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  •   Perform the initial Canon Pixma Ts9020 Setup using the instructions that are specified below.
  •   The Canon TS9020 printer comes in a red and white box. You have to cut the seal of the printer package first.
  •   On the top of the printer, a small cardboard package will be present. It contains the ink cartridges and a power cable. Place them aside.
  •   Take out the Canon TS9020 printer out of the box and place it on a nearby table.
  •   Remove the styrofoam sheets present on either side of the printer.
  •   Peel off the plastic wrap and the orange tapes present around the Canon TS9020 printer.
  •   Next, turn on the Canon printer and install the ink cartridges.
  •   Unpack the new cartridges and take off the protective tape from the cartridge.
  •   Install it in the correct slot and take a test print to ensure that you have inserted them properly.
Canon Pixma Ts9020 Setup

Canon Pixma TS9020 – Driver

The Canon Pixma TS9020 printer can be accessed from your computer only when you install the MP Driver package for the printer on your computer. Specify the OS your computer is running on and its version in the respective fields and download the drivers to your system.

Canon Pixma TS9020 – Manual

To download the Canon TS9020 manual, you have to key in the printer model number and download the printer manual to your computer. Refer to the manual when you want assistance with setup or troubleshooting your printer.

Guidelines To Perform – Wireless Setup

Proceed with the guidelines stated below to connect your Canon TS9020 printer and computer wirelessly.

  •   Tap the Wireless icon and then select the LAN Settings option for Canon Pixma Ts9020 Setup.
  •   Choose the Wireless LAN option followed by the Wireless LAN Setup option.
  •   Select the Easy Wireless Connect option. Follow the remaining instructions on your computer or another device.
  •   Download the MP driver and save it to your system. Double-click on the setup file to begin the installation process.
  •   Choose the Region from the drop-down list and tap the Next button.
  •   Comply with the License Agreement by clicking the Yes button.
  •   Decide if you want to be a part of the extended survey or not and then tap the Do Not Agree or Agree button accordingly.
  •   Highlight the box near the Deactivate the Block option. Tap Yes in the Connection Method screen.
  •   Select your router from the next page and then enter the Network Key in the respective field.
  •   Once the setup process is complete, you can install the additional software you want.

Guidelines To Perform – Print

  •   Search for the document you wish to print and open it on your system.
  •   Choose the Print option available under the File menu and wait till the Printer Driver Setup screen appears on your screen.
  •   Position a few plain papers in the input tray and navigate to the Commonly Used Settings menu present under the Quick Setup tab.
  •   Set the Print Quality as High, Standard, or Draft in the next step for Canon Pixma Ts9020 Setup.
  •   Choose the paper source in the proceeding step and tap the OK button to save it.
  •   Click the Print button to initiate the printing process.
Canon TS9020 Print

Guidelines To Perform – Scan

  •   First, turn on the Canon Pixma TS9020 printer.
  •   Position the original document on the platen glass.
  •   On Windows 10, navigate to the All Apps option and select Canon Utilities IJ Scan Utility.
  •   Make sure to select Canon Pixma TS9020 from the Product Name section.
  •   Select the Settings button to specify the scan settings.
  •   Click the Auto option for scanning the document on the Canon Pixma TS9020 printer.
Canon Pixma Ts9020 Scan

Guidelines To Perform – Copy

  •   Extend the cassette from the Canon Pixma Printer.
  •   Keep a recommended paper by aligning the paper guides according to the paper length and width.
  •   Insert the cassette back into the Canon Pixma Ts9020 Setup printer.
  •   When prompted, specify the page size and paper type on the Canon Pixma TS9020 printer display panel.
  •   Select the Register option in the Register cassette paper info screen.
  •   Go back to the main screen of the printer display panel.
  •   Select the Copy option followed by the Standard option.
  •   Make sure to place and align the original document on the scanner glass correctly.
  •   Check the copy settings once and then select the Black or Color button.
  •   The output paper tray opens automatically, and the Canon Pixma TS9020 printer performs the copying function.

Canon Pixma TS9020 – Mobile Printing

The Canon Pixma TS9020 printer is compatible to perform the Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, and PIXMA Cloud Link functions. You can perform the printing functions without the need for the printer driver. Follow the instructions below to know how to perform mobile printing.

