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Complete Guidance For Epson WF 3730 Setup

Epson WorkForce Pro 3730 is a wireless color printer that delivers high performance. It is an All-in-One Inkjet printer that has a 2.7″ touchscreen with a color display for easy navigation. It has a 35-page ADF with auto 2-sided printing. Follow the below steps to the Epson WF 3730 setup printer are described below.

Step 1: Unpacking the Epson printer

  •   The printer accessories included in the package are:
  •   Ink cartridges
  •   Manuals 
  •   Installation disc
  •   Power cord
  •   Take out the printer from the package.
  •   Remove the styrofoam covers, tapes, plastic films, and other packing materials from the printer.
  •   Open the scanner unit and remove the packing materials inside it. Close the unit.

Step 2: Configuring the Epson printer

  •   Connect the power cord to the rear side of the printer.
  •   Plug the other end of the power cord to an AC outlet.
  •   Tap the Power button on the printer.
  •   Raise the printer control panel to a convenient angle.
  •   Set the date, time, country, and language on the LCD screen.

Step 3: Installing the ink cartridges

  •   Raise the scanner unit and then unpack each cartridge from its cover.
  •   Gently shake the ink cartridge and remove the yellow tape on it. 
  •   Refer to the color code label while fixing the cartridges.
  •   Insert all the cartridges into the right slots. Make sure that they properly fit in place.
  •   Close the scanner unit and the printer will start the priming process to charge the ink.
  •   Make sure not to turn off the Epson WF 3730 setup printer while the priming process takes place.

Step 4: Loading paper

  •   Lower the control panel and lift the output tray. Now, remove the paper cassette.
  •   Before loading paper, slide the paper guides according to the paper size you are going to load.
  •   Load enough plain paper in the paper cassette.
  •   Fix the paper cassette back into the printer.
  •   Pull the output tray extension and raise the flap.
  •   Now, set the correct paper settings on the printer’s control panel.

Step 5: Setting up fax

  •   If you want to set up fax, plug in a telephone line cord to your phone’s wall jack.
  •   Plug the other end of the phone cord to the Line port on the printer.
  •   Press the Start button to set up fax.
  •   Complete the rest of the steps by continuing with the on-screen instructions. 

Step 6: Installing the printer driver

  •   Insert the installation disc into the CD drive of your computer.
  •   Otherwise, download the driver from the official Epson WF 3730 setup site.
  •   Run the installer file and choose a connection method while installing the software.
Step 6: Installing the printer driver

Epson WF 3730 Driver Download

  •   To download the driver, first, go to the official Epson website from a web browser.
  •   Navigate to the support page and choose Printers.
  •   Enter the model number of the printer and tap the Enter key.
  •   Click the Downloads tab. Choose your operating system and version from the drop-down list.
  •   Choose the required driver and click on the Download button.
  •   Otherwise, click on the Driver Download button available on this page to download the driver for the printer.

Epson WF 3730 Driver Mac

  •   You can download the driver for Mac from the official site of the printer.
  •   Choose the Mac OS and select its version.
  •   Double-click on the downloaded file and select Start Here Mac.
  •   Choose the connection type when prompted and complete the installation.
  •   For a Wireless connection, you have to connect the printer and Mac to the same wireless network.
  •   Connect the printer and your computer using a USB cable for the direct USB connection.
  •   For a Wired network connection, you have to connect the printer, computer, and router using Ethernet cables.

Epson Wf 3730 Manual Download

  •   If you don’t have the User Guide, you can download it online.
  •   Go to the official Epson WF 3730 setup website. Select the Support tab. 
  •   Click Printers and select All-in-Ones. Choose the WorkForce Series and select your printer model number.
  •   Navigate to the Manuals and Warranty tab and click the PDF link next to the required manual.
  •   You can also click on the Manual Download button on this page to download the user manual.
Epson Wf 3730 Manual Download

Epson Wf 3730 Wireless Setup

Method 1: WPS method

  •   Press the Home button on the Epson printer and tap the Wireless icon.
  •   Select the Wi-Fi (Recommended) option from the displayed list. Touch Push Button Setup (WPS).
  •   Continue with the on-screen steps to complete the setup.
  •   When instructed, press the WPS button on the router.

Method 2: Manual method

  •   Press the Wireless icon on the screen.
  •   Go to the Wi-Fi Setup Wizard after selecting the Wi-Fi (Recommended) option.
  •   Choose your network name and type the network password. Press OK.
  •   Once connected, the confirmation message will be displayed on the screen.
  •   Now, install the printer driver on your computer.
  •   Choose Wireless connection as the connection type.
  •   Continue with the on-screen instructions to complete the setup.

Epson Wf 3730 Airprint

The AirPrint feature on the Epson WF 3730 printer allows you to print easily from any iOS device without installing the printer driver.

  •   First, load enough paper in the printer.
  •   Connect the printer to your wireless network.
  •   Now, connect your iOS device to the same wireless network.
  •   Open the document you want to print. Touch the Share icon and select Print.
  •   Choose your printer name and set the required printing preferences.
  •   Touch the Print option after selecting the preferences.
  •   Now, the document will be printed using AirPrint.

How to Scan on Epson Wf 3730

  • Open the document cover and load the photo or document by following the mark.
  • If you want to scan 2-sided or multiple pages, place the document in the ADF feeder.
  • Make sure that you have installed the scanning software on the connected computer.
  • On the control panel of the Epson WF 3730 setup printer, press the Scan icon.
  • Select the Computer option.
  • Choose either Save as PDF or Save as JPEG.
  • Press the Save button to begin the scan.
  • Once the scan is complete, save the scanned document to your computer.

Epson Wf 3730 Scan to Email

  • Load the document to be scanned on the scanner glass.
  • Press the Scan icon on the screen. Now, select Email.
  • If you have already added the recipient, select the address from Contacts.
  • Otherwise, select Keyboard to enter the email address.
  • Set the scanning preferences and press the Send button.
  • Now, the scanned document will be successfully sent to the recipient.
Epson Wf 3730 Scan to Email

Epson Wf 3730 Troubleshooting

Although Epson printers are highly efficient, certain issues might occur due to various reasons. Make sure that you have properly done the installation of the printer driver. For connection issues, check the interface cables, whether they are defective.

Nothing prints:

  •   If you can’t print anything, check whether the printer is set as the default one.
  •   Make sure that the Epson WF 3730 setup printer is not offline.
  •   If you have made a USB connection via a hub, then connect the printer directly to the computer.
  •   Delete all the print jobs in the queue and restart the printer to fix the issue.

Paper jams:

  •   Turn off the Epson printer and pull out the paper cassette.
  •   Remove the jammed paper using both hands and restart the printer.

If you are still facing issues on your printer, click on the Call button. Our technical experts will sort out the printer issues.