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123.hp.com/pagewide Printer Setup

The HP PageWide printers are widely used for business purpose. They are perfect printers in total cost of ownership. This HP printer enables one of the most secure methods of printing. It performs great by consuming less energy and prints documents quickly. HP pagewide printers have a print bar that prints in a single pass across the page.

What is HP Pagewide Technology?

HP PageWide Technology lets your business acquire high-performance prints and competitiveness. The delivery of speed for the HP PageWide printer using this technology is higher when compared to other HP printers. This Technology uses less energy to create more productive prints at a less cost.

HP Pagewide Printers List

Scitex HP Pagewide Printer Setup and Installation

The Scitex HP PageWide printer delivers digital productivity to the next level during the time of demanding turnarounds. Follow the steps given below to establish 123.hp.com/pagewide Printer Setup and installation.

  •   Lift the printer using the crane or skates after you receive the printer in a crate.
  •   Move the printer using the ramp after removing the printer from the package.
  •   Unscrew the Philips screws to remove the top covers. Discard the support beam to remove the side panels.
  •   Take the plastic bag and remove the printer from the pallet. Unscrew the two 30mm nuts found on the right and left of the printer on the pallet.
  •   Look for forklift guides and carefully lift the printer using the crane.
  •   Use the spreader beam to lift the printer if your printer has a spreader beam and lifting bars.
  •   Locate a place for the printer setup and place the printer on the floor. You can easily roll the printer as it has wheels at the bottom. Ensure that your printer kept in a well-ventilated area.
  •   Discard the electrical cabinet straps and foams found around the printer. Unscrew the eight T20 screws that are attached to the scan path assembly.
  •   Remove all the shipping materials on the printer. Use a wrench to lower the foot downwards on all sides of the printer.
  •   Call a certified electrician to 123.hp.com/pagewide Printer Setup and configure.
  •   Attach the keyboard, monitor, and mouse to your printer. Connect these three devices to your computer.
  •   Download and install the HP Internal Print Server on your computer. Follow the instructions that appear on your computer.

HP Pagewide Driver Download

  •   Close the programs that are running on your computer.
  •   Go to our website and enter the printer’s model name in the search bar.
  •   Use the installation CD shipped with your printer to download the driver if necessary.
  •   Click the Submit button to display the list of drivers available for your printer.
  •   Check whether the displayed default OS matches to your computer OS.
  •   Click the Change button to modify the OS of your computer.
  •   Select the full feature driver and click the Download button.
  •   Wait until the downloading process completes. Open the downloaded file and run the program.
  •   Select the connection type that is you use for 123.hp.com/pagewide Printer Setup to the computer.
  •   Select the Next button and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

123.hp.com/pagewide Manual Download

  •   Close all the applications that are running on your computer.
  •   Open our website and type the printer’s model name in the search bar.
  •   Click the Submit button to display the list of options available for your printer.
  •   Click the User Guide option and select your language.
  •   Select the Download button and wait until the computer downloads the PDF copy of the user guide.
  •   Click the Save button and select your destination folder.
  •   Open the Downloads folder and select the downloaded file.
  •   Select the .exe file on the Windows computer and choose the .dmg file if you are using a Mac computer.
  •   Create a shortcut on the desktop of your computer to open the file easily.
  •   Open the file and follow the instructions for all kind of printer functions right from printer setup to troubleshooting.

How to Install HP Pagewide Printer Driver?

  •   Make sure that you close all the running programs on your computer.
  •   Establish a network connection on your computer and go to our website.
  •   Enter the 123.hp.com/pagewide printer’s model name in the search bar found in the Downloading page.
  •   Use the installation CD delivered with your printer to download the driver in an alternate way. Select the Submit button to open the list of drivers available for your HP PageWide printer.
  •   Confirm whether the default OS displayed on the web page matches with your computer OS.
  •   Select the Change button if you want to change the OS of your computer.
  •   Locate the full feature driver near your printer name and click the Download button.
  •   Wait until your computer finishes downloading process. Go to the Downloads folder and open the downloaded file.Choose the connection type that you use and click the Next button. Go with the on-screen instructions and complete the installation.


How to Change HP Pagewide Ink?

  •   Check the ink levels in the ink cartridges periodically using the HP software installed on your computer. Follow the instructions given below to change the ink when any one of the ink cartridges become low or empty.
  •   Check the LCD screen of your printer for an error message.
  •   Open the HP Software on your computer to check the ink levels in the ink cartridges.
  •   Open the cartridge access door on your HP PageWide printer.
  •   To unlock the empty cartridge from its slot, press it and remove it from the printer.
  •   Purchase the new ink cartridge for your HP PageWide printer from online or local retailers.
  •   Open the new ink cartridge from the package and hold it on either side.
  •   Make sure that you don’t touch the metal contacts to avoid the connection errors.
  •   Insert the new 123.hp.com/pagewide ink cartridge into the slot and close the cartridge access door.
  •   Take a printout of the printer information page from the printer’s control panel.
  •   Check the report to confirm the successful ink cartridge replacement.

123.hp.com/pagewide Factory Reset

Perform the factory reset on your HP PageWide printer to restore the printer and network settings to factory defaults. Follow the instructions given below and restart the printer.

  •   Press the Power button on your HP PageWide printer to turn it on.
  •   Go to the Home screen on the printer’s control panel.
  •   Touch the Settings icon and select Printer Maintenance.
  •   Click the Restore option on the LCD screen of your HP PageWide printer.
  •   Select the Restore Factory Defaults option from the displayed results.
  •   Touch the Continue button and wait for a while.
  •   Wait until your HP PageWide printer restarts automatically.
  •   Click the Print option on your computer and select your printer name from the list.
  •   Select Properties and click the Advanced tab.
  •   Click the Reset button to restore the settings to factory defaults on your computer.

HP Pagewide Troubleshooting

The HP PageWide printer faces issues due to the improper maintenance of the product. It creates poor print quality due to the incompatible ink cartridges or when they run out of ink. The printer loses the communication from the computer because of a poor network connection. Check the solutions given below or contact our customer team to get an instant solution.

Why HP Pagewide Printer Won’t print?

  •   Read the instructions given below if your HP PageWide printer does not print.
  •   Ensure that the printer is turned and it is in a ready state.
  •   Print a test page and check the 123.hp.com/pagewide Printer Setup problem.
  •   Check the Internet connection of the router for a good network signal.
  •   Check whether all the cables on your printer, computer, and router are connected properly.
  •   Uninstall the current version of the HP printer driver on your computer and reinstall the latest version from the website.
  •   Search for HP on your computer and select your printer name.
  •   Click Properties and select the Ports tab to check the product name.
  •   Disable the firewall system on your computer.

HP Pagewide Printer Not Responding

  •   The printer sometimes stops responding due to various reasons. Try the following solution given below to solve the issue.
  •   Check whether the printer’s power light indicates an active mode.
  •   Touch anywhere on the printer’s control panel to wake the printer.
  •   Check the Settings whether the printer is enabled with the Sleep Mode.
  •   Click the Settings icon on your printer’s control panel.
  •   Select the Power Management option from the list.
  •   Click the Schedule Printer On/Off option to turn it off.
  •   Touch the Schedule Off option and select the day and time to activate it, Contact us for issues regarding 123.hp.com/pagewide Printer Setup.