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The Epson WF 6530 printer is a multi-function machine that is powered by PrecisionCore technology. The printer delivers near-perfect print outputs and helps in saving ink and printing costs up to 50%. The printer can print at a speed of 24 pages per minute for both black and color printouts. It has a 4.3″ LCD screen that makes it easier to access the printer functions. The printer can hold up to 500 sheets in the paper tray with an additional 80 for special print needs like envelopes. For Epson wf 6530 setup, check whether the following components are present and carry out the below instruction.

Contents In The Carton

  •   The Epson WF 6530 printer
  •   The 748 series Ink cartridges: Black, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow
  •   Power cord
  •   Installation CD
  •   Product guide

Epson WF 6530 Setup

Steps To Setup Epson Wf 6530 Printer

Let us now see the first part of the setup process, the hardware setup.

  •   Unpack the Epson printer from the carton and remove the protective tapes surrounding the printer body.
  •   Open the front cover of the printer and remove the extra packaging materials present inside.
  •   Place the computer on a flat surface, preferably close to the computer and within the proximity range of the router (for wireless connection).
  •   Remove the AC power cord from the packaging. Connect the plug to the power source and the pin to the back of the printer.
  •   Press the Power button on the control panel to turn the printer on.
  •   Open the front cover to install the ink cartridges.
  •   Take the ink cartridges from the carton and shake them to redistribute the toner.
  •   Remove the ink cartridges one by one, place them into their slots according to the color, and close the front cover properly.


  •   Pull the paper tray from the bottom of the printer.
  •   Slide the paper guides to the edges of the tray.
  •   Take a stack of paper and place it inside properly.
  •   Adjust the paper guides in accordance with the edges of the paper.
  •   Lastly, connect the phone line to the phone line jack and to the LINE port of the printer (optional). This is required if you wish to send a fax using the printer.
  •   Now, you have completed the hardware setup of the Epson WF 6530 setup. Complete the setup by installing the printer software on your computer.
  •   Make sure the Epson printer is not connected to the computer in any way.
  •   Download the printer software from this page or the printer’s official support page.
  •   Run the setup file and start the installation. Follow the on-screen commands.
  •   When the connection screen opens, choose from the available connection options and complete the printer setup.

Epson Wf 6530 Driver Download

With the help of the driver for the Epson WF 6530 printer, you will be able to access the printer from a computer. The driver is available for download on this page and also the official Epson support page. To get the driver, click the Driver Download button.


Epson Wf 6530 Driver For Mac


  •   Click on the Driver Download button on this page and the driver download will begin immediately for your Mac OS.
  •   The printer driver is also available for download on the official Epson support page.
  •   Click the Downloads tab on the Epson WF 6530 printer support page.
  •   Click the Mac option from the Operating System drop-down list.
  •   Click the Download button for the recommended driver.

Epson Wf 6530 Driver

Epson Wf 6530 Driver Windows


  •   Click the Driver Download button on this page and the driver will be downloaded to your computer.
  •   You can also get it from the official Epson support page.
  •   Click the Downloads tab on the printer’s support page. 
  •   Click the Windows option from the Operating System drop-down list.
  •   Under the Recommended For You section, choose the printer driver and then click the Download button to download driver for Epson wf 6530 setup..


Epson Wf 6530 Manual Download


  •   Click the Manual Download button available on this page to have the manual for the printer downloaded immediately.
  •   If you wish to download the manual from the official Epson support, open the browser.
  •   Search for the Epson WF 6530 printer on the page and select it.
  •   Click the Manuals & Warranty option.
  •   Click on the PDF of your choice and download it to your computer.

Epson Wf 6530 Wireless Setup

You can set up your Epson printer over a wireless network using Wi-Fi Direct or Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS). Here, we have given the wireless setup steps for both methods.


Wi-Fi Direct:


  •   Press the Home button on the Epson wf 6530 setup control panel.
  •   Press the Wireless icon and select Setup.
  •   You will see three options: Network Settings, Wi-Fi Setup, Wi-Fi Protected setup.
  •   Select the Wi-Fi Protected Setup option followed by the Connection Setup option.
  •   Select Proceed to enable Wi-Fi Direct using the default password.
  •   You will see the Wi-Fi Direct Setup message on the LCD screen. Scroll down to view the Wi-Fi Direct credentials (SSID and password).
  •   Now, open the wireless settings on your computer and turn on Wi-Fi.
  •   Select the SSID of your printer’s Wi-Fi Direct.
  •   Enter the password and click Connect.
  •   Once the connection is made, you will see the AP or Direct icon on the printer LCD screen.

Wi-Fi Protected Setup:


  •   The WPS method works if you have a WPS-enabled router.
  •   Press the Home button on the Epson wf 6530 setup control panel.
  •   Press the Wireless icon.
  •   Select Setup and then select the Wi-Fi Setup option.
  •   Select the Push Button Setup (WPS) option from the three options you see on the screen.
  •   Within the next couple of minutes, press the WPS button on the router.
  •   Once the connection is made, you will see the Wi-Fi icon on the LCD screen.

Epson Wf 6530 Airprint Setup


AirPrint is a wireless mobile printing feature that is exclusive to iOS devices. For printing using AirPrint, you need to have your iOS device connected to the same network as the Epson WF 6530 printer. The following steps are to print from an iPhone using AirPrint.


