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Quick HP Envy 4511 Setup

The HP Envy 4511 all-in-one printer is affordable, and at the same time produces documents with great quality. It is capable of producing lab-grade photos in a lesser duration of time. It is perfect for home use. Handling tasks with this all-in-one printer is effortless. Printing from Smartphone or tablet is easy. It is capable of printing at a great speed. It supports a built-in wireless LAN and allows you to print wirelessly from multiple computers.

HP Envy 4511 vs 4520

  •   Both the HP Envy 4511 and 4520 printer support wireless and USB connections.
  •   HP Envy 4511 alone supports Wi-Fi Direct and HP Smart app.
  •   123.hp.com/envy4511 supports mobile printing options, but HP Envy 4520 does not support this.
  •   HP Envy 4511 supports faxing, but HP Envy 4520 doesn’t support this feature.

How to Setup HP Envy 4511 Printer?

  •   Open the package. Take the printer out.
  •   Remove and discard all the packing materials.
  •   Set the desired preferences to your printer on the control panel.
  •   Take a bunch of paper and place it inside the paper tray.
  •   Adjust the paper width guides and close the paper tray.
  •   Take the ink cartridges and insert them into the slots.
  •   Ensure they are correctly fixed in their proper slots according to the label color.
  •   Close the ink cartridge access door and align the ink cartridges.
  •   The quality of the print improves by aligning the ink cartridges.
  •   HP Envy 4511 Setup the updated software for your printer after doing all these steps.

HP Envy 4511 Manual

A manual for a printer is something that provides detailed instructions about the printer. If you have any queries regarding your printer, refer to the manual and get the effective solutions for the same. The manual comprises instructions on printer setup, loading of paper into the input tray, and ink cartridge installation. It also includes information on connecting the printer to a wireless or wired medium based on the printer supporting features.

HP Envy 4511 Driver

A driver is something that is very important for the printer. Only when the printer is installed with an updated driver, it can perform all the operations without any trouble. If the printer is installed with a corrupted or incompatible driver, it results in various issues. The best driver is available here. Click the download link and get the driver for your printer.

How to Download HP Envy 4511 Driver?

  •   Take the installation CD and insert it into the computer drive.
  •   Click on the driver software in the displayed window.
  •   The driver file opens and gets saved in the Downloads folder.
  •   Double-click the downloaded driver file once you find it.
  •   Begin the HP Envy 4511 Setup on the computer and follow the on-screen prompts.
  •   During the installation, it will prompt to select the connection type for your printer.
  •   Choose the Wireless or USB connection.
  •   Follow the other on-screen prompts and complete the installation.

Install HP Envy 4511 Driver Without Disc

  •   Click on the driver download link if there is not an installation CD present with the shipment box.
  •   Select the driver in the driver download page and click Download.
  •   The 123.hp.com/envy4511 driver starts downloading by prompting instructions on the screen.
  •   Follow them and complete the download.
  •   The downloaded file saves in the browser downloads bar.
  •   Check the downloads folder in the computer if it is not available on the browsers bar. Double-click the driver file after locating it.
  •   Follow the prompts after the installation process begins on your computer and complete it.

HP Envy 4511 Ink

The HP Envy 4511 printer comes with the HP 61 and HP 61XL. The ink cartridges come along with the printer. Each printer has different compatible ink cartridges. If the incompatible ink cartridges are installed, then various issues will arise on the printer. For more information on the compatible ink for this printer, refer to the HP Envy 4511 Setup printer manual.

HP Envy 4511 Ink Cartridge

The compatible ink cartridges for the HP Envy 4511 printer are HP 61 and HP 61XL. Usually, the ink cartridges will be available with the new printer. Refer to the instructions on this website to install the ink cartridges on your printer. When the ink cartridge goes empty, replace them with a genuine one.

How to Change Ink in HP Envy 4511?

  •   Keep on checking the ink levels in the printer after installing the ink cartridges.
  •   Replace the ink cartridge when the ink level goes empty.
  •   Open the ink cartridge access door and take the empty cartridge out.
  •   Keep it aside on a place and take the new ink cartridges out from the package.
  •   Place them in their correct slots. Gently press them until they click into place.
  •   Make sure they are correctly fixed in their place and close the ink cartridge access door.
  •   Always remember to use a genuine ink cartridge while replacing the old one.
  •   Align the ink cartridges after installing them to increase print quality.
  •   Try to print. Now check if the printer is working correctly.
  •   For more detailed information, refer to the HP Envy 4511 Setup printer manual instructions.

How to Print 4×6 Photos on HP Envy 4511 Printer?

  •   Open the input tray and place enough paper into it.
  •   Make the necessary changes to the photo you need to print.
  •   Right-click on the photo and select Open With -> Windows Photo Viewer or Paint.
  •   Select the Print option and the Print Pictures window displays.
  •   Access more layout, quality, color, and advanced print settings.
  •   Open the 123.hp.com/envy4511 printer Document Properties window to access them.
  •   Go to the print job setting and make the required changes.
  •   Adjust the quality and color for best printing results.
  •   Select the Ok option after making all the changes for the photo.
  •   Click on the Print option and the photo will be printed.

How to Print Multiple Pictures on HP Envy 4511 Printer?

