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Epson Et 2550 Troubleshooting – Description

Whenever there is an issue or error message on your printer, here is the troubleshoot it. Epson Et 2550 troubleshooting methods includes identifying the actual cause for the problem and taking the exact steps to solve the problem and make the printer function normally. Usually, in the Epson ET-2550 printer, issues could occur in setup, network, copying, printing, scanning, paper-related issues, etc. Some general steps to avoid the issues would be proper usage of the printer, periodic printer software update, using the recommended paper for your printer carefully to avoid paper jam, and refilling ink when the ink fill message appears on the printer.

Epson Et 2550 Wi-Fi Problems – Steps

The instructions given below will help you to troubleshoot the Wi-Fi problems in your Epson ET-2550 printer. When your printer is not able to connect to a Wi-Fi router:

  •   Check whether the Wi-Fi router is turned on and connected to a working modem.
  •   Place your printer near or within the network range of the wireless router.
  •   If your wireless router operates on the 5 GHz frequency band, then change its settings to 2.4 GHz mode or Dual-band mode.
  •   Connect a computer or any other wireless device to your router over Wi-Fi and check whether it is working.
  •   If you use the WPS method to connect your printer to the router, then make sure you choose the WPS connection option on your printer’s control panel immediately after pressing the WPS button on the router. Do not take more than 2 minutes to select the WPS option in the printer.
  •   Check your router’s configuration for any active firewall or MAC filtering. If there is an active firewall that denies the wireless connection between the printer and the router, then disable it. Similarly, if the router uses MAC filtering, then add the printers MAC address to the list to allow the connection to be established between them.

Epson Et 2550 Troubleshooting

  •   Make sure that the network password you have entered is correct. Also, check the security type of the router and set it correctly in the printer.
  •   While setting up the Wi-Fi connection on the printers control panel, if the SSID of your router is not detected, then select the Other SSIDs option and input the router’s SSID manually.
  •   If you are not able to print or scan on your printer over Wi-Fi, then check the printer’s control panel or the Wi-Fi symbol. Make sure you have connected your computer to the same network as your printer.
  •   If necessary, install the latest version of the printer driver and re-establish the connection between the printer and the router.

Epson Et 2550 Troubleshooting Methods For Black Ink Not Working Issue- Steps

To solve the black ink not working issue carry out the instructions given below.

Check The Black Ink Level On The Printer:

  •   Visually inspect the level of the black ink in the ink tank.
  •   Else, click the Epson icon in the taskbar of your computer and check the ink level.
  •   If the black ink’s level is low, then keep your printer turned on.
  •   Open the ink tank cover and refill the black ink tank.
  •   Close the ink tank.
  •   Immediately after resetting the ink level, press the start button on your printer.

Do A Nozzle Check And Clean The Print Head:

  •   To perform a Nozzle Check from your computer connected to the printer, click the Epson icon on the taskbar.
  •   Select Nozzle Check. Make sure you have loaded paper into your printer.
  •   When the nozzle check is printed, examine it. If there are gaps in the print, then get back to the initial window and select Head Cleaning.
  •   Then, click the Start button. When the head cleaning is completed, the power light stops flashing and stays solid.
  •   Print a nozzle check pattern again to verify whether the issue is solved or not.
Do A Nozzle Check And Clean The Print Head

Perform Power Ink Flushing If Necessary:

  •   This requires a lot of ink, so refill ink on your printer.
  •   Perform flushing only if necessary.
  •   After performing flushing, turn off your printer for 12 hours.
  •   Open the Epson icon from the taskbar and select Power Ink Flushing.
  •   Follow through the instructions displayed on the screen to complete flushing.

If the issue persists even now, get your printer serviced from an authorized service center.

Epson Et 2550 Troubleshooting Methods For Error Code E 11 – Steps

  •   The error codes on the control panel of the Epson printer denotes the status of the printer.
  •   The error code E-11 is displayed when the ink pad on the printer is worn out or has to be replaced.
  •   If this error occurs, then Epson recommends to service the printer in an Epson authorized service center.
  •   This is because, when the inkpads come to the end of their life, almost most other parts of your printer might also be nearing their ends.
  •   Also, the ink pads are not user-replaceable. But, for a temporary need, you can make use of the Epson Maintenance Reset utility to clear the error message.
  •   Another important thing is that the Epson Maintenance Reset utility can be used only once.

