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Epson XP 446 Setup

Epson XP 446 is an All-in-one, compact color inkjet printer which performs essential printer functions. It uses wireless printing technology and supports the Windows and Mac operating systems. Proceed these below-mentioned steps for Epson XP 446 Setup.

Step-1: Unbox the printer

  •   Take out the printer from the carton and place it on a stable surface.
  •   Make sure the other printer accessories are present in the box.
  •   Now, remove all the packaging tapes and protective materials from the printer.
  •   Open the scanner unit and take off the protective materials from inside the printer.
  •   Close the scanner unit and proceed with the next step.

Step-2: Power connection

  •   Use the power cord provided with the printer to plug it to a wall outlet.
  •   Connect the other end of the cord to the supply port of the printer.
  •   After that, lift the control panel of the printer and press the power button to power up.
  •   When the printer turns on, set the language using the control panel keys.
  •   Follow these steps to configure the Epson XP 446 setup.
Epson XP 446 setup

Step-3: Ink cartridges installation

  •   Keep the scanner unit open and take the new ink cartridge packet.
  •   Shake the packet gently and unpack the ink cartridge.
  •   Peel off the yellow protective film on the cartridge without touching the metal contacts.
  •   Place the ink cartridge in the respective slots and press it downwards until it snaps into a position.
  •   Likewise, install the other ink cartridges in the printer and then close the scanner unit.
  •   Now, press the Start button on the control panel to start charging ink in the printer system.
  •   The completion message appears on the display panel after four minutes.

Step-4: Feed paper in the feeder

  •   After the ink charge, toss the feeder guard forward and extend the paper support upwards.
  •   Move the paper edge guide to the left end and arrange the paper touching the right edge.
  •   Keep the print side of the paper on top and slide the paper guide to the right, touching the paper edges.
  •   See that you do not bend or fold the paper. Next, flip the paper feeder guard backward.
  •   Pull out the paper output tray and unfold the support flap.
  •   Following that, you have to set the paper settings on the control panel.
  •   Using these steps to configure the Epson XP 446 setup.

Step-5: Software installation

When the printer’s hardware setup is complete, go on to install the printer software on the computer for easy printer operation management.

Epson XP 446 Driver Download

The printer driver is available online, use the below steps to download the driver.

  •   Open the browser application and visit the official Epson website.
  •   Search for the Epson XP 446 printer model and access its support page.
  •   Click the Downloads tab and choose the appropriate Operating System from the drop-down menu.
  •   Next, click the download link and continue to download the printer driver.
  •   Once the download is done, open the driver installer file and run the installation.

Epson XP 446 Driver for Mac

Before you connect the printer and your Mac device, you need to install the printer driver on the Mac computer.

  •   Download the printer driver from the official Epson support website and open the installer file.
  •   When the printer setup window opens up, choose the software for installation under Software Selection, and click Install.
  •   Now, the driver starts to install the Epson drivers and utilities.
  •   After that, you have to choose a suitable connection method. Click Continue and follow the guided instructions and complete the driver installation.
  •   Perform these steps to configure the Epson XP 446 setup.

Epson XP 446 Manual

  •   You can get the printer manuals online in the PDF and HTML formats.
  •   For easy download, click the Manual Download option.
  •   Go to the official Epson website from the browser.
  •   Find the printer model and click it to open the support page.
  •   Under Manuals and Warranty, select the link of the manual which you want to download.

Epson XP 446 Airprint

The AirPrint feature on the printer enables you to print from any of the Apple devices through a wireless network. Consider following the steps given to print using AirPrint.

  •   Before you can use the AirPrint feature, load the paper in the printer and then connect the Apple device and the printer to the same wireless router network.
  •   Launch the app and open the document which you have to print.
  •   Scroll down and select the Share icon. If you cannot find the Share icon, tap the More icon.
  •   Select the Print icon, and choose the AirPrint printer name on which you are going to print.
  •   Set the number of copies you require and then the other print options. Tap the Print menu at the upper right corner.
  •   By following these steps to configure the Epson XP 446 setup.

Epson XP 446 Wi-fi – Connection

If you want to connect the Epson printer to the wireless network, use the following steps.

