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HP Deskjet 2635 Setup Guidelines

  •   Open the seal of the blue and white HP printer package in the first step using a knife.
  •   Take out all the additional accessories such as power cord, USB cable, ink cartridge, manual, and the quick installation guide from the box.
  •   Lift the HP Deskjet 2635 Setup printer from the box and place it on a steady surface.
  •   Attach it to the power supply using the power cord provided by the manufacturer.
  •   Turn on the HP Deskjet 2635 printer and set the preferences according to your choice.
  •   Download the drivers from this site and install it on your system.

HP Deskjet 2635 Driver

This HP printer requires the installation of the full-feature driver on your system. Specify the OS Version in the correct textbox and tap the Driver Download button from the Results page.

HP Deskjet 2635 Manual

The manual contains all the instructions that are related to the HP Deskjet 2635 printer. Pictorial representations are also available to help you understand the setup process properly. Download the manual for the HP printer from this site.

How to Print on HP Deskjet 2635?

Search for the document you wish to print and open it on your system.

  •   Choose the Print option that is present under the File menu. The Properties dialog box will now open.
  •   Go to the Printer Properties tab and choose the correct Printing Shortcut option.  
  •   Modify other Print Settings in the next step using the tabs present there.
  •   Tap the OK button to close the Properties dialog box on HP Deskjet 2635 Setup printer.  
  •   Click the Print button to initiate the printing process.  

How to Scan on HP Deskjet 2635?

  •   The first step of the scanning procedure is to position the original document or image on the scanner glass.
  •   Launch the HP Smart app on your mobile device to assign a scan job.
  •   Choose the Scan option followed by the Scanner option.
  •   Tap the Settings icon to edit the basic scan settings. Click on the Preview button to preview the image or document before scanning.
  •   Make use of the Add option to add additional documents or photos to the scan job.
  •   Choose the file type and the tap Save button.
  •   Click Scan to start scanning the documents.

How to Copy on HP Deskjet 2635?

  •   Position the document to be scanned on the scanner bed. Load plain papers in the input tray after extending it.
  •   Ensure that there is no dust or fingerprints on the scanner glass. If so, wipe it with a damp cloth before scanning.
  •   Tap the Start Copy Black or the Start Copy Color button based on your choice.
  •   The copying process will start in the next two seconds on HP Deskjet 2635 Setup printer.
  •   If you want to print more copies, then tap the Copy button again.

HP Deskjet 2635 Wireless Setup


  •   Navigate to the Setup option on the HP Deskjet 2635 front control panel.
  •   Select Settings Wireless Setup and then follow the step-by-step instruction on the control panel to finish the wireless setup.
  •   Also, do not forget to perform the wireless setup on your computer during the HP printer software installation.


  •   Find the Wireless and Resume buttons on the front panel of the HP Deskjet 2635 printer and then press them at the same time.
  •   Make sure not to hold the Wireless and Resume button for not more than three seconds.
  •   Now, the HP Deskjet 2635 printer begins to print a Wi-Fi Direct Guide page.

HP Deskjet 2635 Troubleshooting

You are strongly recommended to refer the user guide manual before you use the HP Deskjet 2635 Setup printer to prevent any printer-related issues in the future. If your Deskjet 2635 printer is not functioning correctly, no need to worry. Follow the quick steps mentioned below to resolve the problems.

HP Deskjet 2635 Printer Offline

  •   Change the wireless network of your HP Deskjet 2635 printer as well as the computer.
  •   Reconfigure the wireless network settings from the HP Deskjet 2635 printer control panel.
  •   Make sure to disable the remaining printers except for the one you are now using to perform the printing function.
  •   The distance between the HP Deskjet 2635 printer and the wireless router should be nearly 5 feet.
  •   The quickest way to troubleshoot the problems related to the printer functions like printing, scanning, and copying is to install and run the HP Print and Scan Doctor software on your computer.
  •   If you are Windows 10 user, go the Start menu on the home screen.
  •   Click Windows System Control Panel to display the Control Panel window on the next screen.
  •   Navigate to Hardware and Sound and then select the ‘View devices and printers’ option for HP Deskjet 2635 Setup.
  •   Find the model name of your HP Printer and then right-click its icon.
  •   Navigate to See What’s Printing and checkmark the box beside the Pause Printing or Use Printer Offline option.
  •   Also, select ‘Set as Default Printer’ option from the Printer menu.
  •   Try to clear the print jobs from the Print Queue list.

HP Deskjet 2635 Paper Jam

  •   If there is paper jam in the input tray, then open the input tray and make use of a flashlight to check if any paper is stuck there.
  •   If so, you have to remove it carefully with both your hands. Else, touch the Cancel button to clear the paper jam error automatically.
  •   In case the paper jam issue is in the output tray, you have to discard it to ensure the proper working of the printer.
  •   Make sure not to tear the paper while pulling it out.
  •   Finally, check the cartridge area for any paper jam and remove the paper that is stuck in the HP Deskjet 2635 Setup printer.
  •   Move the carriage from one end to another to ensure that there are no pieces of jammed paper there.
HP Deskjet 2635 Setup

HP Deskjet 2635 Ink Cartridge Problem

If the HP Deskjet 2635 printer stops printing black, you need to follow these steps to resolve this issue.

  •   If your HP Deskjet 2635 printer has ink cartridge issues, then you have to clean the contacts.
  •   Remove the HP ink cartridge from its slot after the carriage becomes silent.
  •   You can make use of a dry swab or a lint-free cloth to wipe the electrical contacts.
  •   Replace the cartridge that is creating the problem and then take a test print.
  •   Check if you have installed the genuine HP ink cartridges in your HP Deskjet 2635 Setup printer.
  •   Duplicate cartridges might create unwanted issues.
  •   If the issue persists, then service your HP Deskjet 2635 printer.

HP Deskjet 2635 Not Scanning

  •   If you have a Windows system, then you can download the HP Print and Scan Doctor software o your system.
  •   This software will help you detect problems with your HP Deskjet 2635 printer.
  •   Download it from the official site and install it using the step by step guideline displayed on your screen.
  •   Once you open the software, click the Fix Scanning button to check if there are any issues related to scanning.
  •   If an error is found, it will be displayed on your screen. The guidelines to solve the problem will also be stated.
  •   Follow it and rectify the not scanning problem.
  •   Reset the HP Deskjet 2635 Setup printer if the above-stated solutions do not rectify the error.