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Make printing simple using an affordable HP LaserJet Pro provided with Jet Intelligence Toner cartridges. It can produce compatible, professional texts and images using the tightly packed laser printer which is specially designed for quality of being efficient. It helps you to save energy with HP automatic On and Off technology. Print easily from anywhere using your smartphone, tablet, or any other devices.

HP Laserjet Pro Printer Solutions

Get the best printer setup and installation procedure, driver download and software update for your HP printer. Avail smart solutions for fixing various issues on your hp laserjet pro printers. Contact us to get Instant Solution.

List of HP Laserjet Pro Printers Models

Unboxing Printer Setup

Unpack the printer from the box, install the ink cartridges, and then load some white paper in it to finish the HP Laserjet Pro Setup.

  •   Take the hp laserjet pro printer from the package, and then remove all the packing materials from it.
  •   Check whether all the printer components are available in the box.
  •   Remove the protective cover from the document feeder.
  •   Open the front cover of the hp laserjet pro printer.
  •   Unpack the toner cartridge from the package, remove the sealing tape from it, and then close the front door.
  •   Pull the paper tray outwards, remove the orange shipping tape and the cardboard from it.
  •   Adjust the paper guides according to the correct paper size.
  •   Load some plain, white paper inside the tray.
  •   Close the paper tray.
  •   Connect the power wire to the printer and the power socket.
  •   Use the power cord that is provided with your printer to avoid any damage to the printer and its components.
  •   Turn On the printer and wait for a few seconds to finish the hp laserjet pro printer setup.

Free Printer Driver Download

Download and HP Laserjet Pro Setup the recent version of the HP LaserJet Pro printer driver and software from our site free of cost.

  •   Determine the printer model and the OS that you have.
  •   Go to the web browser and search for the driver.
  •   Choose an appropriate driver that supports your system’s OS.
  •   Click on the link given to download the driver.
  •   Wait for a few minutes until the download completes.
  •   Do not turn off your PC during the download process.
  •   Choose a location to save the downloaded file.
  •   The setup file ends with a .exe for Windows and .dmg for Mac.
  •   In case the file you downloaded is in zip format, extract it and run it on your system.
  •   Double-click the driver file and agree to the Terms and Conditions by clicking the checkbox.
  •   Connect the printer to the computer using a USB cable or wireless network.
  •   Install the downloaded driver using a wired or a wireless network connection.
  •   Follow the onscreen prompts to complete the HP Laserjet Pro Setup.
  •   Try to print a document to make sure that your printer works.

HP Laserjet Pro Printer Repair Manual

The hp laserjet pro printer repair manual comes along with your printer‘s package. It helps you to reduce the printer related issues. The repair manual provides you with the strategies required for the removal and replacement of the printer components. Refer to the manual to troubleshoot the printer problems. Follow the guidelines given in the printer repair manual to fix your printer related issues. Reset or service the printer if the issue persists. Download the pdf format of hp laserjet pro printer repair manual from our website if you are not provided with it. Contact us for any technical assistance.

Scan Document on HP Laserjet Pro Printer

Set up and use the scanner on the HP laserjet pro printer which is connected to the Windows computer. Scan a document easily with the HP Laserjet Pro Setup printer. Make use of the HP Scan software to initiate scanning from the software on your computer. Save the scanned document as a file or send it to another software application. Place the document to be scanned into the document feeder or on the scanner glass according to the indications on the printer. Touch HP, and then choose your printer. Click Start on the computer windows, and then change the necessary settings. Finally, tap scan to complete the process.

How to Check Cartridge Level on Printer

Go to the Start menu on your device to check the ink level on the HP cartridges. A control panel dialog box pops up. Now, click on the control panel icon on the displayed box. Open Click on printers and faxes, and then double-click it. A new window pops up. Take a look at the list of your printers to find your selected printer. Right-clicking anywhere on the desktop screen displays a menu, choose Printing Preferences from it. A new window opens, click the Services tab on it. Now, select the estimated ink level tab to view how much ink is remaining in the cartridge of the printer.

How to Change Ink Cartridge on Printer?

Do not take the toner cartridge out from its package unless you are ready to HP Laserjet Pro Setup it. Open the front door of the printer. Hold and pull the blue handle of the toner cartridge drawer to open it. Grasp the handle of the cartridge that you need to change and pull it straight up to remove it from the slot. Refer to our website for more information on recycling empty toner cartridges. Remove the new toner cartridges from its package. Insert the new toner cartridge in its slot. Push the toner cartridge drawer until it clicks to its position, and then close the front door.

How To Setup The Printer Wireless?

  •   Set up the HP laserjet pro printer on a wireless network. Go to the web browser and navigate to your printer model on your Windows computer.
  •   Select Download to save the installation file. Open the saved file to extract and launch the software.
  •   Click Continue to set up the printer and make sure that you receive all the best software solutions and services available to you.
  •   Click the checkbox displayed on the screen to accept the agreements and settings, and then click Continue.
  •   Make sure that the model that you download matches with your printer. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the software HP Laserjet Pro Setup.