  •   Turn on the wireless router and connect the computer to the network.
  •   Note down the network name and password for later use.
  •   Switch on the printer and keep it turned on during the whole setup.
  •   Either download the printer driver online or use the installation CD to get the printer software on the computer.
  •   When the software installation window opens up, choose the software for installing and click Install.
  •   Select Wireless connection as the Connection method. Choose the correct Setup Option.
  •   If you want to connect the printer to the wireless network automatically, select Yes under Wi-Fi Auto Connect.
  •   Next, click the Using printer buttons option as the Wireless Network Setup Method.
  •   When the software detects the Wi-Fi network, enter the network password to continue with the setup.
  •   In case the software does not detect, then enter the network name and password manually.
  •   Move to the printer and select the Home button to launch the home screen on the printer display panel.
  •   Following that, choose Wi-Fi Setup and then the Wi-Fi (Recommended) option.
  •   Select the Wi-Fi Setup Wizard menu under Connect via Wi-Fi.
  •   If the network name or SSID appears on the panel, tap on it and input the password to connect.
  •   Once the Wi-Fi setup is complete, proceed to print the check report to verify the connection.
  •   On the computer screen, select Yes and finish the setup by printing the report.
  •   Proceed these steps to configure the Epson XP 446 setup.

Epson XP 446 Double Sided Printing Mac

  •   Connect the printer and the computer to the same router network, either wired or wireless network.
  •   Load some paper and then open the document you want to print on the computer.
  •   Click the Print icon, the printer box opens up.
  •   In the main window of the Epson printer, turn on the 2-Sided printing and make the necessary print settings.
  •   Now, click the Settings button, choose any one of the Binding edge options, and set the Binding Margin.
  •   Select OK after all the settings are done and start printing.
Epson XP 446 Double Sided Printing Mac

Epson XP 446 Troubleshooting

When the printer faces any technical problem, the status message appears on the printer display panel. You can check the user manual and online manual to identify the errors. The common issues are print, connection, setup, and paper jam. If you cannot fix the problem, contact our service team for support.

Epson XP 446 Not Printing

At times, the printer might stop responding to print commands and becomes unable to print. In such a case, consider the below solutions.

  •   Verify whether the power cable connected to the printer and plugged to the wall is working.
  •   Check the conditions of the cable, if it is damaged, then replace the cable with another one. Tighten the cable ends for a secure connection.
  •   Try to print a test page and make sure the printer is in operating condition.
  •   Check if the print settings are appropriate.
  •   Remove and reinstall the latest version of the printer driver. Reconfigure the printer and try to print.
  •   Use the following steps to configure the Epson XP 446 Setup.

Epson XP 446 Print Black Only

When you try to print in color, but the printer prints only in black ink, you must try the following steps to solve the issue.

  •   Connect the printer and the computer via network or USB cable.
  •   Open the Print properties window on the computer and go to the Main tab.
  •   Find the Color Setting menu and see if the Black/Grayscale option is selected.
  •   If it is enabled, select the other option as the Color Setting menu and click OK.
  •   Now, print a test page and check if the issue has been solved.
  •   Replace the color ink cartridges if they are empty or too low.

Epson XP 446 Printing Too Light

When the print becomes too light on the paper, you need to follow the given measure to resolve it.

  •   Check if the ink cartridges are correctly installed in the printer, and if the ink level is low, then go on to replace the ink cartridges.
  •   Clean the print head nozzles. First, check if the nozzles are blocked with dirt by running a nozzle check on the printer.
  •   Make sure the paper type is supported by the printer.

Epson XP 446 Black Ink Not Printing

  •   If the black ink level in the cartridge is low, the printer cannot print black ink.
  •   Make sure the black ink cartridge is properly installed in the printer. Remove and reinstall the cartridge once.
  •   Use only genuine Epson black ink cartridge for printing on the printer.
  •   If the issue persists, check the print settings. Make sure the settings match the print job.
  •   If the issue persists, reset the printer.

Epson XP 446 Won’t Connect To Wifi

When you try to connect the printer to a wireless network, sometimes, the printer may not connect. Check out the given solutions to fix the problem.

  •   Check if the printer can detect the Wi-Fi network and whether the network credentials are correct.
  •   Make sure the router network is stable, and the printer is placed within the range of the router network signal.
  •   Make sure you have entered the correct network security key.
  •   Restart the router and try connecting the printer to it.
  •   Reset the printer and check if the issue has been resolved.
  •   By using these steps to configure the Epson XP 446 Setup.
Epson XP 446 Won’t Connect To Wifi