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The Epson WF 2540 printer is super-fast and is considered to be one of the productive printers with amazing performance. The printer comes with a 2.5” LCD screen for easy navigation. The printer produces documents at a print speed of 9 pages per minute for black and 4.7 pages per minute for color. For Epson wf 2540 setup, check whether the following components are present and carry out the below instruction.

Contents Inside The Carton:

  •   The Epson WF 2540 printer
  •   Ink cartridges (4)
  •   Power cord and Fax cable
  •   Installation CD
  •   Product Setup Guide
  •   Control Panel sticker

Epson WF 2540 Setup

Hardware Setup:

Let us now see how to do a hardware setup for the Epson WF 2540 printer.

  •   Unpack the printer from the carton and place it on a flat surface.
  •   Remove the protective tapes surrounding the printer body and the packaging material from the inside.
  •   Connect the AC power cord to the printer and press the Power button to turn it on.
  •   Make necessary settings using the control panel and press the OK button.
  •   Open the scanning unit to install the ink cartridges.
  •   Gently shake the sealed cartridges and then unpack them.
  •   Remove the yellow protective tape from the Epson cartridges and gently place them in their slots.
  •   Lower the scanning unit and press the OK button. The printer will now start to charge the ink.
  •   Open the paper feeder guard at the back of the printer and move the paper guide to the left.
  •   Place a stack of paper into the input tray and extend the paper output tray and raise the stopper.
  •   Connect the fax line from the phone to the LINE slot on the Epson WF 2540 printer and the hardware setup is now complete.

Software Setup:

To complete the Epson WF 2540 Setup, you need to install the printer software on your computer. The steps are as follows.

  •   Place the installation CD that came with the printer into the CD/DVD drive.
  •   Wait for the computer to open the setup window to start the installation.
  •   Do a double-click on the setup file and follow the on-screen commands.
  •   When the connection screen opens, select the connection type you want for the Epson WF 2540 printer and complete the setup.
Epson Wf 4720 Software

Epson Wf 2540 Driver Download


With the help of the driver for the Epson WF 2540 printer, you will be able to access the printer from the connected devices. The driver is available for download on this page and also from the official Epson support page. The steps to download the printer driver for Windows and Mac are given below.


Epson Wf 2540 Driver For Windows


There are two different ways in which you can download the driver for Windows. 

  •   Click the Driver Download button on this page and the driver will be downloaded to your computer.
  •   Alternatively, you can download the driver from the official Epson support page.
  •   Go to your printer’s support page and click the Downloads tab.
  •   Select your Windows OS version from the drop down menu.
  •   Click the Recommended For You section.
  •   Choose the printer driver and then click the Download button.

Epson Wf 2540 Driver For Mac

  •   Click on the Driver Download button on this page and the download will begin immediately.
  •   An alternative way is to download the driver from the official Epson support page.
  •   Click the Downloads tab on the Epson WF 2540 printer support page.
  •   Select your Mac OS version from the Operating System drop-down list.
  •   Click the Download button near the recommended driver.
  •   This is how you download Mac driver for Epson wf 2540 setup.

Epson Wf 2540 Manual Download


  •   Click the Manual Download button available on this page to download the manual for your printer.
  •   If you wish to download the manual from the official Epson support page, open the page in your browser.
  •   Search for the Epson WF 2540 printer on the page.
  •   Click the Manuals & Warranty tab.
  •   From the listed manuals, download the user manual for your printer.

Epson Wf 2540 Wireless Setup

  •   Press the Home button on your printer.
  •   Press the Wi-Fi Setup button.
  •   In the Wi-Fi Setup screen, select the Wi-Fi Setup Wizard option.
  •   Press the navigation buttons on the screen and select your wireless network. Then press the OK button.
  •   When the Enter password screen opens, enter the network password.
  •   Select Done and then press OK.
  •   Press the OK button to confirm your wireless settings.
  •   The Wi-Fi light will stay lit instead of blinking.

