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The Printer HP ENVY 5536 SETUP is an adaptable printer that does black and white printing tasks and gives a high yield on ink cartridges. The HP Envy 5536 setup can be made from the printer’s control panel. The step-by-step process for the HP ENVY 5536 printer setup is explained below.

  •   Unpack the HP ENVY 5536 printer by taking it out of the plastic bag.
  •   Remove the packing tape from the printer.
  •   Switch ON the printer and the computer.
  •   Select your language and country.
  •   Open the access door and lift the ink cartridge slot.
  •   Insert the ink cartridges into it.
  •   Close the access door.
  •   Drag the paper tray and load the paper by adjusting the paper width guide.
  •   Connect your printer and computer through a wired or wireless connection.
  •   The printer software can be downloaded from the link or the CD that comes along with the 123.hp.com/envy5536 printer.

hp envy 5536 setup

HP Envy 5536 Driver

The HP ENVY 5536 Printer driver software performs functions like receiving commands from the printer. The driver software is downloaded and installed depending on the type of the operating system of your computer. Using this software, the printer can detect, read and access it through the computer. The driver software can be easily downloaded from the CD given with the computer or HP’s official website.

HP Envy 5536 Manual

 The user guide for the printer is also known as a technical communication document which guides users on how to use the printer. The user guide contains instructions on installing printer driver software, troubleshooting the hardware or software of the printer, etc. The user guide also includes brief tutorials like getting started with the printer, setting the printer components, etc.

How to Download Printer Driver?

  •   Download the HP Envy 5536 driver software from the CD given with the printer or HP’s Official website.
  •   Confirm if your printer is ON.
  •   Connect your 123.hp.com/envy5536 printer with your computer or laptop.
  •   Double-click on the downloaded driver file to open it.
  •   Set the location to save the file.
  •   Click on the Next button and extract the file.
  •   Follow the instructions on the screen.
  •   Continue until the instruction ends and start printing.

How to Install Printer Driver?

  •   Click on the downloaded driver software to open it.
  •   A new pop-up window arises. Select the Run button.
  •   Depending upon the speed of the HP Envy 5536 Setup, the software takes time to install.
  •   Select the Continue or Yes button under the User Account Control screen.
  •   The software file is compressed, so it takes time to extract and run.
  •   Go through the guidelines on the screen.
  •   Continue with the installation by following the instructions.
  •   Your driver software installatation will complete once you have finished following the instructions.

Instant Wireless Printer Setup

  •   Turn on your router and computer.Place the printer near the computer.
  •   Disconnect any Ethernet cables connected to the printer.
  •   Switch ON the HP ENVY 5536 printer.
  •   Before setting the wireless network, know the network name and password of your 123.hp.com/envy5536 wireless connection.
  •   Check if your printer and computer are connected to the same network connection.
  •   Press the Wireless icon on your printer’s control panel.
  •   Touch Wireless Setup Wizard under settings.
  •   Follow the instructions that display on the printer’s control panel to connect the printer to the wireless network.
  •   Continue with the the instructions and complete the wireless HP Envy 5536 Setup.

hp envy 5536 wireless setup

Hp Envy 5536 Ink Cartridge

HP ENVY 5536 ink cartridges are user-friendly and of great value. These ink cartridges print documents with laser-quality black text, brilliant color and sharp images that prevents fading. Each ink cartridge yields around 165 pages. They give an enhanced image quality and are made to fit your printing needs. Each ink cartridge delivers an admirable printing experience.

How to Change Ink on HP ENVY 5536?

  •   Turn ON the printer.
  •   Load the input tray by adjusting the paper width guide.
  •   Open the cartridge access door.
  •   Lift the cover of the cartridge you want to replace.
  •   Pull the cartridge to be replaced out of the 123.hp.com/envy5536 printer.
  •   Unpack the new cartridge.
  •   Remove the tapes from the new cartridge.
  •   Handle the cartridges with care. Beware of the electrical contacts and ink nozzles.
  •   Slide the cartridges into the slots and close the cartridge cover.
  •   Make sure the cartridge are inserted in their respective slots & close the access door.

Guidelines To Perform Print

A step-by-step procedure to print a document from a Windows OS using the HP ENVY 5536 printer is explained below.

  •   Before printing the document, set the appearance settings if needed.
  •   Go to File and select the Print button under the print settings.
  •   To change the settings, click on Printer properties.
  •   Change the layout and paper settings for the print job.
  •   The quality and color settings can also be done for the best printing results.
  •   After completing the settings, click on the OK button.
  •   Finally, select Print to print the document.
  •   Now you can print your document with the 123.hp.com/envy5536 printer.

Guidelines To Perform Scan

The procedure to scan documents or photos with the HP Envy 5536 printer and send them to your computer is explained below.

  •   HP Envy 5536 Setup the printer software.
  •   Download the latest version of printer software because it includes the HP scan software.
  •   Follow the instructions on the screen.
  •   When the screen asks you to select the software to install, click on the HP Scan option.
  •   Search your printer model on Windows to open the HP Printer Assistant.
  •   Click Scan a Document or Photo to access HP Scan.
  •   Change the settings if needed.
  •   Finally, click on the Scan button.

Printer Factory Reset

The steps to reset the HP Printer to the factory default settings are explained in a step-by-step process as described below.

  •   Open the Printer dashboard by swiping down the tab at the top of the screen from the 123.hp.com/envy5536 printer’s control panel.
  •   Touch the Setup button under the Printer dashboard.
  •   Click on Printer Maintenance.
  •   Select the Restore option.
  •   Make changes to the Restore settings.
  •   Choose the function you would like to restore to the original factory settings.
  •   Select any of the settings like copy, scan, fax, photo and network.
  •   Revert the device to factory settings by resetting the printer.
  •   After resetting the power cable, switch ON the printer and hold the resume button until the attention light turns ON.
  •   Now the printer will automatically restore to the default setting.

HP Envy 5536 Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting is a method of problem-solving in the printer. It is also used to identify the symptoms. Download the HP Scan and Doctor application to solve problems with the printer. The HP Print and Scan Doctor can be downloaded from HP’s official website. To use HP Print and Scan Doctor, open the downloaded application and click on the start button. After opening it click either Fix Printing or Fix Scanning to check for 123.hp.com/envy5536 printer errors and rectify them.

Why HP Envy 5536 Printer is Offline?

While printing any document, the printer may go offline. Follow the steps to solve the issue.

Quick solution

  •   Install the HP Print and Scan Doctor downloaded from the HP website.
  •   Save it to any destination as you wish.
  •   Click on the Start button.
  •   Follow the instructions to solve the problem.
  •   If the printer goes offline again, reset the printer environment.
  •   Try to print. If you can print, the problem is rectified.

How to Clear HP Envy 5536 Paper Jam?

The solution for paper jam in the HP ENVY 5536 printer is given below.

Quick solution

  •   Load the input tray with the correct number of sheets.
  •   Make sure the paper is not in broken or twisted.
  •   Confirm if the size of papers in the input tray is the same.
  •   Take the printer yield papers within the time limits.
  •   Before adding more papers, switch OFF your 123.hp.com/envy5536 printer. Always use the same type of paper