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HP Envy 4503 Setup

HP envy printer is an all-in-one printer which can scan, print, and copy. This printer has a duplexer which allows us to print on both sides without having to do it manually. The automatic document feeder lets us load multiple papers to copy at a single time. This printer is capable of using wireless connections to connect with computer, laptop, and smartphones. HP full feature software and printer driver should be installed to connect this printer to a computer.

How to Setup HP Envy 4503 Printer?

  •   Remove the printer from the printer box.
  •   Take off all tapes from the printer parts carefully.
  •   Connect the printer to a power cord and turn On the printer.
  •   Select country and language on the control panel using the up and down arrows.
  •   Pull out the input tray extender and load a stack of paper into it by tapping it on a flat surface.
  •   Glide the paper width guides until it touches the paper and pushes the tray forwards.
  •   Open the access door for the cartridge and install the hp envy 4503 printer cartridges carefully.
  •   Make sure that you do not touch the copper-colored contacts on the cartridge.
  •   Install the printer software from our website.
hp envy 4503 setup

HP Envy 4503 Driver Download

Softwares are used to drive the printer and help us to access their functionalities. Some of the commonly used printer software are HP easy start, HP Print and Scan doctor, and drivers. HP Print and Scan doctor is used to test the condition of the printer, provides test results and troubleshoots the problems that occur on them. Each of this different software is created to enhance the user experience with the printer.

HP Envy 4503 Manual Download

HP Envy 4503 printer box will contain user guides that come along with the printer. It includes all the necessary details that are required to operate the printer safely. This is mostly used to find the troubleshooting methods if the printer malfunctions. User guides for printers are also available on our website in digital format. Contact our professional hp envy 4503 support team for more information.

How to Download HP Envy 4503 Driver?

  •   Turn On the hp envy4503 printer, computer, and router.
  •   Connect both the computer and printer to the same WiFi network.
  •   Click on driver downloads on our website.
  •   Select the printer model and serial number from the same.
  •   Choose the suitable operating system for which the driver should be downloaded.
  •   Select the bit version, if it is a windows operating system.
  •   Click on download option after selecting the correct link.
  •   Choose the location in which the driver should be downloaded.

HP envy 4503 Driver Installation

  •   Turn On the printer, computer, and wireless router.
  •   Gather the network details of the wireless connection such as network ID and WEP key. HP Envy 4503 Setup the printer to the wireless network by pressing the wireless icon on the printer’s control panel.
  •   Scroll down, select Wireless Setup Wizard, and press Ok.
  •   The setup wizard will search for the available connections, select the network, and enter the network details.Enter the network details using the on-screen keyboard.
  •   Download the HP driver.
  •   Open the downloaded location and install the hp envy 4503 printer driver by following the on-screen instructions.

How to Connect HP Envy 4503 to Wireless?

  •   Turn On the printer, computer, and router.
  •   Disconnect if any USB cable is connected to the printer.
  •   Gather the network details of the printer.
  •   Connect the router to the computer on which the printer needs to be connected.
  •   Select wireless settings on the printer’s control panel, which is next to settings.
  •   Scroll to the wireless setup wizard and the wizard will search for the available network connections.
  •   Select the network and enter the network details to get connected.
  •   Enter the details using the on-screen keyboard.
  •   Download the latest HP full feature software.
  •   Install the driver by following the prompts on the computer

HP Envy 4503 Ink Cartridge

HP Envy 4503 uses HP 60 Black and HP 60 Tri-color cartridge in America. To install the cartridges, open the cartridge access door by pressing on the sides of the door. Wait until the carriage moves, and then remove the latch on the carriages. Open the hp envy 4503 cartridge pack and insert the cartridge into the carriages. Close the cartridge access door, and a message will be displayed on the control panel.

How to Change Ink on HP Envy 4503?

