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HP Deskjet 2540 Setup for Driver

How to Install HP Deskjet 2540 Driver?

Deskjet 2540 printer supports the full feature driver and the basic driver. The full feature driver contains a complete set of drivers which covers all the basic printer features. Use the latest printer features on the Windows operating system. The basic driver performs all the basic functions of the printer. The driver should be a compatible version of the operating system and the printer model. There are two methods to install the printer driver on the system- using a software installation CD and downloading the driver from our website. Install it based on the on-screen prompts to complete the installation process. Click Finish. After completing, try to print from the printer.

HP Deskjet 2540 Manual

The manual is useful for first time users .It contains all the steps for connecting the printer to a system along with the pictorial representation. The steps for the HP Deskjet 2540 Setup process is available for both Windows and Mac systems. Use the User Manual Index to navigate to the respective location. Click the page number on the page to go its page. Get the manual as hard as well as soft copy. The hard copy is available in the printer’s shipment box. If you have lost it, download it from our website.

How to Download HP Deskjet 2540 Driver?

  •   Download the driver from this website at free of cost. There are separate download links for Windows and Mac systems.
  •   The setup file for Windows system is .exe and for a Mac system is .dmg. Choose the setup file based on the operating system.
  •   Do not turn off the system during the download process. The download time may vary based on the speed of the Internet.
  •   If the memory size is not compatible with the system, delete the temporary files prior to installing the driver on the system.
  •   After downloading, locate the setup file on the system. Select and double-click on it to start the HP Deskjet 2540 Setup process.
  •   Agree to the terms and conditions. Choose the mode of connection based on the printer’s specifications.
  •   Change the driver settings. Click Apply to save the changes. Follow the instructions mentioned on the screen .
  •   Check if the printer’s name is displayed in the list of available devices. Select and click on it to start the printing process.
  •   For a Mac system, add the printer’s name to the print queue. Click the + sign to include the name. Select it and try to print from the printer.

Quick HP Deskjet 2540 Setup

  •   Tear the tape on top of the printer’s shipment box to open it. Take the printer and its resource materials out of the box.
  •   Discard all packing materials surrounding the printer. The resource materials are a USB cable, power cable, ink cartridges, and software installation CD.
  •   Place the printer on a flat surface. Use the power cable to HP Deskjet 2540 Setup to the electrical socket.
  •   Plug one end of the cable to the printer’s rear and the other end to the wall socket. Switch on the printer by pressing the Power button.
  •   Pull the input tray and its extender. Remove all the packing materials in it. Insert plain sheets of paper into the input tray.
  •   Take the ink cartridges out of the package. Remove the protective tape on top of it. Handle the cartridges using only the black plastic .
  •   Install the black ink cartridges into the right slot and the color ink cartridges into the left slot respectively.
  •   Wait for the printer to print an alignment page. After the printer prints it, the printer’s hardware is configured.
  •   The system prompts to install the printer driver and software. There are different ways to install the driver. Some of them are mentioned on this website.

HP Deskjet 2540 ink Cartridge Number

Use genuine cartridges that are compatible with the HP Deskjet 2540 Setup printer. There are two types of cartridges that are available for the printer. They are HP 61 Black and HP 61 color. The page yield for XL black cartridges are 480 pages and for color it is 330 pages. The page yield for black cartridges is 190 pages and for color is 165 pages.

How to Refill HP Deskjet 2540 Cartridge?

  •   Refilling the cartridge is a messy job and the print quality will reduce if you do so .
  •   Take the ink cartridges out of the slot. Remove the label on top of it. Locate the chambers in it.
  •   Organise a refill kit that contains refilling ink, needle and syringe. Eject the ink into the needle. Pierce the needle into the chamber to check the ink.
  •   Inject it slowly to avoid the formation of air bubbles. The air bubbles prevent the flow of ink from the cartridge nozzles to the printhead.
  •   After refilling it, cover the chambers with the help of a tape. After completing it, install the ink cartridges into its slots.
hp deskjet 2540 ink refill

How to Connect HP Deskjet 2540 Printer to Wireless?

  •   Connect the printer to a wireless network following different methods. Use the Wireless setup Wizard, Wi-Fi Protected Setup and Wi-Fi Direct for HP Deskjet 2540 Setup.
  •   Change the printer from USB to wireless, using the HP Utility tool. Open Finder. Select Go in the top menu bar.
  •   Select Applications. Move to the HP folder and double-click the HP Utility option. Select the Wireless Setup option to run the utility from All Settings.
  •   Choose the Apple menu and select System Preferences. Click the Print & Scan or Printers and Scanners option based on the printer type.
  •   Verify if the printer name displays in the Printer’s list. Add the printer name by clicking the + sign.
  •   Select the Use or Print Using menu and choose AirPrint to complete the setup.

How to Connect HP Deskjet 2540 Printer to Wireless in Mac?

  •   Gather the network name and password prior to connecting the printer to a wireless network.
  •   Turn on all the devices such as system, printer and router. Move the printer and the system close to a wireless router for better signal strength.
  •   Connect the system and the printer to a same wireless network. Connect the system to a network with an active internet access.
  •   Disconnect the USB cable from the system if prompted. Use the Wireless Setup Wizard to HP Deskjet 2540 Setup to the system.
  •   Go to Settings-> Network Settings-> Wireless Setup Wizard. View the list of available devices. Select it to establish the network connection.

