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The HP Envy 4507 printer offers fine and effective printing. It produces borderless, quality photos and sharp edge documents. We can also print photos and documents from our smartphone, tablet and Internet-connected PC. The printer can be connected through wired, wireless or USB connection. The printer weights around 6.18 Kg and the package dimension are 48.8 x 40.4 x 15.2 cm. The ink cartridges for the printer vary by country.The Printer Hp Envy 4507 Setup is suitable for home or small businesses. 

How to Setup HP Envy 4507 Printer?

  •    Take the printer from the box.
  •    Connect the power cord to the printer. 
  •    Set your preferences on the printer. 
  •    Insert the paper into the input tray.
  •    Install the ink cartridges which are given in the box along with the printer.
  •    Arrange the ink cartridges to get best quality prints.
  •    Now the HP printer hardware is set up.
  •    After setting it up, install the Hp Envy 4507 printing software.
  •    Download the latest version of printing software.
  •    Follow the instructions given on the website and start printing.

hp envy 4507 setup-Unboxing

HP Envy 4507 Driver

The HP Envy 4507 driver is a software used by the printer to do printing. The driver gives additional support for Windows 8.1. The size of the software file varies depending upon the OS. The current version of the software includes all the previous fixes and improvements. It is compatible with Windows Vista, 7, XP, 8 and 8.1 operating systems.

HP Envy 4507 Manual

The HP Envy 4507 manual is composed of socially driven services for the printer. It involves sharing, storing and searching related to the use of hardware and software. It includes fast and easy access to HP Envy 4507 printer. The hard copy of manual is available with the printer in the box. The soft copy can be downloaded.  

How to Download Printer Driver for Windows?

  •    Open the Internet Explorer on Windows Vista, 7 or 8.
  •    Before downloading the driver, make sure the USB cable is disconnected from the PC and the device.
  •    Download the software on the website.
  •    After downloading, you will find a pop-up screen.
  •    Click the Run button.
  •    When you see User Account Control pop-up window, select Continue.
  •    Or else, select the Yes button.
  •    Go with the on-screen instructions to complete the Hp Envy 4507 setup.

How to Download Printer Driver for Mac?

  •    Confirm your printer has a driver available for a Mac OS.
  •    Connect the printer to your Mac computer.
  •    Link by wired or wireless network.
  •    Get an active internet connection.
  •    Go to the System preference settings and create a new printer queue.
  •    Add the printer to the printer’s list and select the printer.
  •    Download the driver software.
  •    Follow the on-screen instructions and print the documents.

How to Install Printer Driver?

  •    Open Google chrome, search on 123.hp.com/envy4507 website.
  •    Choose the model of your OS and download the driver software.
  •    After downloading, click on the “Recently downloaded folder” on the top right corner.
  •    Extract the file extensions and select the Setup folder.
  •    Follow the on-screen instructions.
  •    Install the driver software.
  •    Now setup the Computer with the printer.
  •    Select the Finish button.

hp envy 4507 driver install

Guidelines To Perform Wireless Setup

  •    Turn on the router and connect your printer to it.
  •    Check if the computer and the printer are connected to the same network.
  •    Disconnect any USB or cable connected to the computer.
  •    Press the Wireless icon on the printer’s control panel.
  •    You will find the list of available networks.
  •    Click on the name of your network.
  •    If you can’t find the name of your network, enter it manually.
  •    Scroll down and press the OK button.
  •    Enter the WEP or WPA key.
  •   Step 10: After entering it, press the OK button and get connected to the network.

Guidelines To Connect The printer On Wi-Fi

The procedure on how to connect HP Envy 4507 to Wi-Fi is explained step-by-step as follows.

  •    Download the software. 
  •    Make sure that the software suits both your 123.hp.com/envy4507 printer and computer.
  •    Create a network on your PC.
  •    Match the network name of your computer and printer.
  •    Start installing the settings on your printer.
  •    Confirm that your router and HP printer supports the Push button mode. 
  •    Choose the WPS push button mode on your printer.
  •    Click WPS button on your router and get connected to it.

HP Envy 4507 Ink Cartridge

The HP Envy 4507 ink cartridge is designed to work with the printer to deliver a good result throughout the lifetime of the cartridge. It yields 190 pages per cartridge. And also, it gives 165 pages of tri-color prints. There are two kinds of ink cartridges. One is refillable, and the other is a ready-to-use ink cartridge. The print count slightly varies depending upon the type of ink cartridge. 

How to Change Ink on HP Envy 4507?

  •    Switch off the Hp Envy 4507 Setup and open the cartridge access door.
  •    Find the empty cartridge you want to replace.
  •    Lift the cartridge cover and release it.
  •    Take the cartridge out of the slot.
  •    Unpack the new cartridge from the package.
  •    Pull the tape over it to remove it.
  •    Don’t touch the electric contact or nozzles because it may produce clogs and poor electrical connections.
  •    Place the new cartridge in the correct slot.
  •    Close the slot of the ink cartridge.
  •   Step 10: Once you are done, close the cartridge access door.

How to Print Photos in Hp Envy 4507 Printer

The instructions on how to print photos using the printer is explained in the step-by-step as follows.

