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123.hp.com/ojpro8730 Printer

The 123.hp.com/ojpro8730 printer is one of the premium printers from the HP family. Get professional quality color prints with low cost per page. The automatic 2-sided printing or commonly known as duplex printing is best suited for users who print frequently. The large touch screen display helps the user to assign the print jobs directly from the printer without using the computer. Use of original HP ink cartridges for your HP printer is highly recommended to get high-quality prints and a longer ink life.

HP Officejet Pro 8720 vs HP Officejet Pro 8730

  •   Both the printers print at a speed of 20 ppm.
  •   30,000 pages is the monthly duty cycle produced by these models.
  •   But the HP 8730 scores high in memory specifications.
  •   The HP 8720 has a memory of 256 MB while the HP 8730 has a massive 8730 MB as internal memory.
  •   Both the models have a similar diagonal display with the 4.3” touch screen.

HP Officejet Pro 8730 Driver

The HP Officejet Pro 8730 software helps in establishing a connection between the printer and the computer or to any other compatible devices. The 123.hp.com/ojpro8730 printer drivers are available for almost all the operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux and others. Our website provides the driver download files for the user to download them according to their operating system version. Refer to our website’s instructions manual to know more about downloading and installing the drivers. Contact us if you have any queries regarding driver download issues.

HP Officejet Pro 8730 Manual

Our website provides a user manual that has all the guidelines required for the user to operate the HP Officejet 8730 printer. The manual has instructions and all the necessary guidelines for the user to HP Officejet Pro 8730 Setup and troubleshoot issues as well. There are several maintenance instructions that are mentioned in the guidelines which are highly useful for the user to operate the device without facing any troubles. It is recommended to have a look into the manual before using the printer.

123.hp.com/ojpro8730 Ink

The HP Officejet Pro 8730 ink cartridges contain very high quality ink that can print with superior colors. There are two types of ink cartridges, you can choose one depending on your 123.hp.com/ojpro8730 printing requirement. Standard-size original ink cartridges are used by people who print less often. These ink cartridges are usually preferred by people who do not use the printer everyday. Original HP High-Yield ink cartridges are chosen by the users who print everyday or more frequently. These ink cartridges deliver low cost per page and lowers the cartridge replacement issues. Buy the cartridges from the nearest retailer or directly from the manufacturer’s site.

HP Officejet Pro 8730 Cartridges

Ink cartridges have to be replaced once they are out of ink. Replace the ink cartridges with genuine HP ink cartridges. Use of any third party ink cartridges may is not be recommended for the printer’s safety. Printer cartridge number is the serial number present on the printer through which the product can be identified. The 61 XL ink cartridges are used generally in your 8730 printer. Both the Black and Color cartridge have the same serial numbers labeled on them.

HP Officejet Pro 8730 USB Setup

  •   The HP Officejet Pro 8730 USB port plays a significant role while setting up a USB connection.
  •   If the 123.hp.com/ojpro8730 printer is already connected to the computer wirelessly, then you have to uninstall the driver and software before setting up the USB connection.
  •   To start the process, first disconnect the printer from the computer.
  •   Open the Control Panel on the computer.
  •   Select the Printers and Faxes option from the list of programs. A list of available printers will be displayed.
  •   Right-click on your preferred printer network and select Delete.
  •   Now connect the USB cable 2.0 between the computer and the printer’s USB ports.
  •   The user may have to insert the software installation CD to HP Officejet Pro 8730 Setup the necessary software and drivers.
  •   If the CD is not available, download the drivers from our website and install them.
  •   Download the HP Printer application, enter the utility menu and select the type of USB model of the printer.

How to Change Ink on 123.hp.com/ojpro8730 Printer?

