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Avail HP Deskjet 2135 Setup

The user can make printing, scanning, and copy easily with an HP DeskJet all-in-one printer. The printer is known for its best quality black prints which deliver up to 1200*1200 rendered dpi. The operating systems which are compatible with the printer are windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. This printer offers a one-year limited warranty. This printer does not support borderless printing. It weighs 3.42 kgs. The monthly duty cycle for A4 sheets is up to 1000 pages. The HP Deskjet 2135 Setup printer includes a USB cable of 1.5m. It is an All-in-one Printer that has a flatbed type scanner. This printer can print everything from tiny coupons to school projects easily at home.

HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2135 Driver

The driver can be used to establish a connection between a compatible device and a printer. Drivers are required to enjoy all the features of the printer. The user can download the latest version of the hp Deskjet mobile all in one printer driver from our website. Additional drivers are also available, and these drivers will enhance the performance of the printer when installed. Download and install the drivers. There are many kinds of drivers for all major components of your printer. If there are any issues regarding the printer software, contact us and our technical experts will solve all your problems.

HP Deskjet 2135 Ink Cartridge

The HP Deskjet 2135 supports black and tri-color cartridges which are refillable. Ink cartridges can help the user can get more prints. Warranty for the HP cartridges is applicable only when it is used in its designated HP printing device. To protect cartridges from drying out, always turn off the printer using the Power button, and wait until the light on it goes out. Insert the cartridges into its correct slot. Match the color and icon of each cartridge to that of each slot. Make sure the cartridges click into its place.

How to Download HP Deskjet 2135 Ink Advantage Driver?

  •   The driver can be used to establish a HP Deskjet 2135 Setup between a compatible device and the printer.
  •   Drivers are needed to enjoy the all the features of the printer.
  •   The user can download the latest version of the hp desk jet printer driver from our website.
  •   Use a software installation CD to install the driver. After inserting the CD, a list of files gets displayed on the screen.
  •   Select the setup file from the list. For a Windows system, the file format is .exe and Mac system, the format is .dmg. Select it based on the OS of your computer.
  •   Double-click on it to start the installation process. In case the installation process is not done properly, download the driver from our website and install it.
  •   There are many kinds of drivers for all the major components of your printer.
  •   Printers experience various issues at the time of printing. When in need of printing an important document, an error message displays on the control panel.
  •   In case there is a false paper jam error message that displays on the control panel of the printer, try to change the printers to the active mode.
  •   If any issues, contact us and our technical experts will solve all your issues.

How to do Unboxing HP Deskjet 2135 Setup?

  •   Your printer will be packed inside the box.
  •   Take out the printer from its box, discard all packing materials from it. Place the printer on an even surface.
  •    Plug-in one end of the cable to the printer’s rear.
  •   The other end should be connected to the wall socket. Turn on the printer.
  •   HP Deskjet 2135 Setup the ink cartridges into their corresponding slots. Ensure that you have inserted them correctly for secure printing.
  •   HP printers and papers are tested with original HP ink cartridges to give you the ease to produce excellent results.
  •   To print successfully, the HP ink cartridges should have sufficient ink in them and should function properly.
  •   Feed plain paper into the input tray.
  •   To change default print settings, open the HP printer software, click Print & Scan, and choose Set Preferences.
  •   Print your document on both sides manually.
  •    If a cartridge is removed from the printer, it should be replaced as soon as possible as unprotected cartridges start to dry out.

HP Deskjet 2135 How to Scan?

  •   Before scanning a document on a computer, make sure that you have already installed the HP recommended printer. Turn On the computer as well as the printer.
  •   Load the primary print side down on the right front corner in scanner glass.
  •   Open the printer software from the desktop icon.
  •   In the HP Deskjet 2135 Setup printer software, click Scan a Document or Photo, select the type of scan you want and choose Scan. Choose Save as PDF to save the scanned document as a PDF file or choose to Save as JPEG to save it as an image file.

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