Epson Wf 4720 Wireless Setup

Epson Wf 2540 Airprint Setup

With the AirPrint feature, you can connect an iOS device to your printer and perform simple printing functions. Make sure the iOS device is on the same wireless network as the Epson WF 2540 printer. Now, let’s see the steps to print a document from iPhone using AirPrint.

  •   Open a document on your iPhone.
  •   Tap the Share icon and select Print.
  •   Select the printer Epson WF 2540 setup from the list.
  •   You can choose the number of copies using the + or – icon.
  •   Tap Print.

Epson Wf 2540 Scan To Computer

  •   Make sure the printer software is installed on the computer.
  •   Press the Scan button on the printer control panel.
  •   Now, you will see a set of scan options.
  •   Select Scan to PC/ Scan to PC (PDF)/ Scan to PC (Email).        
  •   Press the Start Color button on the screen to scan to the computer.

Epson Wf 2540 Troubleshooting

The printer goes through a rough patch once it’s used over a long period of time. When your Epson WF 2540 setup encounters an issue, you can see the related error message on the printer control panel. Most of the time, you will be able to fix the printer issue by following the control panel instructions. You can also contact our support team for remote assistance to fix your printer issues. 

Epson Wf 2540 Printer Offline

  •   While there are many reasons why the Epson WF 2540 printer goes offline, there is a simple method to resolve the issue.
  •   Disable the Use printer offline option:
  •   Open Control Panel on your Windows computer.
  •   Select the Devices and Printers option.
  •   You will see a list of the printers connected to your computer.
  •   Right-click on the Epson WF 2540 printer and select the See what’s printing option.
  •   Click the Printer option.
  •   If the checkbox for the Use Printer Offline is checked, click to uncheck the option.

Epson Wf 2540 Paper Feed Problem


  •   If you are having paper feed problems in your Epson wf 2540 setup, here are the steps to follow.
  •   Remove the excess paper from the paper input tray.
  •   Align the paper properly and make sure to adjust the paper guides according to the edges of the paper.
  •   If you are feeding multiple paper at once, take out the paper and even them.
  •   Make sure to not exceed the paper tray limit.
  •   Make sure to choose the correct paper settings in the printing preferences.
  •   Load the papers with a smooth finish and not the ones that are curled or damaged in any way.
  •   Make sure you set the proper media for the print you have chosen.
  •   Make sure to see if you are using the Epson-supported paper media for your prints.

Epson Wf 4720 Troubleshooting

Epson Wf 2540 Paper Jam


Paper jam inside the printer:

  •   Cancel the print job from your computer.
  •   Gently remove the jammed paper from the paper output tray.
  •   Open the scanning unit of the printer.
  •   Locate and remove the crushed or jammed paper from the inside and take it out.
  •   Make sure to remove the foreign particles from the printer as well.
  •   Close the scanning unit.

Paper jam in the ADF:

  •   Cancel the print job if necessary.
  •   Open the ADF cover.
  •   Carefully remove the jammed paper without damaging it further.
  •   Remove the torn pieces as well.
  •   Close the ADF cover and lift the document cover.
  •   See if there are any torn pieces of paper stuck on the scanner glass.


Epson Wf 2540 Not Printing


  •   If you are printing wirelessly from your computer, make sure the printer is connected to the wireless network.
  •   If the printer is connected through a USB cable, make sure the cable is properly attached to the printer and the computer.
  •   Make sure you have the cartridges installed correctly inside the cartridge slots.
  •   Make sure to select the Epson WF 2540 printer as the default printer.

Steps to make Epson WF 2540 printer as default:

  •   Open the Control Panel window.
  •   Click the Devices and Printers option.
  •   Select the Epson WF 2540 printer.
  •   Do a right-click and select the Set as default printer option.
  •   These are the steps to make Epson wf 2540 setup as default printer