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HP Laserjet Pro M452dn Setup is a laser printer for small offices. The printer can laser print color pages with great speed. For easy connectivity the printer has USB 2.0 and supports mobile printing, Ethernet and Wi-Fi capability. The printer has excellent paper handling – it has a 250-sheet main tray capacity, a duplexer, and a 50-sheet multipurpose tray. It has a print speed of 28ppm and a print resolution of 600×600 dpi that can be enhanced to 38400×600 dpi. The 3.0” color touchscreen provides smooth navigation through the menu. The printer offers an optional capacity of 550 sheets which makes a total of 850 sheets.

Difference Between HP Laserjet Pro M452dn and M452nw

Printer Features
hp laserjet pro m452dn
HP laserjet Pro M452dn
hp color laserjet pro m452nw
HP laserjet Pro M452nw
Auto duplexing Available Unavailable
Wi-Fi Direct Unavailable Available
Touch screen command Available Unavailable
Weight 19kgs 18kgs
Dimensions 65×41×34 45×41×30

HP Color Laserjet Pro m452dn Driver

The driver for HP Color Laserjet Pro M452dn Setup printer is available on our website for free. Users can download the driver on their devices with respect to their device configuration. The driver is available for Windows as well as for Mac users. Drivers play a major role in finding out the issues with the printer. It enables the print jobs and provides many other options to enhance the handling of the printer. We provide technical solution; feel free to contact us if there are any queries or issues.

HP Color Laserjet Pro m452dn Manual

The HP Color Laserjet Pro M452dn Manual is usually shipped with the printer. The manual can be found inside the carton. The manual provides detailed information about problems that may arise with the printer, shows the error codes, and also consists of the setup procedure. Our website also provides a PDF copy of the manual. The manual has pictorial representations for better understanding of the instructions. The HP Color Laserjet Pro M452dn Setup printer manual in our website is updated and consists of all the troubleshooting procedures.

How To Download Printer Driver For Windows

  •   Search for the printer online and click on our website to the download the driver.
  •   Check for the driver on our website and click on the download link.
  •   Make sure you know about the device’s configuration. You have to cross check if the configuration of the device is the same as that on the link.
  •   The wrong driver can cause many problems to the printer and the device.
  •   Click on the link and download the file. For any further information, contact us.

How To download Printer Driver For Mac

  •   The user has to search for the driver for Mac on the Internet and open our website to find the download link for their Mac device.
  •   Ensure that the user’s Mac version matches with that of the driver link on the website.
  •   Click the link and download the file. Open the folder to locate the setup file.
  •   HP Color Laserjet Pro M452dn Setup the driver on the device and accept the terms and conditions.
  •   User can contact us in case of any queries or issues.

How To Install Toner

The HP Laserjet Pro m452dn is a color printer. The printer’s ink palette supports magenta, yellow, black and cyan. The printer uses 410 series of toner for printing. The user should buy genuine HP toners for their printer, else there are chances it might affect the print quality. Ensure that the toner is installed in the printer carefully. If it is not installed properly, there are chances that the printer will not print. For further queries, contact us.

How to Remove Toner Tray?

  •   Removing the toner tray from the HP Color Laserjet Pro m452dn printer is easy. The toner tray can be accessed at the top of the printer.
  •   Lift the scanner assembly of the printer until the top cover is firmly in its place.
  •   Hold the handle present at the middle of the HP Color Laserjet Pro M452dn Setup printer toner cartridge and pull it out.
  •   Pull the release tab on the toner.

Easy Wireless HP Color Laserjet Pro M452dn Setup

  •   HP Laserjet Pro m452dn provides a wireless printing feature to its user. This helps in easy printing from anywhere, and there is no need for connecting cords to the printer.
  •   The user has to download the driver on the device. The printer driver can be downloaded from our website and is available for free.
  •   Connect to the power socket to the printer and check if the Internet is working.
  •   Check if the device is connected to the same network to which the printer is connected.
  •   On the printer display panel, press the Wireless button. Click on the Wireless On/OFF button.
  •   Select the On button and return to the Wireless menu and select Wi-Fi Protected Setup.
  •   Select the network on which the printer has to be connected.

printer wireless setup

  •   Once the connection is established with the printer wirelessly, remove the UBB cable.
  •   Once the HP Color Laserjet Pro M452dn Setup is established, the user can print his document easily, if the user faces any other problems, he/she can refer the manual or contact us.


Contact us to install your printer software, diagnostics application, and other software to initiate mobile printing.

HP Color Laserjet Pro M452dn Troubleshooting

How to Clear HP Color Laserjet Pro M452dn 550602 Error?

  •    The printer can throw the 550602 error code. Cause of error code can be the DC controller NVRAM access error.
  •   This error means that the printer is facing an error with one of the internal sensors.
  •   Turn the printer OFF, disconnect the printer from the power socket. Reconnect the printer again and turn it ON.
  •   If the error persists, it could mean that the engine controller PCA needs to be replaced.
  •   Contact the Hp support team to resolve the issue or service the printer.

How to Clean HP Color Laserjet Pro M452dn?

  •   The HP Color Laserjet Pro M452dn Setup printer needs to be cleaned between certain intervals of time. In order to clean the it, the printer has to be turned OFF and disconnected from the power socket.
  •   Open the printer to gain access to the internal parts or the inner components.
  •   Remove all the detachable components and wipe the toner with activated toner cloth.
  •   Use a position toner vacuum cleaner to clean-up the used toner. With the help of a paintbrush clean the places that are hard to reach.
  •   Wash the paper feed roller by rubbing it with alcohol using cotton. Place the inner components and connect the HP Printer.

HP Color Laserjet Pro M452dn Won’t Print?

  •   The problem would have been caused by an unstable connection between the computer and printer.
  •   Ensure that the printer is connected to the computer as well as it is turned ON.
  •   Ensure that the device has proper drivers installed on it. If not, download the driver from our website.
  •   Ensure that the toner is installed properly, if not access the toner and HP Color Laserjet Pro M452dn Setup the toner properly.
  •   Ensure that the toner status is good enough to print the given print job. Else refill the toner or buy a new one.

HP Color Laserjet m452dn Won’t Print Large Pictures

  •   If the hp Laserjet printer does not print large pictures, try printing the picture from another software program.Ensure that the paper type is set according to the requirement of the print job.
  •   Check the status of the toner. The user can check the status on the computer or on the printer’s LCD screen.
  •   Inspect the toner cartridge for any damage. If there are scratches, fingerprints, or other imperfections on the roller, replace the toner cartridge.
  •   Print a cleaning page. This option is available for the printer. The user has to open the service menu and touch on the Cleaning Page button and load paper.
hp printer low memory error

Solve HP Color Laserjet m452dn Low Memory Error

  •   If the printer shows Low Memory error, restart the printer.
  •   Try to give another print job with lesser memory space. The user has to open a different file and try printing it.
  •   If the sentence prints correctly, either the original file is corrupt or the computer does not have enough memory.
  •   Manage space in the hard disk drive and modify the file.
  •   Uninstall the HP Color Laserjet Pro M452dn Setup printer driver and download the latest driver again from our website and try installing it again.