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Guidance For Epson Xp 330 Troubleshooting

The Epson XP 330 printer may undergo certain issues when used for a prolonged period. If your printer malfunctions, check the printer screen for any errors. Most of the errors will be resolved by following the on-screen instructions. Some of the common issues that occur on the printer and their Epson Xp 330 troubleshooting techniques are given below.

Epson Xp 330 Paper Jam Error

  •   If the paper jam error occurs, cancel all the print jobs.
  •   Open the scanner unit and remove the jammed paper using both hands.
  •   If you find any torn paper bits or pieces, remove it.
  •   Close the scanner unit and open the rear tray.
  •   Now, remove the paper stuck inside it.
  •   The paper jam error issue will be resolved.
Epson Xp 330 troubleshooting

Epson Xp 330 Not Connecting to Computer

  •   Make sure that the Epson printer is not offline.
  •   Remove any pending print jobs in the queue.
  •   If you find the printer is offline, turn it online.
  •   Check the router connection and ensure that it is properly connected to the power source.
  •   If there are any issues with the printer software, uninstall it.
  •   Download and install the printer software from the official Epson website.
  •   You can connect the printer and computer again to fix the issue.

Epson Xp 330 Not Printing Black

  •   Turn off the Epson printer and remove any connected cables. 
  •   Now, turn on the printer after a few seconds.
  •   Print a test page to check for the issues on the printer.
  •   Verify the ink levels on the printer and replace the black ink cartridge if required.
  •   Make sure to gently shake the cartridge and remove the tape on it before installing it in the printer.
  •   If the issue persists, clean the print head to fix the Epson Xp 330 troubleshooting.

Epson Xp 330 Won’t Connect to Wifi

  •   Ensure that there are no Internet connection issues.
  •   Check whether the printer is offline.
  •   Go to the Control Panel on the connected Windows computer.
  •   Navigate to the Printers & Scanners section and select the Epson printer.
  •   Right-click on the printer and select the Set as default printer option.
  •   Go to the Printer menu and untick the Use Printer Online option.
  •   If you are still facing issues, press the Setup button on the printer and select OK.
  •   Select the Restore Default Settings option and press the OK button.
  •   Navigate to Network Settings and tap OK.
  •   Once the network settings are reset, restart the printer.
  •   Now, connect the printer to your wireless network to fix the issue.

Epson Xp 330 Not Printing

  •   Make sure that the Epson printer is properly connected to your computer.
  •   If the printer is offline or in sleep mode, turn it to online.
  •   Run a nozzle check and verify whether the nozzles are clogged.
  •   Remove the yellow tape on the ink cartridge and ensure that the printer is set as the default one.
  •   Check the printer settings. Now, restart the computer and printer.
  •   If the printer still can’t print, reinstall the printer software and install it again to resolve the Epson Xp 330 troubleshooting. 

Epson Xp 330 Printing Blank Pages

  •   From a connected Windows computer, go to the Control Panel.
  •   Select Hardware and Sound and navigate to Devices and Printers. 
  •   Right-click on the printer and select Printer Preferences.
  •   Go to the Maintenance tab and select Extended Settings.
  •   Select the Skip Blank Page setting checkbox and click on the OK button.
  •   Now, reboot the printer and start printing again.

Epson Xp 330 Ink Cartridge Not Recognized

  •   Make sure to install only the genuine Epson ink cartridges.
  •   Ensure that the ink cartridges are properly installed.
  •   Turn on the printer and select the Setup option.
  •   Select Maintenance and go to Ink Cartridge Replacement.
  •   Now, tap the OK button and then tap the Start button.
  •   When you see the replace the ink cartridges message on the screen, open the scanner unit.
  •   Remove all the installed ink cartridges and reinsert them.
  •   Now, close the scanner unit and press the Start button to begin the priming process.

Epson Xp 330 Ink Out Error

  •   If the ink out error appears, restart the printer.
  •   Remove and reinstall the cartridges and check if the issue is resolved.
  •   If the error appears again, turn off the printer.
  •   Press the Power button and hold it for a minute. Turn on the printer by holding the button.
  •   After a minute, the printer will start to reset by itself.
  •   Reboot the printer to fix the Epson Xp 330 troubleshooting.