Canon Pixma TS9020 – Airprint Setup

  •   Make a connection between the Canon Pixma TS9020 printer and the iOS device like iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.
  •   To perform the AirPrint function from the iOS device, you have to register your Canon Pixma TS9020 printer with Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY.


  •   Launch the Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY application on your iOS device.
  •   Tap the Yes option and then proceed with the prompts displayed on the screen to finish the registration process.

Performing Airprint from the – iOS Device

  •   For printing a photo from an iOS device, you need to connect the printer and the device over the same network.
  •   Select the photo you want to print from the album list.
  •   Tap the Print icon and then specify the print settings.
  •   Touch the Print button again to start performing the AirPrint function on your Canon Pixma Ts9020 Setup printer.

Canon Pixma TS9020 – Google Cloud Print 

To perform the Google Cloud Print operation on your Canon Pixma TS9020 printer, follow the guided instructions given below.

  •   Before you begin the Cloud print process, make sure that you have an account on the Google domain.
  •   If not, create your Google account.
  •   After that, register the Canon Pixma TS9020 printer with your Google account through Google Chrome or directly from the printer.

Steps to register using the Google Chrome application:

  •   Open the Chrome application on your computer.
  •   Click Menu Sign in Enter your G-mail credentials Log in.
  •   Once you sign into your Google account, navigate to the  Settings  menu, and select the  Show Advanced Settings  option.
  •   Click the Manage option to choose the  Google Cloud Print option.
  •   As soon as your Canon Pixma TS9020 printer series is displayed on the screen, click the  Add Printers  button.
  •   On the confirmation screen, click the OK button followed by Yes to complete Canon Pixma Ts9020 Setup process.

Steps to Register using Printer:

  •   Turn on your Canon Pixma TS9020 printer if it is turned off.
  •   Touch Setup Settings Web Service Web Service Connection setup Google Cloud Print setup Register with Google Cloud Print.
  •   Click the  Yes  button to confirm the registration process.
  •   Perform the on-screen instructions displayed on the printer to complete the registration.
  •   Once the registration is done, your Canon Pixma TS9020 printer is ready for the Google Cloud Print operation.
  •   Now, turn on your printer.
  •   On your computer system, go to the Google Chrome application and select the Print option from the menu list.
  •   Click the Change button if your Canon printer is not displayed on the destination section.
  •   After that, click the  Print  button.
  •   Now your Canon Pixma Ts9020 Setup printer starts to print the Google Chrome home page.
  •   You can contact our printer technical experts if you face any issue during the print operation.

Canon Pixma TS9020 – Troubleshooting

You can find the troubleshooting instructions for fix common printer issues on this site. To get the remote assistance in resolving the printer issues, contact our printer technical support by clicking the Call button available on this screen.

Canon Pixma TS9020 – Not Printing  

If your Canon Pixma TS9020 printer not printing the assigned document, then follow the troubleshooting instructions given below to fix it.

  •   First, check if the Canon Pixma TS9020 printer is turned On.
  •   If the printer is at sleep mode or turned off, then press the Power button on the control panel.
  •   After that, check if the ink cartridge is full or contains enough ink to perform the print operation.
  •   If the estimated ink levels of the cartridge are low or empty, then refill or replace the cartridge with the new one.
  •   Check if the ink cartridges are installed properly on the printer.
  •   If not, remove and reinstall the ink cartridge into the printer.
  •   Make sure that no paper is stuck inside the printer.
  •   If stuck, remove the jammed paper from the printer using your hands.
  •   After that, try to print. Check if the Canon Pixma Ts9020 Setup printer driver is installed on your system.
  •   If not, install the print driver and try to print.
  •   If the issue persists, then contact our printer technical experts by clicking the Call button.

Canon Pixma TS9020 – Not Connecting to Wireless

To fix the Canon Pixma TS9020 printer not connecting to Wi-Fi network, read and proceed with the guided instructions given below.

  •   Check if your wireless router is turned On.
  •   Make sure that the Canon Pixma Ts9020 Setup printer is within the range of your wireless router.
  •   Check the signal strength of your Wi-Fi router.
  •   If the signal strength of your wireless network is poor or not stable, then contact your Internet service provider and the issue fixed.
  •   Restart your printer and the wireless router.
  •   Then, check if the issue is resolved.
  •   If the issue persists, then click the Call button to contact our printer technical experts.