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HP Envy 4505 is an affordable three-in-one printer designed for small to mid-size home/office printing, scanning, and copying needs. It comes with great features like duplex printing, wireless, wired, USB connectivity options, mobile printing capability, and more. The print quality and speed of this Envy printer are excellent.
However, its running cost is quite high. The HP Envy 4505 printer setup is a quick and straightforward process to perform. Continue reading this page to know the complete setup process in detail.

Hp Envy 4505


The setup process includes five simple steps. You can perform this setup process even if you don’t have any experience in setting up the printer in the past.

Five simple steps:

  •   Preparing the printer (unpacking)
  •   Turning on the printer
  •   Loading paper

  •   Installing and aligning the ink cartridges
  •   Installing the printer software

Now, let’s see the entire HP Envy 4505 printer setup process in detail.

Preparing the printer (unpacking)

Unpack your printer completely to begin the setup process.

  •   Remove the HP Envy 4505 printer from the plastic cover and Styrofoam pieces.
  •   Now, gently peel off all the packing tapes present inside and outside of the printer.
  •   Remove the cardboard pieces present in the ink cartridge area.
  •   After unpacking your printer completely, place it on a dust-free surface.
  •   Ensure that the unwanted packing materials are recycled properly.

Turning on the Hp Printer

After preparing your printer, turn it on to go to the next step of the setup.

Hp Envy 4505 Printer
  •   Connect your HP Envy 4505 printer directly to the AC outlet.
  •   Now, your printer will turn on automatically.
  •   If it doesn’t, press the ON/OFF or Power button on your printer’s control panel to turn it on.
  •   If you’re turning on the printer for the first time, it might take a few minutes to complete the initial boot-up process.
  •   So, wait patiently for the boot-up process to complete.
  •   Once it is done, set the basic settings, such as language, date/time, etc., as per your preferences.
  •   Finally, press OK.

Loading paper

Prepare and load the recommended paper type into the tray.

  •   Open the input paper tray and extender on your printer.
  •   Move the guides to the ends.
  •   Fan and load the prepared paper into the tray.
  •   Ensure that the paper is not overloaded in the tray.
  •   Adjust the guides and push the tray towards the printer.
  •   Open the output tray of your printer.
Hp Envy 4505 Paper Loading

Installing & aligning the ink cartridges

Install and align the cartridges to complete the HP Envy 4505 printer’s hardware setup.

  •   Raise the scanner unit of your printer.
  •   Unpack the ink cartridges.
  •   Ensure that the carriage is idle.
  •   Open the cartridge lids.
  •   Now, install the unpacked ink cartridges into their slots.
  •   Close the lids and lower the scanner unit.
  •   Now, your printer will automatically start to print the alignment page.
  •   Once the alignment page is printed, place it on the scanner glass and press OK.
  •   If the printer scans the alignment page successfully, it means the ink cartridges are installed properly.
  •   Otherwise, remove and reinstall the cartridges.

Installing the hp envy 4505 software

Complete the HP Envy 4505 printer setup by installing its software on your computer.

  •   Run the printer driver file on your computer.
  •   Select and install the desired printer drivers when prompted.
  •   Similarly, when prompted, select the connection type using which you wish to connect your printer to the computer.
  •   Install the printer driver to complete the setup process.
  •   After installing the printer software, print or scan a test page to check whether the setup process is done correctly.
  •   If your printer scans or prints the test page successfully, the setup is done correctly.
  •   Otherwise, re-perform the setup process.


  •   Download the HP Envy 4505 printer driver from its official support page if the setup CD/ROM is not provided during the purchase or the provided one is incompatible with your OS.
  •   Go to the official support page of your printer.
  •   Click the Software, Drivers and Firmware tab.
  •   Check to ensure that your OS type is selected correctly on the Software Download screen.
  •   Now, locate the recommended printer driver for your OS type and click the Download button beside it.
  •   Once the printer driver is downloaded, run and install it on your computer.


The HP Envy 4505 printer comes with two ink cartridges: black (HP 61 Black) and color (HP 61 Tri-color). These two ink cartridges are provided along with the printer during the purchase. You can also get the replacement cartridges from the HP Store. Refer to the instructions given above to install or replace the ink cartridges on your printer. To replace the ink cartridge, first, you have to remove the existing one from your printer. After removing it, unpack and install the replacement one in its slot as discussed above.


