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Perform the initial Canon Pixma MG3650 Setup using the procedure that is stated below. After the setup process, you can print, copy, or scan your documents.

Canon Pixma MG3650 – Installation

  •   Unpack the Canon Pixma MG3650 printer once it arrives at your house.
  •   Cut the seal and check for the additional accessories such as power cable, ink cartridges, quick installation guide, and more.
  •   Place the printer on a steady surface and remove all the packing materials.
  •   Ensure that there are no blue tapes stuck inside and outside the printer.
  •   Turn ON the printer after connecting it to the power supply using the power cord.
  •   Download the MP drivers to your system and install it.
  •   Halfway through the installation procedure, choose the type of connection, and connect the Canon MG3650 printer and the computer.
Canon Pixma MG3650 Setup

Canon Pixma MG3650 – Driver

  •   For this model of Canon printer, you have to download the MP driver package to access all the functionalities of the printer.
  •   You can mention the OS version and tap the MP Driver Download button to download the driver successfully.
  •   Once the download procedure is over, proceed with the installation process.

Canon Pixma MG3650 – Manual

  •   The manual can be referred to when you have any queries related to the setup and troubleshooting procedure for the Canon Pixma MG3650 Setup printer.
  •   Specify the printer model number as Canon Pixma MG 3650 and tap the Enter key.
  •   Click the Manual Download button and save the manual to your local storage location.

Guidelines To Perform Print

  •   The forthcoming instructions will help you print your documents or images.
  •   Search for the document that you wish to print and open it on your system.
  •   Check if the Canon Pixma MG3650 Setup printer is turned on.
  •   Extend the input tray and load a few plain papers in it after aligning them.
  •   From the File menu, tap the Print option, and the Printing Preferences window will open.
  •   Go to the Commonly Used Settings section available under the Quick Setup tab.
  •   Edit the print settings in the next step and then choose the Print Quality as High, Standard, or Draft.
  •   Click the OK button after you modify the print settings.
  •   Tap the Print button to initiate the printing process.

Guidelines To Perform Double-Side Print

  •   First, you have to open the text document to be printed on your computer.
  •   Click the Print option from the File menu and the Printer Driver Setup window will open.
  •   Navigate to the Setup tab and highlight the checkbox near the Duplex Printing option on Canon Printer.
  •   Ensure that the box near the Automatic option is checked.
  •   Next, you have to choose the Layout option from the following: Normal-size, Fit-to-page, or the Scaled option.
  •   The proceeding step is to choose the Print Area. You can go with the Use Normal Size Printing or the Use Reduced Printing option.
  •   Mention the Stapling Side and then assign the Margin value.
  •   Tap the OK button to start printing the document.
Canon Pixma Mg3650 Setup-wifi

Guidelines To Perform Wifi Setup

Proceed with the instructions mentioned below to perform the Wi-Fi setup using the WPS method on the Canon Pixma E560 printer.

  •   Make use of the WPS method to connect your Canon Pixma MG 3650 printer and the computer.
  •   Check if your wireless router has a WPS button.
  •   Also, check if have set up a security mode for your router.
  •   If not, secure it with the WPA or the WPA2 protocol. If you want to know the security method, then access the wireless connection settings.
  •   Check if the Canon Pixma MG3650 Setup printer is turned on and then press the Wi-Fi button available on your printer.
  •   You can release the Wi-Fi button when the Power light starts to blink.
  •   Tap the Black button followed by the Wi-Fi button.
  •   Once the Wi-Fi light flashes quickly, and the Power light is lit, you have to press the WPS button available on your router.
  •   You have to press the WPS button within the next two minutes. Else, the connection will become a failure.
  •   fter the connection process is over, the Wi-Fi light and the Power light will become steady.

Canon Pixma MG3650 – Mobile Printing

There are several mobile printing apps that will help you assign print jobs from your smartphones. Follow the procedure that is stated below to print from your mobile.