How To Connect The Printer with Wi-Fi?

  •   Make sure that you have connected your computer to a wireless network. Connect the printer to the same wireless network as your computer.
  •   Tap the wireless icon on the home screen of the printer’s control panel.
  •   Touch Wireless menu, and then choose Wireless Setup Wizard on the Wireless Menu screen.
  •   It may take some time for your printer to receive the wireless network information. A list of detected wireless networks will display.
  •   Select the wireless network that your computer is connected to from the list. Type the SSID password, and then tap OK to connect the printer to a wireless network.

HP Laserjet Pro Troubleshooting

Troubleshoot the claim code issues, like an expired, invalid, or lost claim code, or when you are unable to get the information page after turning on the Web Services. The printer does not print if an error message of offline or HP Laserjet Pro Setup printer offline displays on the computer screen. Download an upgraded version of the HP Print and Scan Doctor which is specially designed to solve the printer’s offline conditions. Resetting your printing environment can restore the connection to the printer and the device you are printing from. The printer cannot print from your computer if the print job is stuck in the print queue.

Why HP Laserjet Pro Printer Not Printing

  •   Check the network connectivity of the printer and reset the printer to factory settings.
  •   Make sure that you are using a high-quality network cable and it should be securely connected to the printer and the network port.
  •   Remove the switches, hubs or extenders, if any, and then connect the ethernet cable directly from the wall or modem if possible.
  •   Check the connectivity of the Embedded Web Server (EWS) and make sure that the printer is in a ready state.
  •   Print the configuration page to obtain the IP address. Restart the printer and try again if the report does not print.

HP Laserjet Pro Printer Not Responding

  •   Check the connectivity between the HP Laserjet Pro Setup printer and the Mac device.
  •   Restart your computer and wait for it to become idle. When the computer has finished restarting, click the Apple icon, and then choose System Preferences.
  •   Select Printers and Scanners, Print & Fax, or Print & Scan to open the Printers list. Click your HP printer in the Printers list, and then click Open Print Queue.
  •   A power reset may help when the printer is not responding. Remove the multiple printers from the printer list, and then try printing again.
  •   Delete the existing print queue from the printer’s list and then add the printer.

HP Laserjet Pro Printer Offline

  •   Resetting the power to the printer is the most convenient way to reboot the printing system.
  •   Check the wireless connectivity between the printer and the computer. Make sure the printer’s print queue is not set to print offline.
  •   Verify if you have changed any of the Wi-Fi settings recently. HP also provides a free tool called HP Print and Scan Doctor to determine and resolve the printing problems.
  •   Download and HP Laserjet Pro Setup the HP Print and Scan Doctor to perform several hp laserjet pro printer troubleshooting tasks to solve the issue.
  •   Change the default print driver to the initially installed driver to continue printing and then try to print.

How to Clean HP Laserjet Pro Printer?

  •   Switch off the hp laserjet pro printer and disconnect it from the power source. Remove the duplexer carefully from the printer and place it on a sheet of paper.
  •   Locate the paper under the platten to catch any debris that might fall as a result of cleaning. Release the green tab, and then lower the platten.
  •   Moisten one of the cotton swabs using Isopropyl alcohol. Do not remove the platten from the printer.
  •   Clean the dirt areas using the alcohol-moistened cotton swab. Raise the platen and remove the paper which you have placed under it.
  •   Install the duplexer into the printer, and then close the front door of the printer.

HP Laserjet Pro Printer Failure

  •   A printer reset can clear the printer failure error message in some cases.
  •   Turn off the HP Laserjet Pro Setup printer and disconnect the power cord from the rear of it. Unplug the alternative end of the cable from the wall socket and wait for a few seconds.
  •   Plug the power cable back into the wall outlet, and reconnect it to the rear of the printer.
  •   Remove the duplexer and clear any jammed paper from the rear of the printer, and then reinsert the duplexer.
  •   Make sure that the ink in the cartridge moves freely. Print a test page to verify that the hardware functions correctly.

HP Laserjet Pro Printhead Error

  •   A Missing or Failed Printhead error message appears on the control panel of the printer after installing a new printhead, and the printer does not print.
  •   An unlatched or improperly seated printhead can cause this printhead error in your printer.
  •   Open the carriage latch. Hold the sides of the printhead, and then lift the printhead slightly.
  •   Reinstall the printhead into the carriage to reseat it, and then lower the carriage latch.
  •   Sometimes the error messages persist even after inserting the printhead. Reseat the HP Laserjet Pro Setup printer printhead thrice to clear any error messages. Service or replace the printhead if you are still experiencing the problem.