  •   Select the File menu and click on the Print button.
  •   Choose your printer from the Printer list.
  •   Select the Multiple pages per sheet in the Pages drop-down list.
  •   Locate the Pages drop-down list under the Settings option.
  •   Select the number in Copies of each page.
  •   Click on the Print option after setting all the changes.
  •   Check the print preview to see if all the images have fitted correctly in the page.
  •   Make the changes if anything is required.Proceed with the process.
  •   Finally, the output of the multiple images prints.

HP Envy 4511 How to Scan?

To perform scanning on your printer, you need to set up scanning first. To set up the scanning on your printer, install the full feature driver and HP Envy 4511 Setup the printer to your computer. Once you have set up the printer, start scanning the documents on it. For assistance on setting up the scanning on your printer, contact us.

HP Envy 4511 Scan Multiple Pages

  •   Save the multi-page documents into a single PDF file to scan it.
  •   Use the PDF document-related shortcuts to save multiple documents.
  •   Open Windows, search for HP and open HP Printer Assistant.
  •   Click on the option Scan a Document or Photo, to open HP Scan.
  •   Choose Save as PDF or Document to File in HP Scan.
  •   Confirm that PDF is selected in the Save as type menu.
  •   Alter the file name and the folder to which you need to save the scan.
  •   Click on the Save button. After saving the document, scan it.
hp envy 4511 scan multiple pages

Connect Mac to HP Envy 4511

If you need to connect a Mac computer to the HP Envy 4511 printer, follow the instructions given below.

  •   Check for the printer to be powered On, and is in a ready state.
  •   Check if there is any USB cable connected between the computer and printer.
  •   If yes, disconnect it and never HP Envy 4511 Setup it unless you are prompted to.
  •   Click on the driver download link given below and select the desired driver.
  •   Tap the Download button, and the printer driver begins to download on your computer.
  •   Open the downloaded file. After the download completes, begin the installation.
  •   During the process, select USB as the connection type and finish the driver installation.
  •   After completing all the above prompts, the computer connects to the printer.
  •   For any assistance on connecting the printer, contact us.

How to Add HP Envy 4511 Printer?

After connecting the printer to your network, follow the instructions given below to add the printer to the PC.

  •   Go to the Control Panel on the computer.
  •   Click the Start menu on the screen.
  •   If you are using a Windows 8 computer, then press Win and type Control Panel.
  •   Choose the Devices and Printers option.
  •   Otherwise, select the View Devices and Printers option.
  •   Click on the Add a Printer.
  •   Choose the Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer.
  •   No need to select anything for Windows 8 PC.
  •   From the list of available printers, select your network printer. HP Envy 4511 Setup the drivers automatically by following the prompts.
  •   Download the driver from this website if the Windows is unable to find it.

HP Envy 4511 Troubleshooting

The HP Envy 4511 all-in-one printer works great but sometimes faces specific issues such as driver downloading failed, paper jam error, not printing correctly, and specific scanning issues. This website contains quick solutions for all these issues.

Can HP Envy 4511 Print without Color Ink Cartridge?

You can print the documents without the color ink cartridge. Check if the printer has a message on the control panel. Try printing only with the black ink cartridge. Adjust the printing color option in the print job setting. If you are still unable to print with black ink cartridge alone, contact us.

Why HP Envy 4511 Printer Driver is Unavailable?

When you attempt to download the driver, there might be issues occurring with your HP Envy 4511 Setup printer. Try these solutions to clear the problem.

  •   When the driver is downloaded from an untrusted site, these type of issues might arise.Download the printer driver from this website to prevent all these issues.
  •   The driver automatically downloads on the computer without any trouble after clicking the link. Check if the printer driver is compatible with the printer.
  •   See to it that the printer driver is an updated one.

Why HP Envy 4511 Wireless Connection Keeps Disconnecting?

The connection drops after you have successfully connected your 123.hp.com/envy4511 printer to a wireless network. Try these solutions to troubleshoot this error.

  •   Restart the printer, computer, and router.
  •   Utilize the HP Print and Scan Doctor tool to resolve this issue.
  •   Check the wireless connection status in your printer.
  •   Evaluate from the Wireless Test Network Test Results page.
  •   This test results page will identify any wireless network problems.
  •   If not, minimize wireless channel interference.

Why HP Envy 4511 Printer Not Printing?

The HP Envy 4511 printer might fail to print even though it works correctly. Follow these instructions to resolve this issue.

  •   Check if the HP Envy 4511 Setup printer is installed with a genuine ink cartridge.
  •   Keep a note on the ink levels in the printer.
  •   Remove and clean the ink cartridges properly.
  •   The ink cartridge warranty status needs to be checked.
  •   Replace if there are any problematic ink cartridges.

How to Clear HP Envy 4511 Paper Jam?

The paper jam error might occur with your printer when you try to print certain documents. Try these solutions to resolve it.

  •   Search for the jammed paper in the printer.
  •   Make sure that the carriage moves freely.
  •   To clean page smears make use of the automated tool.
  •   Clean the paper feed rollers manually in your printer.
  •   If the problem persists, reset the printer.

HP Envy 4511 Scans to the Computer are Currently Unavailable

If you are unable to scan with your computer, try the solutions that are given below in a step-by-step manner.

  •   Run the HP Print and Scan doctor tool to resolve the issue.
  •   This tool will identify and troubleshoot any issue.
  •   Try to restart the computer and HP Printer.
  •   Check if the issue is solved after restarting.
  •   If the issue persists, reset the printer.
  •   This might give a solution to the HP Envy 4511 Setup printer problem. If not, contact us.
hp envy 4511 printer reset