  •    Pull the paper tray out and load the photo paper.
  •    Open the print window and document properties to set up printing.
  •    Right-click on the photo and open it using the Windows Photo Viewer or Paint.
  •    Click the print button.
  •    Open the Printer Document Properties window to change the layout, quantity, color, etc.
  •    Click the Options button in Windows Photo Viewer and select Options and change the print settings.
  •    For print, settings, use the guide on 123.hp.com/envy4507 website.
  •    After you make changes to the print settings, Click on the OK button.

How to Scan with HP Envy 4507?

The guidines to scan with the HP Envy 4507 printer is explained step-by-step as follows.

  •    Lift the Scanner lid on the printer.
  •    Place the document or photo that you want to scan.
  •    Close the Scanner lid.
  •    On your Computer, Select the Windows button.
  •    Type the model of your printer and select your printer from the result.
  •    Click the tab named Print and Scan and Select Scan.
  •    Double-click the Document or Photo you want to Scanned.
  •    Select the Scan button.

HP Envy 4507 Scan to Computer

The explanation of HP Envy 4507 scan to a Mac computer using HP Easy Scan is explained as follows.

  •    Download HP Easy Scan on the App Store.
  •    Lift the Scanner lid on the printer.
  •    Place the document that needs to be scanned and close the Scanner lid.
  •    Open Finder on your Mac computer.
  •    Go to the HP Easy Scan on your menu bar.
  •    On the drop-down menu, select the desired option.
  •    Click on the Scan button.
  •    If needed, you can save your scanned document.

Reset HP Envy 4507 to Factory Defaults

The steps to reset the printer to factory defaults is explained below. 

  •    Press the Power OFF button on the printer.
  •    Disconnect the power cable that is plugged into the printer.
  •    Wait for 30 seconds.
  •    Reconnect the power cable to the printer.
  •    Press the ON button of the printer.
  •    Press and hold the Resume button for 10 to 20 seconds.
  •    You can find the Attention light turning on.
  •    Now, release the Resume button.
  •    The Attention and the Ready light on the control panel blinks.
  •   Step 10: While the lights start blinking, the factory defaults are reset.

Connect HP Envy 4507 to Laptop

  •    Download the HP Printer software on “123.hp.com/envy” website.
  •    Open the downloaded folder and extract it.
  •    Follow the on-screen instructions and click Continue.
  •    On the Software Selections screen click on the “Customize Software Selections” button.
  •    Click the checkbox to accept the Terms and Conditions.
  •    Click the Next button to finish the installation.
  •    In Connecting options, select the USB connection method.
  •    Attach one end of the USB cord to the 123.hp.com/setup 4507 printer and the other end to the laptop.
  •    Double-click the Printer icon on the Desktop to open the HP Printer Assistant.
  •   Step 10: You can print your document.

How to Connect HP Envy 4507 to the Computer?

  •    Connect your computer and printer with the router using the Ethernet cable.
  •    Turn ON the printer.
  •    Go to “123.hp.com/envy4507” website.
  •    Enter your printer model.
  •    Follow the on-screen instructions and download the driver.
  •    If you get the“Let’s identify your product to get started” page, Click the Printer button.
  •    Then, press the submit button.
  •    You can also change your OS by clicking on the Change option.
  •    On the Driver heading, select the Download button for the full package download.
  •    Choose the printer connection option as Wired and complete the setup.

connect hp envy 4507 printer to computer

HP Envy 4507 Troubleshooting

The process of printers are quite hard to understand. The method of identifying and solving the trouble in the printers is known as troubleshooting. Troubleshooting is done in operation of printers or physically in the change of cartridges etc. Operating errors include printing error, scanning error, etc. Those errors occurs due to improper functioning of the printer. 

Solve Printer Offline Issue

The solutions to solve the HP Envy 4507 offline error is explained below.

A Quick solution

  •    Download HP Print and Scan Doctor.
  •    Open the downloaded application and click the Start button.
  •    Select your printer name and click on Fix printing.
  •    Turn OFF your printer and computer.
  •    After a few seconds, switch ON the printer and computer.
  •    Click Print to print documents on the offline mode.

How to Clear HP Envy 4507 Printer Paper Jam?

Overfilling of paper in the paper tray causes a paper jam.

A Quick solution

  •    If you find any paper jam, Switch off the HP Printer.
  •    Open the cartridge access door.
  •    Clean-out the debris you see on the 123.hp.com/envy4507 printer.
  •    Gently take out the jammed paper.
  •    Follow the above steps to empty the jammed paper completely.
  •    After removing the jammed paper, close the cartridge access door. 

Why HP Envy 4507 Not Printing?

The solution for the HP Envy 4507, not printing issue is explained below. 

A Quick solution

  •    Use of a good HP ink cartridge is mandatory.
  •    Check the level of ink and replace the cartridge if it is empty or low.
  •    Load the paper with the printing side facing up, in the paper tray.
  •    Confirm if the paper is not wrinkled or curled.
  •    Make sure of the print settings.
  •    Print and evaluate the self-test report.

Why HP Envy 4507 Scanner Not Working?

The solution for HP Envy 4507 network scanner is described in the steps given below.

A Quick solution

  •    Restart the device and confirm the driver scan settings.
  •    Make sure of the printer’s connection status.
  •    Run and check the HP Print and Scan tool.
  •    Uninstall the printer software and reinstall it.
  •    Check the windows settings and try scanning.
  •    If you can’t 123.hp.com/envy4507 scan the document, try using other scanning options.