  •   To use or access your HP printer from the Mac computer or iOS device using the AirPrint feature, first, connect both the devices (computer or iOS device and printer) to the same wireless network.
  • *Note: Scroll down this page to know how to connect your HP printer to a wireless network.

  •   After connecting the devices (printer and computer or iOS device) to the same Wi-Fi network, open the page, file, or document you want to print on your computer or hand-held device.
  •   Tap the Share icon or click the Print option.
  •   Ensure that your HP AirPrint printer is selected correctly.
  •   Set the print settings as per your preferences.
  •   Finally, tap or click the Print button.
  •   Now, your printer will start to print the selected document or page.


You can use the traditional method (using router) or the WPS method (router with WPS) to set up your HP Envy 4505 printer over a wireless network. The next section covers both methods briefly.


  •   If you wish to use the PUSH method of WPS, start the WPS PUSH button mode on your printer. To do so:
  •   Hold down the Wi-Fi button for a few seconds.
  •   Within a few seconds, the Wi-Fi light will start to blink.
  •   Now, release the button.
  •   Now, press the WPS or Wi-Fi Protected Setup button on your router to connect the printer to it.
  •   Similarly, if you wish to use the PIN method of WPS, get your printer’s WPS PIN. To do so:
  •   Open the Wireless menu by pressing the Wi-Fi button.
  •   Select Settings > Wi-Fi Protected Setup > PIN.
  •   Note down the WPS PIN of your printer.
  •   Now, go to your router’s web access page.
  •   Click the WPS button or option.
  •   Type your printer’s WPS PIN in the given field.
  •   Now, your printer will be connected to the wireless network.

Traditional method

  •   First, get your wireless router or access point’s SSID and password.
  •   Secondly, turn on your printer and place it closer to the router.
  •   Now, press the Wi-Fi button on your printer’s control panel.
  •   Select the Settings option followed by Wireless Setup Wizard.
  •   Finally, connect your printer to the wireless network by following the on-screen instructions.
Hp Envy 4505 wireless setup

The HP Envy 4505 printer wireless setup is incomplete without the driver installation process. So, after connecting your printer to the wireless network, connect the Windows or Mac computer (on which you wish to access the printer) to the same network and install the printer driver on it to complete the Wi-Fi setup.


  •   Visit the official support page of your HP printer.
  •   Click the Manuals tab.
  •   Select the manual you want.
  •   Now, the selected manual will open within your browser.
  •   Click the Download icon available on the opened screen to download the manual.


The process of printers are quite hard to understand. The method of identifying and solving the trouble in the printers is known as troubleshooting. Troubleshooting is done in operation of printers or physically in the change of cartridges etc. Operating errors include printing error, scanning error, etc. Those errors occurs due to improper functioning of the printer.

Print Quality Issue


  •   Using incompatible ink cartridges
  •   Using damaged cartridges
  •   Using low or empty cartridges


  •   Initially, check to ensure that you have installed the genuine ink cartridges on your printer.
  •   Secondly, make sure that the cartridges are installed properly in their slots.
  •   Check the estimated ink levels of the cartridges and replace them if necessary.
  •   After replacing the cartridges, make sure to align them.



  •   Connectivity problems
  •   Misconfigured printer settings
  •   Installing a wrong printer driver


  •   Check and connect your computer or hand-held device and the printer to the same network.
  •   Set your printer as the default machine if you haven’t done it yet.
  •   Install the correct and latest version of the printer driver on your computer.
  •   Disable the Use Printer Offline option or enable the Use Printer Online option on your computer.
  •   Configure the printer settings correctly.



  •   Inserting a wrong paper type
  •   Overloading the paper
  •   Loading folded or frayed paper into the tray


  •   Remove the paper left in the input tray.
  •   Look for the jammed paper inside and other possible parts of the printer.
  •   If you find any jammed or stuck paper, gently pull it out of the printer.
  •   Ensure that the jammed paper is removed carefully from the printer.
  •   After removing the jammed paper, reload the input tray and print a test page.


  •   Load the recommended paper type in the tray.
  •   Ensure that the paper is not overloaded in the tray.
  •   Check to ensure that the paper that you have loaded is not folded or frayed.

Contact us to know more about troubleshooting the HP Envy 4505 printer problems. For this purpose, you can make use of the Call option provided on this page.

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