  •   Press the handles on the sides of the printer.
  •   Lift the door until it gets locked in a place.
  •   Wait until the carriage moves and comes to rest.
  •   Remove the cartridge from the carriages by removing the latch on the top.
  •   Open the new ink cartridge packet and the plastic tapes from it.
  •   Ensure that you do not touch the copper-colored contacts on the ink-nozzle.
  •   Lift the latch on the carriage and insert the cartridge.
  •   Make sure that the nozzles face towards the printer while inserting it into the printer.
  •   Secure the ink cartridge by closing the latch on the top.
  •   Close the cartridge access door.

HP Envy 4503 How to Print?

HP Envy 4503 printer can print photos, documents, and envelopes. Glance through the steps below to print on this printer.

  •   Edit the text to adjust the font size, color, and appearance.
  •   Open the application on which the document is edited.
  •   Click on File, and open the document properties.
  •   Change the document to your desired settings.
  •   Choose the layout and paper settings of the print job on the Printing Shortcut tab.
  •   Change the quality of the color settings to enhance the quality of the text.
  •   Set the DPI value to maximum for better clarity and choose the ink color like black or color.
  •   Press Ok to start printing on hp envy 4503.

HP Envy4503 How to Scan?

HP Envy 4503 can scan documents or photos and send them to a computer. Follow with the steps given below to scan on this printer.

  •   Download HP full feature software and driver.
  •   HP Envy 4503 Setup the software by following the prompts.
  •   Ensure that you have Installed the software that includes the HP scan.
  •   Open the scanner lid and place the document to be scanned.
  •   If the printer supports ADF, then you can insert the documents into that.
  •   Avoid loading photos in the ADF to prevent any damage to the printer as well as photos.
  •   Open the HP Printer Assistant on the computer, click on ‘Scan a Document or Photo’ to open Scan.
  •   Preview the scan and click Send.

Reset HP Envy 4503 to Factory Defaults

A printer goes offline if it faces any connectivity issue on the network. Resolve this issue by using the troubleshooting methods given below.

  •   Check the printer’s control panel to see if it displays an error message.
  •   Download HP Print and Scan doctor software from our website.
  •   Open the downloaded location and run HPPSdr.exe .
  •   The HP Print and Scan doctor on the computer will open.
  •   Choose the printer from the list and click on Fix Printing.
  •   Check the hp envy 4503 printer connection to know the status of the issue.
  •   If it is not resolved, then reset the print environment.
  •   Turn Off the printer and remove the power cord from it after 10 seconds.
  •   Reinsert the power cord, and the printer will turn On automatically.
  •   The printer offline issue will be resolved.

HP Envy 4503 Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting is done in HP printer to resolve any minor issues that occur due to improper maintenance of the printer. There are various troubleshooting solutions available on our website to address your concerns. Some common faults that happen on the printer are cartridge error, offline issues, and paper jam. Contact our technical hp envy 4503 support team if the issue continues to exist even after following the troubleshooting guidelines.

Why HP Envy 4503 Printer is Offline?

HP Printer offline issues occur due to some internal connectivity errors.

  •   Download HP Print and Scan Doctor software from our website.
  •   Go to the downloaded location and run HPPSer.exe.
  •   Click on Fix Printing.
  •   Troubleshoot the issue by resetting the print environment.
  •   Turn Off the printer and disconnect the power cord from it.
  •   Reconnect the power cord after 10 seconds, the printer will start automatically, and the issue will be resolved.

How to Clear HP Envy 4503 Paper Jam?

Paper jam issue is common on printers, and it can occur in various places on the printer.

  •   Open the cartridge access door while the printer is turned On.
  •   Remove the jammed papers around that area and ensure that it is removed with both the hands.
  •   Use a flashlight and check for any bit papers.
  •   Remove the paper path cover by gently pinching the tabs together
  •   Take off the bit papers if they are present and replace the paper path cover.
  •   Close the hp envy 4503 cartridge door, and the issue will be resolved.