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Epson WF 2520 is an all-in-one inkjet printer that provides multiple ways to enhance your printing experience. The product has a 30-sheet ADF that lets the user scan, fax, and copy multiple pages at once. The Ethernet connection allows you to share the printer with other computers on your network, allowing you to save resources.Now, lets see the detailed procedure for Epson wf 2520 Setup.

Quick steps to set up the Epson WF 2520 printer

  •   Unpack the printer and place it near the router to reduce network issues.
  •   Connect an end of the power cord to the printer and the other end to the power outlet.
  •   To turn ON your printer, press the Power button on the control panel.
  •   Set your preferred language, country/region, time, and date on the printer’s control panel.
  •   Lift the scan unit of your printer to install the ink cartridges.
  •   Ensure to shake the ink cartridges before unpacking. Unpack an ink cartridge, hold it by its side and insert it into the holder.
  •   Push the cartridge down until it clicks. Close the scan unit after installing the cartridges.
  •   Carry out the on-screen instructions to start charging the ink.
  •   Before loading paper, make sure the product is done charging the ink.
  •   To load the paper into the printer, first, you need to flip the feeder guard forward.
  •   Slide-out the edge guides to their maximum, load a stack of paper, and adjust the edge guides.
  •   Ensure not to crush or damage the paper while adjusting the edge guides.
  •   Flip the paper guard back and complete the process.
  •   Connect the phone cord to the printer’s LINE port and the telephone jack.
  •   Tap Proceed on the LCD screen to set up the fax and follow the prompted instructions to complete the setup.
  •   You’ve completed the hardware setup of your Epson WF 2520 printer.
  •   Install the software using the CD-ROM that came along with the printer.
  •   Follow the prompted instructions and complete the software installation on your system.
  •   You’ve now completed the Epson WF 2520 Setup.

Epson WF 2520 Driver Download

To download the latest printer driver, click on the Driver Download button provided on this page. You can also visit Epson’s official page to download the latest printer driver for your Epson WF 2520 printer.

Epson WF 2520 Driver Macs

Steps to Download

  •   On your Mac computer, open Safari and visit Epson’s homepage.
  •   Click on the Support tab, select Drivers, and enter your printer’s model name in the field.
  •   Click on the Download button for the printer driver and wait till the process completes.

Steps to Install

  •   Double-click on the .dmg file, click the Run button to install the application, and agree to the License Agreement.
  •   Carry-on with the prompted instructions on the screen to complete the installation process on your Mac.
  •   Run a print test for verification. 

Epson WF 2520 Manual Download

  •   Click the Manual Download button provided on this page.
  •   Alternatively, visit Epson’s official page and enter the printer’s model number or name in the field. Select your preferred language if prompted.
  •   Locate and click the Download button of the required manual and complete the process.
Epson WF 2520 Setup

Epson WF 2520 Wireless Setup

The Printer “Epson WF 2520 Setup” doesn’t support wireless connection. It can be connected to a network only using an Ethernet connection.

How to connect Epson WF 2520 Mac Wireless

The Epson WF 2520 printer doesn’t support wireless connection.

Epson WF 2520 AirPrint

The Epson WF 2520 printer doesn’t support AirPrint.

Epson WF 2520 Scan to PC

  •   Make sure that your computer and the printer are connected via USB cable.
  •   Place the document you want to scan on the scanner glass.
  •   On your printer’s control panel, press the Home icon and navigate to the Scan option.
  •   Depending on your document, either choose Scan to PC (JPEG) or Scan to PC (PDF).
  •   On your computer, launch the Start menu, then navigate to All Programs followed by EPSON Software > Event Manager.
  •   Launch Scanner and select the Epson WF 2520 printer if prompted.
  •   Click Make Job Settings > Edit Job Settings > Scan and alter the document if needed.
  •   Save the changes you made and now press the Start button. The printer will start to scan the placed document.
  •   Once completed, the scanned copy will be sent to the connected computer.
Epson WF 2520 Scan to PC

Epson WF 2520 Troubleshooting

Every printer comes with some or other standard errors. These errors on the Epson WF 2520 Setup can be quickly resolved by following the quick and easy steps prompted on the printer’s control panel. If you’re stuck in between, then contact our technical team for assistance.

Epson WF 2520 ADF error

  •   Make sure to select the Office Mode or the Professional Mode in EPSON Scan.
  •   Ensure to select ADF-Single-sided or ADF-Double-sided as Document Source in EPSON scan.
  •   Check whether the ADF is opened. Close the opened ADF and then try again.
  •   Remove any jammed paper from the ADF, reload the document, and restart EPSON Scan.

Here are the steps to remove damaged or jammed paper in ADF

Open the Automatic Document Feeder’s cover, carefully remove any jammed paper inside the cover, close the ADF cover after discarding the damaged paper.

Epson WF 2520 printing blank pages


  •   On your Windows computer, click the Start button and select Settings.
  •   Select the Device section followed by Printers and Scanners. Now click on the printer’s icon and select Manage > Printing Preference.
  •   Select the Maintenance tab and select the Extended Settings button.
  •   Select Skip Blank Page and click OK to save your settings.


  •   On your Mac, navigate to the Apple menu and select System Preferences.
  •   Select Print & Scan and click on the printer’s icon.
  •   Select Options & Supplies > Driver and turn ON the Skip Blank Page option.
  •   Click OK and save your settings.
  •   Now, we have seen the various troubleshootings for Epson wf 2520 Setup.