  •   The ink cartridge is found inside the printer. It contains the ink which gets deposited on paper during printing.
  •   Installing an 123.hp.com/ojpro8730 ink cartridge into your printer can be made easy. Turn on your machine.
  •   Lift the scanner part to access the cartridge panel. This will move the cartridge to its replacement location.
  •   Select the expended cartridge. Push the tab of the empty cartridge downward and lift it upwards.
  •   Now take the new cartridge out for installation. Slide the new ink cartridge in a diagonal manner. Close the panel after successfully installing the new ink cartridge. Do a test print if necessary.
  •   Refer our user manual for more information.
  •   Contact us if you want any solution in setting up your printer machine.

How to Print on HP Officejet Pro 8730?

Printing can be done wirelessly in several ways. Print or scan through Wi-Fi and other applications like AirPrint for iOS and ePrint for Android. It also supports the Cloud Print feature which is very useful when the user is away from the printer. Schedule your tasks to the print from whenever you are with the Cloud Print technology. Load adequate amount of papers before starting to print. Perform 123.hp.com/ojpro8730 printing operations wirelessly without the need of staying near the printer.

HP Officejet Pro 8730 Double Sided Printing

  •   Load blank paper into the input tray.Make sure that enough paper is loaded since you do not want a paper issue while printing large jobs.
  •   Open the document that has to be printed, click on the File menu and then click Print. From the list, choose the name of the printer, click on Printer Properties and choose Preferences.
  •   The Preferences option may also be displayed as Printer Setup in some computers. Choose the available option.
  •   The next tab will display the printing options. Under the Printing Shortcut select Print on Both sides or Two-sided printing.
  •   Click on Print on Both Sides and select the binding or page flip option if available. Click on OK and set the other preferences and finally, click on Print.

hp officejet pro 8730 double side printing

HP Officejet Pro 8730 How to Scan?

  •   Check whether the computer has the required software drivers for printer. If not, download the drivers from our website.
  •   Click on the Driver button with the Download icon on it to start the download. Complete the installation to start 123.hp.com/ojpro8730 scanning from the computer.
  •   Open the HP Officejet printer application on your desktop. The printer assistant will open.
  •   The Scan section will be present on the left side of the wizard. Select the Scan to computer option. This will enable the scanning feature.
  •   Set the preferences and press the Scan button to start the scan and the scanned documents will be saved to the Scan folder of your hard drive.

123.hp.com/ojpro8730 Factory Reset

  •   If the user cannot solve an issue that has been troubling him\her frequently, then obviously the last thing he\she would do is to reset the officejet printer.
  •   To perform a reset, turn on the printer by pressing the power button.
  •   Disconnect the power cord from the rear of the printer, with the power turned ON.
  •   Remove the power cord from the wall outlet. Wait for a few seconds and re-connect the power plug back into the outlet.
  •   Reconnect the power cord to the printer’s rear. If the 123.hp.com/ojpro8730 printer does not turn ON automatically, then press the Power button.

HP Officejet Pro 8730 Troubleshooting

Why HP Officejet Pro 8730 Printer Not Printing?

  •   Check the status of the printer’s wireless light on the control panel to determine if there is a connection between the printer and the router.
  •   If the wireless light is not turned ON, then there is an error. Print a Wireless page test report to identify the exact problem.
  •   The HP Officejet Pro 8730 Setup might have an interference if there are several networks connected to the same channel. If the problems still exists, try moving the printer nearer to the router and turn it ON.
  •   Check if the printer’s IP address and the router’s IP address are the same.
  •   If both the addresses are different, then the printer is not connected properly to the network.

Why HP Officejet Pro 8730 Printer is Offline?

  •   Offline problems or connection issues will occur if the printer is not properly connected to the network or if the connection is not established at all.
  •   The printer will display offline problems if the drivers are not updated, or not installed properly or if they are corrupt.
  •   Download the latest drivers from our website and install them if the printer has any driver problem.
  •   The best way to tackle all the offline problems is to use the HP Print and Scan Doctor tool.
  •   Download the above application from the manufacturer’s website and use its features to solve the 123.hp.com/ojpro8730 printer problems.