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Epson ET 2760 Setup

The Epson ET 2760 Setup is an All-in-One printer that offers a cartridge-free printing with easy to fill, perfect-sized ink tanks. It helps in saving up to 90 percent on low-cost replacement bottles. Use of genuine Epson inks gives out a quality printing experience, and an ink bottle can get you up to 2 years of ink compared to the ink cartridges. It enables easy wireless printing, especially from tablets and smartphones, using the Wi-Fi direct. It also has a photo printing option of photo size of 4” x 6” with a printing plus memory card slot. You can experience innovative hands-free printing for a wide range of documents and projects. It has a four-color ink capacity (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Red) and an optimized printing resolution of 5760 x 1440 dpi. It has a printing speed of 10 ppm for Black and 5 ppm for color.

Epson ET 2760 Unboxing Setup

When you unbox the Epson EcoTank printer 2760 carton box, you will have the following accessories along with the printer.The power cord,The ink cartridges.If you find anything missing, contact the printer manufacturer immediately.

  •   Remove all the protective tapes from the printer and the control panel.
  •   Take out the power cord and connect it to the power source. Plug the other end of the cord to the Epson printer.
  •   Power on the printer by pressing the Power button on the control panel.
  •   Once you see the control panel light up, you will see an orange color screen, prompting you to enter the preferred language.
  •   Open the top tray of the printer and remove all the protective tape inside it. Now, press OK on the printer control panel.
  •   Now, you can proceed to install the color cartridges in the printer.
  •   Open the top tray of the printer, and on the side, you will see a small portion where you have to place the ink cartridges.
  •   You will see four color slots for each of the cartridges.
  •   Open the blue cap of each cartridge. Now, take the ink bottle, invert them vertically, and place them in the slot until you see the slots full.
  •   Repeat the steps for all the other cartridges until they are full, once down.
Epson ET 2760 Setup

  •   Now, you can start the initialization of your Epson ET 2760 Setup printer. Press the question mark button on the printer’s control panel and hold it for more than 4 seconds or until you see a message on the control panel screen.
  •   The initialization will take about 10 minutes, after which you can start seeing the options on the control panel.

Epson ET 2760 Driver Download

Since the Epson ET 2760 Setup installation CD does not come with the Ecotank printer, you can download the printer online, from the manufacturer’s site. Ensure that the printer is paired to the wireless network. If not, use the control panel and select the Wi-Fi option and find your network and enter the network password to pair it. Once done, open the brow spaceser on your computer, and in the address bar, enter the Epson support page and hit the Enter button. The Support page will now open, and in the search bar, enter the printer name. The page will now open with the printer details and the software downloads and manuals it needs. You will find a list of 5 tabs such as Troubleshoot, Downloads, Guide assistance, Manual, Warranty, and others. Click on the Downloads and select your operating system from the drop-down list. Proceed to download the driver to your computer. After the download is complete, you can run the file and proceed with the installation.

Epson ET 2760 Driver Mac

  •   You can download the printer driver for Mac from the Epson official support website.
  •   Make sure the printer is connected to the same network as the computer.
  •   Open the brow spaceser and enter the Epson official support page in the address bar. Hit the Enter button.
  •   When the support page opens, you will see a search bar at the center.
  •   Enter the Epson printer number and hit the enter button; the page will open with the specifications and other components for the printer.
  •   You will see a list of 5 tabs on the screen, click the Downloads button.
  •   You will be asked to select the operating system you are using now. From the drop-down list, click Mac and hit the Enter button.
  •   The search will give you a list of drivers available for your printer, click on the driver you need, and the file will be downloaded to the Applications folder on your Mac.
  •   Click on the downloaded file to start the Epson ET 2760 Setup and installation.

Epson ET 2760 Manual

  •   You can download the manual from the Epson official website.
  •   Make sure there is a stable internet connection to the computer.
  •   Open the default brow spaceser on your computer, enter the Epson official support page, and hit the enter button.
  •   When the page opens, look for the search bar and type the Ecotank model number.
  •   The page will open the appropriate settings for the printer, and you will see a list of 5 tabs on the screen.
  •   Click on the Manuals and Warranty tab next to the Guided Assistance.
  •   You will see a list of manuals, and you can click on either one of them to open it in PDF or HTML format.
  •   When the manual opens, click on the download button at the top-right corner of the screen.
  •   The manual will be downloaded.

Epson ET 2760 Double Sided Printing

  •   Open the photo or document for printing on an application.
  •   Select the print icon on the application.
  •   Pick your printer’s name as the printer you want to use during Epson Et 2760 duplex printing.
  •   On the Main tab of the printer settings window, configure the printer settings.
  •   Set the paper size, border, orientation, and paper type.
  •   Select the Quality setting that you want in the print output.
  •   Choose an option between Color or Black/Grayscale.
  •   Select 2-Sided printing if you want to print on both sides of the paper for Epson Et 2760 duplex printing.
  •   You get to see a preview with the Print Preview option.
  •   Within the Settings option of the 2-Sided Printing feature, you can choose the Binding Edge, Binding Margin, Start Page, and Print Density.
  •   Set the Adjustment options for the document and return to the Main tab.
  •   Print a test copy and follow the on-screen instructions on Epson ET 2760 Setup. 
Epson ET 2760 Double Sided Printing

Epson ET 2760 How To Scan

  •   Before you perform a scan on your Epson ET printer, make sure you have the product software installed from the Epson official support page.
  •   Ensure that the printer is paired to the computer over a network or a wired connection mode.
  •   On the control panel of the printer, press the home button and navigate using the keys to the scan settings.
  •   You will find five different sets of scan options to choose from. You can then place the documents in the feeder and proceed with the scan.

Epson ET 2760 Scan To Computer

  •   Open the document cover and keep the original document face down on the scanner glass.
  •   Move the original to the edges of the indicated corner.
  •   Pull the document cover down gently to keep the original in position.
  •   Confirm that you’ve installed the right printer software on your computer.
  •   Establish a wireless network connection between the printer and the computer.
  •   Restart the computer after the installation to scan from the control panel.
  •   Press the Epson Et 2760 printer’s Home button.
  •   Navigate with the arrow space buttons and select the following option in order, Scan > Scan To > To Computer (PDF).

Epson ET 2760 Not Printing

  •   See if the printer is turned on and connected to a working electric socket.
  •   If connected by cables, attach them tightly between the printer and the computer.
  •   Remove any hub in between the printer and the computer.
  •   Clear the errors displayed on the printer’s LCD.
  •   Perform a test print to see if the printer is functioning.
  •   On your computer, verify that the printer driver is installed correctly.
  •   Try printing an image/document at a lesser resolution to solve Epson Et 2760 troubleshooting.
  •   Set your Epson ET 2760 Setup printer as the default printer on your Windows computer.
  •   On a Mac computer, add this Epson Et 2760 printer to the printer list.
  •   Delete any print jobs from the Print Spooler to solve Epson Et 2760, not printing issue.
  •   Go to Maintenance on your printer’s control panel and head to Print Queue.
  •   Cancel any stalled print jobs.

Now, If You Face any issues regarding epson printer, Then Click the Call button provided on this web page to get remote assistance for Epson Et 2760 Printer setup.

Epson ET 2760 Not Printing