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Instant HP Envy 4508 Setup

HP Envy 4508 is a wireless all-in-one printer which can print documents at a higher speed. The printer can be connected wirelessly to your device using a USB cord or the Wireless Direct feature. It supports the ePrint and AirPrint applications which enable printing from a mobile device. The printer supports both black and color ink cartridges and prints by the Drop-on-Demand thermal inkjet method. Duplex printing is available from the control panel and the printer software. The printer scans and copies documents, with excellent resolution.

HP Envy 4508 Unboxing Setup

  •   Take out the HP Envy 4508 printer from the package box.
  •   Remove all the protective tapes from the inside and outside of the printer.
  •   Connect the printer to an electrical outlet using the power cord.
  •   Turn the printer on.
  •   Set your preferences on the printer’s control panel using the navigation keys.
  •   Confirm your choice by pressing OK after setting each of your preferences.
  •   Open the paper tray door, and extend the input tray. Lift up the paper catch.
  •   Load plain paper into the paper tray. Adjust the paper width guides such that they rest against the edge of the papers.
  •   Open the HP Envy 4508 Setup printer ink cartridge access door and lift the lid on the slots.
  •   Unwrap all the protective tapes from the new ink cartridges, and without touching the copper-colored contacts, insert the ink cartridges into the slots.
  •   Close the ink cartridge access door. Read and follow the prompts on the control panel to print an alignment page.

hp envy 4508 setup

  •   Scan the alignment page by placing its printed side on the scanner glass. The printer aligns the ink cartridges.
  •   Download and install the most recent software for the printer.

HP Envy 4508 Driver

The HP Envy 4508 printer package usually includes an installation CD comprising the printer driver and software. Insert the disc and install the 123.hp.com/envy4508 printer driver on your computer. If your printer package did not include an installation CD or if the CD is outdated, download the printer driver by providing the correct printer model. The types of printer drivers are the Full Feature or Full Solution driver, Basic driver, Plug and Play driver, Host-based driver, PostScript driver, and PCL6 USB driver.

HP Envy 4508 Manual

Every printer package contains a guide to help the users set up the printer, connect it to their device and HP Envy 4508 Setup the printer driver on their device. The user guide includes printer specifications, details about every part of the printer, instructions to connect the printer wirelessly to your device, tips for successful printing, and guidelines for troubleshooting printer-related issues. You can download the user guide.

How to Download HP Envy 4508 Driver?

  •   Connect the HP Envy 4508 printer to an electrical outlet using a power cord.
  •   Turn on the printer and your computer.
  •   Insert the installation CD that you received along with the printer into your computer.
  •   Download the printer driver, if the printer package did not include a CD.
  •   Run the files and install the driver by agreeing to the terms and conditions of the installer.
  •   Select the type of connection over which you want to connect your computer and the printer if prompted.
  •   HP Envy 4508 Setup your printer and the computer.
  •   Print a test page to check whether the driver has been installed.

How to Install HP Envy 4508 Driver?

  •   Turn on your computer. If your printer’s package included an installation disc, insert the CD into your computer’s drive.
  •   Download the printer driver’s recent version by providing the correct printer model.
  •   Make sure that the 123.hp.com/envy4508 printer driver is compatible with your computer’s operating system.
  •   Save the downloaded file on a specific location on your computer, and run the file.
  •   Extract the files and save them in a new folder on your computer.
  •   Open the Devices and Printers folder on your computer, and select the Add Printer option.
  •   Select the printer’s name and choose a connection type. Proceed by clicking the Next option.
  •   Accept the terms and conditions, and install the printer driver on your computer using the installation wizard.
  •   Select the connection type when prompted by the installer and print a test page to verify that the driver is HP Envy 4508 Setup on your computer.

Easy Wireless HP Envy 4508 Setup

  •   Turn on the HP Envy 4508 printer, your router, and computer.
  •   Connect the computer to the same wireless network to which you want to connect your printer. Unplug any USB or Ethernet cables from the printer.
  •   Press the Wireless icon and the ‘-‘ button on the printer’s control panel.
  •   Enable Wireless Setup Wizard, and press OK.
  •   Select your network’s name from the list of networks, and provide the WEP or WPA key if prompted. The printer searches for the network.
  •   Download the printer’s driver.
  •   Run and install the driver on your computer using your computer’s installation wizard. Choose the wireless connection type when prompted.
  •   Print a test page to verify that a wireless connection has been established between your computer and the printer.
hp envy 4508 Wireless setup

HP Envy 4508 Ink Cartridge

The 123.hp.com/envy4508 printer supports both the black and color ink cartridges. The recommended black ink cartridges are HP 61 Black, HP 301 Black, and HP 802 Black. The tri-color ink cartridges recommended are HP 61 Tri-color, HP 122 Tri-Color, and HP 802 Tri-Color. The ink level can be checked using the HP applications such as HP Print and Scan Doctor and HP Smart, and the printer management software included along with the printer driver.

How to Change Ink on HP Envy 4508 Printer?