  •   Open the document you want to print on your iPhone.
  •   Tap the Share icon and select Print.
  •   Select the Epson WF 6530 setup from the list.
  •   Select the number of copies from the + or – icon.
  •   Tap the Print option.

Epson Wf 6530 Scan Setup


Before proceeding to the scan setup, make sure the printer software is installed on your computer.


  •   Place the original document on the Epson scanner glass.
  •   Press the Home button on the printer control panel.
  •   Select the Scan option.
  •   The Scan to list will show you a set of options.
  •   Select one of the options that suits your purpose and start the scan.

Scan To Computer From Epson Wf 6530


  •   Press the Home button on the Epson printer control panel after placing the document on the scanner glass of Epson wf 6530 setup.
  •   Select the Scan option.
  •   In the Scan to section, select the Computer (WSD) option.
  •   Select your computer from the list.
  •   Start the scan.

Double Sided Scanning On Epson Wf 6530


  •   To scan double-sided documents, place the original document in the Auto Document Feeder (ADF).
  •   Press the Home button on the printer.
  •   Select the Scan option.
  •   Under the Scan to section, select the type of scan you want and proceed with double-sided scanning.

Epson Wf 6530 Fax Setup


Connect the fax cord to a phone line jack and to the LINE port on the Epson WF 6530 Setup. If you have not configured the basic fax settings, then do that before you proceed to send a fax.


  •   Press the Home button on the printer and then select Setup > System Administration.
  •   Now, select Fax Settings followed by Fax Setting Wizard.
  •   Select the Start option and respond to the prompts to set up fax on your printer.
  •   Now, to send a fax, press the Home button on the printer control panel.
  •   Select the Fax option.
  •   Tap on the Enter a Fax number field and enter the fax number manually.
  •   Press the Start button.

Epson Wf 6530 Troubleshooting 

Every printer goes through few problems occasionally and the Epson WF 6530 printer is no different. Here are the commonly occurring problems you will face on your Epson printer. We have also provided the solutions for the printer problems.

Epson Wf 6530 Paper Feed Problems


  •   If the Epson WF 6530 printer does not feed paper, here are the steps you must follow.
  •   Open the paper tray from the printer, remove the stack of paper, and reload the paper again.
  •   Make sure to adjust the paper guides properly and it should not be holding the paper firmly.
  •   Make sure the paper cassette tray is pushed all the way into the printer and closed.
  •   You should not exceed the paper tray limit. Always have an eye on the indicator inside the paper tray while loading the paper.
  •   See if you have selected the proper paper settings before starting a print job.
  •   Make changes to the print preferences to avoid paper feeding issues.
  •   If the printer pauses while printing, see if the front cover is closed properly.
  •   Also, the printable side of the paper (smooth-finish) must face down in the paper tray.
  •   Now, we have seen the paper feed problem’s solution for Epson wf 6530 setup.

Epson Wf 6530 Printer Offline


There are different methods to solve the printer offline issue. Let us look at a couple of solutions here.

Fix 1 : remove Print Jobs


  •   Open the Settings window.
  •   Select the Printers & Scanners option.
  •   Select the Epson WF 6530 printer from the printer list.
  •   Click the Open queue button.
  •   Delete the pending print jobs from the queue.

Mac :

  •   Open System Preferences from the Apple menu.
  •   Click on the Printers & Scanners option.
  •   Do a double-click on the Epson WF 6530 printer.
  •   Click the pending print jobs and click on the X button.

Fix 2 : Disable The Use Printer Offline Option 

  •   Open the Control Panel window on your Windows computer.
  •   Select the Devices and Printers option.
  •   You will see a list of the printers connected to the computer.
  •   Right-click on the Epson WF 6530 printer and select the See what’s printing option.
  •   Click the Printer tab.
  •   If the checkbox for the Use Printer Offline option is enabled, click to uncheck the option.

Epson Wf 6530 Paper Jam


Paper jams are one of the most commonly occurring problems when it comes to printers. In the Epson WF 6530 printer, there are four places where the paper jam can occur.


Jam In The Front Cover :

  •   Cancel the print job.
  •   Open the front cover of the Epson wf 6530 Setup.
  •   Locate and carefully remove the jammed paper from the inside.
  •   Also, make sure to remove any foreign objects and the pieces of paper present inside.
  •   Close the front cover.
  •   Clear the paper jam error in the LCD and proceed with the print job.

Jam In Rear Feed Slot :

Locate and gently remove the jammed paper from the rear feed slot of the Epson printer.

Jam In The Output Tray :

  •   Cancel the print job if necessary.
  •   Remove the output tray and then the paper tray top cover.
  •   Remove the paper present inside and look for jammed paper.
  •   Pull out the jammed paper from the inside and place the paper back into the tray.
  •   Close the paper tray and push it inside the printer.

Jam In The Front Paper Feed Slot :

  •   Cancel the on-going print job.
  •   Remove the output tray from the printer.
  •   Pull the lever to lower down the cover.
  •   Gently remove the jammed paper from the inside and make sure to not damage the paper any further.
  •   Raise the lever to its normal position and place the output tray back into the printer.
  •   These are the various troubleshootings in Epson Wf 6530 Setup. Call us to get remote assistance from our experts.


Epson Wf 6530 Troubleshooting