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Epson WP 4530 is one of the world’s fastest auto-duplex (copy, scan, and fax) printers that deliver professional-quality print outputs that you need. This printer has a built-in wireless network and uses the 4-color DURABrite Ultra pigment ink for printing. Lets now discuss the Epson wp 4530 Setup in detail.

Key features 

  •   Scan: Scan to PC, scan to PDF, and scan to e-mail.
  •   Copy: Fit to page, automatic resolution and enlargement, and adjustable copy density.
  •   OS: Windows and Mac
  •   Ink type: DURABrite Ultra pigment ink
  •   Interfaces: USB, Wi-Fi, and wired

Epson Wp 4530 setup

Simple Steps To Setup Epson WP 4530 Printer For The First Time

  •   Open the product box and check whether the components such as a power cord, phone cord, ink cartridges, installation CD, and user guide are provided along with the Epson WP 4530 printer.  
  •   Now, take the printer out of the box and place it on a table. 
  •   Gently remove the packing tapes from your printer.
  •   After unpacking the printer, connect it to an electrical outlet and turn it on.
  •   Set the basic printer preferences by following the instructions displayed on the printer screen.
  •   Open your printer’s front cover.
  •   Unpack the ink cartridges and insert them into their slots.
  •   After installing all the cartridges, close the front cover of your printer.

  •   Now, you have to load some A4 paper in the cassette. Initially, take the cassette completely out of the printer.
  •   Make sure to adjust the paper width guides correctly.
  •   Place the cassette back into your printer. 
  •   Now, if you wish to use the printer for the fax operation, then connect it to a telephone wall jack using the phone cord. Set the fax settings by following the on-screen instructions.
  •   If you don’t wish to use the printer for the fax operation, then skip the above step.
  •   Run the Epson printer driver installer on your computer to install the printer on it. Make sure to choose the correct connection during the driver installation.
  •   Finally, print a test page to check whether the printer configuration is done correctly on Epson wp 4530 setup.

Epson WP 4530 Driver Download

  •   Download the Epson WP 4530 printer driver from this page by clicking on the Driver Download button.
  •   As soon as you click it, your OS will be detected and the printer driver will be downloaded to your computer.

Epson WP 4530 Manual Download

  •   Click on the Manual Download button provided on this page.
  •   Now, your Epson WP 4530 printer’s user guide will start to download.
  •   Once the file is downloaded, open and utilize it as per your needs.

Epson WP 4530 Driver Mac

  •   Visit the official support page of Epson WP 4530.
  •   Go to the Downloads tab.
  •   If required, choose your OS type from the drop-down menu.
  •   Select the printer driver that you wish to install on your computer.
  •   Click the Download button. Now, the selected driver will be downloaded.
Epson Wp 4530

Epson Wp 4530 Wireless Setup

Wireless setup using the printer’s control panel

  •   Initially, make sure that your wireless router or access point is turned on and your computer is connected to it.
  •   Turn on your printer as well.
  •   Now, open the printer driver installer on your computer.
  •   Perform the on-screen instructions to reach the Select Your Connection screen.
  •   Choose the Wireless connection option on the Select Your Connection screen.
  •   Select the Using printer button option when prompted.
  •   Now, go to your printer’s control panel.
  •   Press the Setup button followed by the Forwardarrow.
  •   Choose Wi-Fi/Network Settings > Wi-Fi Setup > Wi-Fi Setup Wizard.
  •   Select your wireless network’s SSID from the list of networks.
  •   In the given field, type the network password and press the OK button.
  •   The printer Epson wp 4530 setup will be connected to the wireless network successfully if you have entered the correct credentials.
  •   Now, go to the printer driver installation wizard.
  •   Complete the remaining steps of the installation by following the on-screen instructions.
  •   Finally, print a test page.

Epson Wp 4530 Airprint

Printing a document via AirPrint

  •   Connect your Epson WP 4530 printer and the Mac computer to the same wireless network.
  •   On your Mac computer, open the document that you want to print.
  •   Go to the File menu.
  •   Select the Print option followed by your Epson printer.
  •   Set the print preferences as per your desire.
  •   Finally, click the Print button.
  •   Now, your Epson printer will print the selected document.

How To Scan On Epson WP 4530

  •   Make sure that you’ve configured your Epson printer’s basic settings correctly.
  •   Now, on your printer’s scanner glass, load the document that you want to scan.
  •   Make sure to load the document correctly.
  •   Now, on your printer’s control panel, press the Scan button.
  •   From the list of suggestions, choose the required Scan to option.
  •   Set the scan preferences as per your desire.
  •   Finally, press the Start Color button.
  •   Now, your printer Epson wp 4530 setup will start to scan the loaded document.

Epson WP 4530 Scan To Computer

  •   Initially, make sure that you have installed the printer driver on your computer. 
  •   Similarly, make sure that your computer and printer are connected to the same network.
  •   Now, load the document that you want to scan and press the Scan button.
  •   Choose the Scan to PC option.
  •   If prompted, select the connected computer and set the scan preferences.
  •   Initiate the scan operation by pressing the Start Color button.
  •   Once the printer scans the loaded document, a copy of it will be saved on your computer.

Epson WP 4530 Troubleshoots

Generally, most of the common printer issues can be resolved easily by performing simple troubleshooting steps. Some of the common solutions that could resolve the printer issues are listed below.

  •   Restart your Epson printer.
  •   Check if your printer firmware is up-to-date. If not, update it.
  •   If an error message is displayed on your printer, try to identify it and then resolve the issue by performing the necessary solutions.
  •   Check your printer’s working status by running a product check.

Running a product check

  •   Make sure that your printer’s paper cassette has enough paper.
  •   Now, press the Setup button on your printer’s control panel.
  •   Choose the Maintenance option followed by Nozzle check.
  •   Press the OK button followed by Start.
  •   Now, your printer will start to print the nozzle check pattern.
  •   Check the pattern results. If the nozzle check pattern is clear, then your printer is working properly. In case there is a gap in the pattern, then it indicates a problem with the printer.
  •   Try to identify the cause of the printer issue from the error message or code displayed on the printer and fix it. In some cases, you will have to reset the printer to default settings to get the issue fixed.
Epson Wp 4530 Printer Settings

Restoring The Printer Settings To Default

  •   Go to your printer’s Setup menu.
  •   Choose the Restore Default Settings option by scrolling down the screen.
  •   Select the All Settings option and press OK.
  •   Once your printer settings have been restored, reconfigure them and check whether the printer issue is resolved.
  •   To get remote assistance in resolving your Epson wp 4530 setup issues, contact us.