Canon Pixma MG3650 – Airprint Setup

  •   Establish a wireless network connection between the Canon Pixma MG3650 printer and the iOS device such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Mac.
  •   Hold the Power button on the printer until the ON LED blinks.
  •   Lift open the front cover of the Canon Pixma MG3650 Setup printer.
  •   Pull the input tray extension to place a few recommended plain paper.
  •   On your iOS device, touch the Operation icon at the top-right corner of the screen.
  •   Touch the Print icon in the displayed Menu list.
  •   Navigate to Printer Options and then select your model name from the Printer menu.
  •   Touch Range if you want to print multiple pages.
  •   To print all the pages in the PDF file, tap the All Pages option.
  •   Tap the plus icon to mention the number of copies.
  •   Turn on the Duplex Printing feature to perform the double-sided printing function.
  •   When you finish all the settings, click the Print option to perform the printing operation from the iOS device.
  •   To cancel the AirPrint function at any time, press the Stop button on the Canon Pixma MG3650 printer.

Canon Pixma MG3650 – Cloud Print Setup

  •   To perform a print function using Google Cloud Print, you have to create a Google account first.
  •   The registration steps may vary depending on the web browser.


  •   After launching the Google Chrome web browser on your computer, select the Menu icon.
  •   Click the Sign into Chrome option to log into the Google account.
  •   Select the Settings option from the Menu list.
  •   Select Show Advanced Settings Manage Google Cloud Print. Click the Add Printers button when you see the Canon Pixma MG3650 Setup printer on the screen.
  •   Select the OK option in the Confirmation window.
  •   Hold the Wi-Fi button when the Wi-Fi LED blinks thrice on the Canon Pixma MG3650 printer.


  •   Go to the Google Chrome browser and select the Print option from the Menu icon.
  •   Click Change and select the model name of your Canon printer.
  •   To begin the printing function on your Canon Pixma MG3650 printer using Google Cloud Print, click Print.

Canon Pixma MG3650 – Scan Setup

  •   Check if your printer is powered on. If not, hold the Power button on the control panel of the Canon Pixma MG3650 printer until the ON lamp flashes.
  •   Place the photo or document to be scanned on the platen glass correctly.
  •   For Windows 8 users, go to the search bar. Type IJ Scan Utility and then select it from the displayed result.
  •   For Windows 7 and Windows Vista users, navigate to the Start menu All Programs Canon Utilities IJ scan Utility.
  •   After launching the Canon IJ Scan Utility window, select Auto, Document, or Photo as per your requirement. To scan the document, you have to select the Document option. Check the model name of the printer in the Product Name field of Canon Pixma MG3650 Setup Printer.
  •   Select the Settings button at the bottom-right corner of the screen and then set the necessary scan settings if needed. If you don’t wish to make any changes with the scan settings, leave it with the default settings.
Canon Pixma Mg3650 Setup-Scan

Canon Pixma MG3650 Troubleshooting

When you cannot send the print job from the computer to the Canon Pixma MG3650 printer, it is mainly due to the network connection problem. Check if both the computer and the Canon Pixma MG3650 printer are connected to the same wireless network. Proceed with the quick troubleshooting steps to resolve the Wi-Fi connection issues.

Canon Pixma Mg3650 Not Connecting to Wifi

Canon Pixma MG3650 – Not Connecting to Wifi

  •   Check if the ON lamp is flashing. If so, hold the Power button to power off your Canon Pixma MG3650 printer.
  •   Disconnect the power cord from the Canon Pixma MG3650 printer and the wall outlet.
  •   Also, disconnect the power cable from the wireless router.
  •   After sixty seconds, reestablish the wireless router connection.
  •   Be patient for five minutes and then establish a connection between the Canon Pixma MG3650 printer and the computer.
  •   Remove any obstacles like cordless phones, microphones, or other wireless devices between your Canon Pixma MG3650 Setup Printer and the wireless router. This will also help to improve the signal strength of the network.
  •   Reconfigure the wireless network settings.