart the computer.

Canon Pixma E560 – Manual

The Canon Pixma e560 Setup manual consists of instructions for setting up, scanning, copying, printing, and troubleshooting. This Canon Pixma e560 Printer manual can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s site. Go to the manufacturer’s site and enter the model number of your Canon Pixma printer. Specify the language as well. Save this downloaded Canon Pixma e560 manual in a secure location for future purpose.

Guidelines To Perform Print

Perform the following guidelines to print from Canon Pixma e560 printer.

  •   First, load a stack of plain papers into the input tray.
  •   Make sure to adjust and modify the paper width guides and paper type to start with the printing process.
  •   Now, launch the file which you want to print, go to the File menu and select the Print option in the upper-left corner.
  •   Next, select the printer model, i.e., Canon Pixma e560 Setup printer from the available list.
  •   Tick the checkbox for the desired type of printing, choose either one-sided or two-sided printing.
  •   Select the Layout option from the pop-up menu.
  •   After the configuring the required settings, click Print to start printing the document.

Guidelines To Perform Scan

Perform the following guidelines to scan from Canon Pixma e560 printer.

  •   First, load the original documents on the scanner glass of the Canon Pixma e560 printer. Next, start IJ Scan Utility.
  •   On Windows 8, choose IJ Scan Utility from the start screen.
  •   On Windows 7/Vista/XP, click the Start menu, choose All Programs Canon Utilities IJ Scan Utility IJ Scan Utility to start IJ Scan Utility.
  •   Next, click the Settings option and make the required settings on the Document scan such as paper size, resolution.
  •   Click OK to save the settings.
  •   Click the Document icon, and the scanning process will now start.

Guidelines To Perform Wi-fi Setup

Proceed with the instructions mentioned below to perform the Wi-Fi setup using the WPS method on the Canon Pixma e560 Setup printer.

  •   Find the Wi-Fi button on the front panel of the Canon Pixma E560 printer.
  •   Press the Wi-Fi button and hold it.
  •   Once you see the orange LED blinking, release the Wi-Fi button.
  •   Check if the Wi-Fi LED turns blue and the Power LED turns on.
  •   The Wi-Fi setup is complete once you see the Wi-Fi LED lit.

Guidelines TO Perform Airprint Setup

To set up and print using AirPrint, follow these instructions:

  •   On the Canon Pixma E560 printer control panel, check whether the Power LED is blinking continuously.
  •   Power off the Canon E560 printer by pressing the On button.
  •   Insert the setup CD into the CD/DVD ROM drive and proceed with the installation steps.
  •   Make sure to select the ‘Use the printer via USB’ option in the ‘Select the printer connection’ method.
  •   Then, connect a USB cable to make a connection between the Canon E560 printer and the computer.
  •   Continue with the remaining prompts displaying on the screen to complete the installation process of the Canon Pixma e560 Setup printer software.

Canon Pixma E560 Troubleshooting

You have to find the reason for the issue and refer to the user manual for resolving the issue. When any printer-related problems like printer not working or not printing occur with the Canon Printer, follow the solutions provided below.

Canon E560 Not Working

  •   Check if you have turned the Canon E560 printer on by connecting the power cable to the power source.
  •   Use a USB cable instead of a relay device to establish a connection between the Canon E560 printer and the computer.
  •   When you find the problem is with the USB, you need to replace it.
  •   Make sure to clear the unnecessary print jobs from the Print Queue.
  •   Open the Print Dialog box and check whether you have selected the Canon E560 printer.
  •   When you have installed more than one printer software on your computer, set the Canon Pixma e560 Setup printer as the default.
  •   If you cannot resolve the Canon E560 printer not working issue, reconfigure the port settings.
  •   Navigate to the Control Panel window and select Hardware and Sound -> Devices and Printers -> Canon E560 -> Printer Properties.
  •   Go to the Ports tab and check the port settings.
  •   When the port setting is wrong, install the MP Drivers using the installation CD.
  •   The time taken to print large data is more. So, be patient until the Canon E560 printer prints the data. To print a large size data without any delay, turn on the Prevention of Print Data feature. Keep it in mind that enabling this feature will reduce the print quality of the printed data.
  •   When needed, restart the system and perform the printing function from the computer.

Canon E560 Not Printing

  •   Navigate to the Print window and then check you have selected the print settings correctly.
  •   Clean the print head after printing a Nozzle Check Pattern page.
  •   When needed, perform the print head deep cleaning.
  •   Also, check the print side of the paper faces down in the input tray.
  •   When the FINE cartridge is running out of ink, replace it.
  •   Install the FINE cartridge correctly in the Canon Pixma e560 Setup printerslot.
Canon E560 Not Printing