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Canon Pixma Ip7250 Setup Solutions

  •   The initial setup process of the Canon iP 7250 printer consists of three phases: unboxing the package, installing the cartridges, and downloading the drivers.
  •   Once the Canon Pixma Ip7250 Setup printer box arrives, you have to open the seal carefully.
  •   Take out all the additional accessories present in the top portion of the package and keep them aside.
  •   Next, lift the Canon printer from the package and place it on a table nearby.
  •   Attach the power cord to the Canon iP7250 printer and the power outlet.
  •   Turn on the Canon printer and then install the ink cartridges into the correct slots.
  •   Take a test print after inserting the cartridges.
  •   Download the MP driver package from this site after specifying the OS version of your system.
Canon Pixma Ip7250 Setup

Canon Pixma Ip7250 Driver

In the OS version textbox, enter the correct version and tap the Enter key. Make use of the Driver Download button to download the drivers to your system.

Canon Pixma Ip7250 User Manual

The service manual of the Canon Pixma Ip7250 Setup printer will help you perform the print functions and troubleshoot the printer issues easily. Detailed guidelines are given here to help you solve the printer problems.

Canon Pixma Ip7250 Ink Cartridges

This model of Canon printer uses two ink cartridges to print and copy: a black cartridge and a tri-color cartridge. It is provided to you during the time of printer purchase. Install it into the correct slots and then take a test print.

Canon Pixma Ip7250 Ink Refill

  •   Follow the procedure given here to refill the ink cartridges of the Canon printer.
  •   Open the cartridge door and uninstall the cartridge from its slot. Place it on a table nearby.
  •   Make sure you have a syringe to fill ink in the cartridge.
  •   Remove the blue tab available on top of the cartridge. You will find two holes on the top part using which you have to refill.
  •   Fill the syringe with the correct ink color and inject the ink through the hole present above the sponge.
  •   Once it overflows, go to the hold present on the other end of the cartridge and fill it with ink.
  •   Wipe the cartridges after refilling, and install it in the correct slot for Canon Pixma Ip7250 Setup.
  •   Load the input tray with a few plain papers after extending it.
  •   Assign a test print job to check if you have installed the cartridges properly.

Canon Pixma Ip7250 Printing

The guided instructions given below will you to perform the print operation on your Canon Pixma IP7250 printer.

  •   First, check if you have done the initial printer setup properly.
  •   Switch ON your Canon Pixma IP7250 printer to begin the print operation.
  •   Enable the Canon’s My Image Garden application on your system.
  •   From the list of documents or photos, choose the one that you wish to print.
  •   After that, click the  Print  button available at the bottom of the Canon My Image Garden screen.
  •   Now the print preferences dialog box will appear on the screen.
  •   Set the print settings as per your need.
  •   Click the  Print  button followed by  OK on Canon Pixma Ip7250 Setup printer.
  •   Now your Canon printer will start to print the selected document or photo file.

Canon Pixma Ip7250 Duplex Printing

You can perform the auto duplex print operation on your Canon Printer. To know the detailed information about how to perform the duplex printing operation on your Canon printer, follow the instructions given below.

  •   Select and open the document you wish to print on your system.
  •   Click  File Print Printer Preferences.
  •   To enable the duplex printing option, tap the Page Setup tab, and navigate to Duplex Printing.
  •   Click the checkbox beside the Duplex printing & Automatic options.
  •   To save the settings, click the Apply button followed by OK.

Canon Pixma Ip7250 Wireless Setup

To connect your Canon Pixma IP7250 printer over a wireless network, read & proceed with the instructions given below.

  •   Turn on your Canon Pixma IP7250 printer if it is turned off.
  •   Locate the Wi-Fi button on the printer’s control panel.
  •   Press & hold the Wireless button until the blue light starts to flash.
  •   After that, go to the access point and press the WPS button.
  •   Once your Canon printer is connected to the Wi-Fi network, install its print driver software on your computer.
  •   Check if your PC is connected to the same Wi-Fi network that the Canon Pixma Ip7250 Setup printer is connected to.
  •   After installing the Canon Pixma IP7250 printer driver, try a test print or scan operation to check if the setup is done correctly.

Canon Pixma Ip7250 Not Working

If your Canon Pixma IP7250 printer is not performing print or scan operations, then make sure the printer is turned on and the connection setup is done properly. Check if the power cord is damaged. If so, replace the cable with the new one. If you are connected the printer to the wall outlet using a surge protector, then unplug the printer from it, and connect it directly to the wall outlet. To know more about how to fix the printer not working issue, click the Call button to contact our printer technical experts.

Canon Pixma Ip7250 Airprint Setup

If you have no idea how to perform an AirPrint operation on your Canon Pixma IP7250 printer, then follow the guided instructions given below.

  •   Check if your Canon Pixma IP7250 printer is turned On.
  •   If the printer is in the sleep mode, then press the Power button on its control panel to turn it On.
  •   Connect the iPhone device and your printer to the same Wi-Fi network.
  •   On your iPhone, choose the photo or document file you wish to print and tap the Share icon.
  •   Now the menu options wizard will appear on your iPhone device screen.
  •   Tap the Print option in the menu list.
  •   Choose your Canon Pixma Ip7250 Setup printer from the devices list when prompted.
  •   Set the number of print copies, print options, range, and other required preferences in the Printer Options wizard.
  •   After that, tap the Print tab.
  •   Once the Canon Pixma IP7250 printer prints the selected document, check the print quality.
Canon Pixma Ip7250 Airprint