Instant Steps to HP Deskjet 2540 Setup to Ipad

  •   Recently launched printers contain the AirPrint feature. Use this feature to connect the HP Printer to the apple device.
  •   Verify if the printer supports the AirPrint feature. Connect the printer to a wireless network. Enable the AirPrint feature in your iPad.
  •   Enable the Wi-Fi connection in your iPad and connect the printer to the same wireless network. Open the document or photo you intend to print.
  •   Tap the Print icon. Check if the printer name displays on the list of available devices. Touch the printer name and start the printing process.
  •   If the “ no AirPrint devices “ found message displays on the screen, the printer is probably out of ink or is not compatible with the feature.

Easy Steps for HP Deskjet 2540 ePrint Setup

  •   Enable the Web Services option to allow the communication between the printer and the system and print using the HP ePrint software.
  •   If the printer contains a touchscreen or LCD display, locate the HP ePrint icon or button.
  •   Ensure that your printer and system are HP Deskjet 2540 Setup to the same wireless network.
  •   If the printer does not have contain a touchscreen or an LCD display, use the Embedded Web Server to activate the Web Services.
  •   Try to print a Network Configuration Report or a self-test page to acquire the printer’s IP address and observe the EWS webpage.
  •   If the printer cannot enable the Web Services, ensure that the printer firmware is up-to-date.

How to Scan from HP Deskjet 2540 to Macbook?

  •   Open the scanner lid. Place the document on the scanner glass based along the engraved guides and close the lid.
  •   Press the Scan button or a touchscreen with a scan menu. Choose the system name and a scan job type.
  •   Wait till the scan process completes. The scanned file automatically gets stored to the destination folder.
  •   If the 2540 printer does not have a scan button, use the HP Easy Scan feature to start the scanning process. Type the HP Easy Scan on your Macbook.
  •   Select the printer’s name from the Scanner drop-down menu. Choose the scan job type from the Presets menu. Click Scan to start the scanning process.

Simple Steps for WiFi HP Deskjet 2540 Setup

  •   Ensure that the HP Deskjet 2540 Setup printer is turned on and insert plain paper into the input tray. Open the Printer list in the Device Settings.
  •   For the Windows 10 system, select the Settings menu from the Start menu. Click Devices and select Printers and Scanners.
  •   For Windows 8.1, select Devices from the Charms menu. Click the Add a printer or scanner option.
  •   Select the Show Wi-Fi Direct printer if the option displays. Choose the printer with Direct in its name. Navigate to the printer.
  •   Based on the printer model, choose the PIN method on the printer’s control panel. Type the PIN and click Next to complete the connection.

HP Deskjet 2540 Password

  •   Change the wireless connection to the printer’s wireless direct connection to print from your phone or tablet.
  •   Tap the HP Wireless Direct icon on the printer’s control panel. Go to the Network Setup or Wireless Settings menu.
  •   Tap Wireless Direct and activate the HP Deskjet 2540 Setup process. When connecting the printer, you require a password.
  •   Choose On or On with security. Take a note of the security passcode and tap OK. Select Settings-> Wi-Fi Device on the mobile device.
  •   Select the security passcode from the printer’s control panel. Open the photo or document you wish to print and touch Print.

HP Deskjet 2540 IP Address

  •   Check if the printer is connected to a wireless network. Try to print a Network configuration Report to get the IP address.
  •   Look at the report to find the IP address. Press the Wireless button and click the Start Copy button from the printer’s control panel.
  •   Go to the Control Panel of your Windows system. Select the Printers and Faxes option. Choose the printer name and right-click on it.
  •   Select the Properties icon. View the IP address of the installed printer on the General tab.
  •   If you are unable to view the IP address, contact our technical experts.

Fix HP Deskjet 2540 Troubleshooting Issue

The HP Deskjet 2540 printer encounters different kinds of issues. Starting from the connection issue to the paper jam. Reset the printer to resolve most printer issues. Without solving the issue, printing is impossible. When you face an issue with the HP Deskjet 2540 Setup printer, refer to the user manual to rectify them. The technical experts solve the printer issues. The driver and firmware update notifications are available on the website.

Why HP Deskjet 2540 Printer is Offline?

  •   Download and launch the HP Print and Scan Doctor tool on your Windows system. Run HPPSdr.exe on your system. This resolves most connection issues.
  •   Check if the default printer is assigned for the printing process. If not, change the default printer to the installed one.
  •   While connecting the printer to a network, ensure that the system is connected to same network as that of the printer.
  •   Do not 2540 the printer to a guest or public network. Due to additional security features that avoid connections to the printer.
  •   Upgrade the printer firmware and the driver to resolve the printer connection issues. For more solutions, contact us.
hp deskjet 2540 printer offline

How to Reset HP Deskjet 2540 Printer?

  •   Check if the HP Deskjet 2540 Setup printer is turned on. Unplug the power cable and USB cable from the printer’s rear and wall socket.
  •   Open the ink cartridge access door. Remove the ink cartridges out of their slots. After a while, reconnect the cables.
  •   Check if the printer turns on automatically. If not, press the Power button to turn it on. Reinstall the ink cartridges.
  •   The printer now restores to the factory settings. The other method is to press the Wireless and Cancel buttons simultaneously for five seconds.
  •   After a while, release the buttons. The printer restores to its default network settings.

Why HP Deskjet 2540 Not Printing?

  •   Check if the printer is connected directly to the power socket. A damage or defect in the cable may lead to the connection issues.
  •   Do not connect the printer to the power outlet through a surge protector.
  •   Ensure that you do not connect multiple devices to the USB hub as it may result in insufficient power supply.
  •   Low ink level or incompatible ink cartridges can also be the reason for the printer not printing issue. Replace them to resolve it.
  •   If many functions on the print queue are on hold, it can be impossible to print from the printer.
  •   Clear the print queues. Choose the print job and click on it to start the printing process on HP Deskjet 2540 Setup printer.