  •   Turn on the HP Printer.
  •   Pull out the paper input tray and tray extender.
  •   Load paper and adjust the paper width guides.
  •   Push the input tray back into its position.
  •   Open the HP Envy 4508 Setup printer scanner lid and cartridge access door, and wait until the carriage stops moving.
  •   Lift the cartridge slot lid and push it back until it clicks into the correct position.
  •   Remove the old cartridge from its slot.
  •   Remove all protective tape from the new ink cartridge without touching the electrical contacts.Place the new cartridge into the empty slot, close the lid and then close the cartridge access door.
  •   Align the ink cartridges by following the instructions on the printer’s control panel.
hp envy 4508 ink

HP Envy 4508 How to Print?

The HP Envy 4508 printer prints with a resolution of up to 600×300 dpi under Normal Mode by the Drop-on-Demand thermal inkjet method. The printer prints (ppi) at a speed of 7 pages per minute for black and white prints, and 4 ppi for color prints.

Printing a document

  •   Load sufficient plain paper into the input tray. Open a document and click the Print Preview option on your computer.
  •   Edit the document if required, and click the Print under the File menu, to open the general print settings.
  •   To do advanced editing on the document, open the HP Envy 4508 Setup Printer properties or the Preferences option, edit the document, and finally click OK to confirm the changes done on the document. Click Print.

Printing a photo

  •   Load photo paper into the paper input tray.
  •   Open the photo on your computer with the Windows Photo Viewer application, and edit the photo if needed. Confirm your changes and click Print.

Printing using HP ePrint

  •   Press the ePrint button on the 123.hp.com/envy4508 printer’s control panel. Enable Web services on the printer by accepting the terms and conditions.
  •   Select the Display Email Address option on the control panel to view the printer’s email address.
  •   Open your email account, attach the file you want to print and send the mail to the printer’s mail address.

HP Envy 4508 How to Scan?

The HP Envy 4508 printer performs scanning with a high resolution of up to 1200×2400 dpi and can scan a maximum size of 21.6×29.7 cm from the scanner glass. The Twain-compliant software interface is used for scanning documents.

  •   Make sure you have HP Envy 4508 Setup the printer driver on your computer.
  •   Check whether your computer and the printer are connected. Open the scanner lid.
  •   Place the document to be scanned, with its printed side down on the scanner glass.
  •   You can scan multiple page documents at a time if the printer has an Automatic Document Feeder.
  •   Press the Scan button/menu on the printer’s control panel, and select your computer’s name if prompted.
  •   Choose the Scan job type and wait until the printer completes scanning the document.
  •   The folder containing the scanned documents opens automatically. View the documents.
  •   Open the HP Printer Assistant application on your Windows PC and click Scan a Document or Photo to open HP Scan, if the printer does not have a scan button.

Reset HP Envy 4508 to Factory Defaults

The HP Envy 4508 printer can be reset to the default factory settings by a soft reset and hard reset.

  •   Open the Programs and Features option on your Windows PC.
  •   Right-click on the printer’s name and uninstall it.
  •   Press the R key and the Windows key simultaneously to open the Run command.
  •   Type printui.exe /s on the space provided, and click OK.
  •   Open the Drivers tab and search for the HP Envy 4508 Setup printer’s driver.
  •   Right-click the printer’s driver and click the Remove option.
  •   Confirm your choice by clicking OK.
  •   Close all the tabs and restart the computer and printer.
  •   To hard reset the printer, go to setup options on the printer’s control panel.
  •   Select the Preference or Tools option followed by the Factory Restore option.

HP Envy 4508 Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting is a set of guidelines carried out to resolve any printer-related issues. These 123.hp.com/envy4508 printer issues include paper jam errors, printer offline issues, network scanner connection errors, USB scanner connection errors, slow printer response, poor print quality, etc. The latest troubleshooting manual can be conveniently downloaded. Contact our technical support team to get their assistance in resolving the printer-related issues.

Why HP Envy 4508 Printer is Offline?

The HP Envy 4508 printer offline message indicates that the communication between the printer and computer has failed.

  •   Download and install the HP Print and Scan Doctor tool on your computer.
  •   Click the Fix Printing option, once the tool opens.
  •   If the problem persists, turn off the HP Envy 4508 Setup printer and disconnect the power cord from the printer after 10 seconds. Shut down the computer.
  •   Wait for the printer to turn on automatically after reconnecting the power cord to the printer.
  •   Restart your router if the printer uses a wireless connection.
  •   Turn on your computer, connect the power cord to the printer and turn on the printer. Set your printer as the default printer on your Windows PC.

How to Clear HP Envy 4508 Paper Jam?

The paper jam error on the HP Envy 4508 printer may occur if the torn bits of paper get stuck inside the printer. The printer stops feeding pages and cannot print.

  •   Open the cartridge access door, and pull out any jammed paper from the access area without tearing it.
  •   Check and remove any obstructions that are hindering the carriage movement.
  •   Place the printer on a flat surface, and remove any pieces of paper trapped in the paper input tray.
  •   Turn the printer on, and touch OK to clear the messages on the printer’s control panel.
  •   Turn off the printer and remove the paper path cover by lifting the two tabs on it. Clean the rollers using a dry swab.
  •   If the issue persists, contact your manufacturer to get your HP Envy 4508 Setup printer serviced.