Epson Et 2550 Printing Blank Pages – Steps

To solve the printer printing blank pages issue, carry out the steps mentioned below.

  •   Check the print settings and make sure that the correct paper size has been set.
  •   Sometimes, when the print head nozzle is clogged, it won’t print anything. So, perform a print head nozzle check on your printer. If the print head nozzle is clogged, then clean it and perform a print head nozzle check again to ensure that the issue is solved.

How To Perform Nozzle Check And Clean The Print Head From The Printer’s Control Panel?

  •   Load some papers in the printer.
  •   Navigate to control panel Home and select Setup > Maintenance > Nozzle Check.
  •   Now, press the start button on the printer.
  •   Check the print. If there are no gapes, then select No.
  •   Else, you have to clean the Print Head. So select the Yes option and follow the on-screen prompts.
  •   The printer could print blank pages when there are actually blank pages in your print document, which can be skipped. The steps to skip printing blank pages are given below.


  •   Open the Devices and Printers window from your Windows computer’s control panel.
  •   Right-click on your printer’s icon and select the Printer Preferences option.
  •   Go to the Maintenance tab and click Extended Settings.
  •   Click and enable the checkbox beside the Skip Blank Page option.
  •   Click OK to save the changes.


  •   Open the Printers Scanners window from System Preferences.
  •   Choose your printer and open the Options & Supplies window.
  •   Go to the Options tab and turn on the Skip Blank Page option.
  •   Save the changes by clicking OK.

Epson Et 2550 Scanner Not Working – Steps

In the Epson ET-2550 printer, you scan your documents from the control panel or using the Epson Scan utility. If the scanner is not working, then performing the below-mentioned checks will help you for Epson Et 2550 troubleshooting.

  •   First, check whether you have installed the product software on your computer.
  •   Restart your computer after installing the product software before you begin to scan.
  •   Examine the connectivity between the printer and the computer.
  •   Make sure that the Epson Event Manager utility is not blocked by the firewall on your computer.
  •   If you have upgraded the OS on your computer, then make sure you install the printer software once again.
  •   If all the above checks were successful and if you still see a message like Scanner Not Ready or Scan will not start, then proceed with the remaining steps.
  •   Open the Epson Scan Settings window on your computer.
  •   When you see the Epson Scan cannot be started window, click the No button.
  •   Check whether the correct scanner machine has been selected.
  •   Set the connections to Local if the printer is connected using USB and select the Network option if the printer connected to a wireless network.
  •   For the network printer alone, if the IP address of the printer is not listed in the Network Scanner Address section, then click the Add button and add the IP address of the printer.
  •   Click OK and close the Epson Scan Settings window.
  •   Check whether the scanner issue has been solved now. If not, then uninstall the Epson Scan software and reinstall it on your computer.

Epson Et 2550 Error Code 0x10 – Steps

The Epson error code 0x10 is said to occur on your Epson ET-2550 printer when there an issue within the scanning mechanism of your printer. It might also occur due to hardware failure or power surges.

Follow the steps given below to troubleshoot the error code 0x10.

  •   Open the scanner unit cover on your Epson ET-2550 printer.
  •   Check whether there is any foreign object like paper pieces or any other broken materials inside the scanner unit.
  •   If found, remove them without damaging any hardware parts.
  •   If nothing like that is found, then follow the procedure given below to reset your printer.

Resetting Epson Et-2550:

  •   Turn off your printer and remove the power cord from it.
  •   Now, press the power button on the printer again for about a minute.
  •   Keeping the power button pressed, insert the power cord into the printer.
  •   Check whether the error code 0x10 is cleared using Epson Et 2550 troubleshooting methods
  •   If not, then contact the Epson support for warranty or service of the printer.