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How to Setup HP Photosmart Wireless Printer?

The HP Photosmart printer is intended to be used in homes and offices. These printers support wired or wireless connectivity and are very energy efficient. The input tray and output tray has the capacity of handling 125 and 50 sheets of plain paper. The duplex feature allows printing on both the sides of the document thereby reducing the paper cost.

HP Photosmart all in one Printer Setup

The first step to be carried out after the printer is bought is to set it up. It involves unboxing the printer, building the power and network connection, placing the paper in the tray, and installing the cartridges.

  •   Open the printer box by tearing the seal.
  •   A CD to install the software and the hard copy of the user guide is provided in the box.
  •   Keep the printer on a flat surface and discard all the packing materials on it.
  •   A power cord is given, connect one end of it into the rear of the HP Photosmart printer.
  •   Associate the other end of the power cable into a power outlet.
  •   Switch On the printer by pressing the Power button.
  •   Tap the desired language and touch Yes.
  •   The Set Country/Region menu appears.
  •   Select the name of your country and set the Date and time.
  •   Adjust the control panel display and touch OK.
  •   How to Setup HP Photosmart Wireless Printer, Tap Setup to continue the setup process.
  •   Load white papers in the input tray and install the ink cartridges.

how to setup hp photosmart wireless printer

HP Photosmart Driver Download

  •   Download and install the latest version of the HP Photosmart driver from our website.
  •   Navigate to the link, select the printer model and choose the version of the OS.
  •   Press the Driver Download button. The download time varies depending upon the speed of your Internet.
  •   The setup file format is .dmg for Mac and .exe for Windows. If the driver file is in .zip format, extract and run it on your computer.
  •   Locate the driver file and click Save, Run or Open, this option varies based on the web browser.
  •   Agree with the Terms and Conditions by selecting the checkbox.
  •   Alter the driver settings, if required. Select OK to save the changes.
  •   Choose the connection type, as per the printer’s specifications.
  •   Comply with the on-screen instructions.
  •   Click the Finish button to complete the HP Photosmart driver installation.

HP Photosmart Manual Download

  •   The manual is a document that contains guidelines about various printer functions.
  •   The soft copy of the manual can be obtained directly from our website.
  •   It contains instructions on How to Setup HP Photosmart Wireless Printer, establish power and network connection, loading papers, and install cartridges.
  •   Go to the manual download link.
  •   Press the Manual Download button.
  •   Wait for the download to complete.
  •   Click on the downloaded file to view the manual for your printer.
  •   A separate troubleshooting section is present in the user guide.
  •   It is helpful to fix various errors that occur in the printer.
  •   For any queries, contact us.

HP Photosmart Wireless Setup

HP photosmart wireless setup is used for building the network connection between the printer, and the Windows or Mac device. The procedure for setting up the wireless connectivity is listed below,

  •   Gather the name of your network that is the SSID and the WEP or WPA security passphrase.
  •   Make sure the computer or laptop is connected to the wireless network.
  •   Broadband Internet connection such as cable or Digital Subscriber Logic is recommended for setting up the wireless connection.
  •   Make sure the Internet connection is stable.
  •   Power On the printer, router, computer, and keep them close to each other for easy access.
  •   Tap the Setup button on the control panel of the printer.
  •   Touch Network and tap the Wireless Radio option.
  •   Select On and then tap Wireless Setup Wizard.
  •   Comply with the instructions that appear on the screen.
  •   Choose the name of your wireless network.
  •   Enter the password, if prompted.
  •   Once the How to Setup HP Photosmart Wireless Printer is complete, the user can carry out the functions like printing, scanning, etc.

HP Photosmart Ink Refill

The ink refilling process is carried out, once the ink levels in the cartridge are low or empty. However, the refilling process is not recommended. The steps to refill ink is provided below,

  •   Refilling the ink might increase the risk of overfilling which may cause damage to the printer.
  •   Obtain the ink cartridge refill kit which contains the needle, syringe, gloves, tissue paper, refill tank, and pins.
  •   Make sure your HP printer is switched On.
  •   Lift the cartridge access door.
  •   Remove the empty cartridges from its slot.
  •   Keep the cartridge on a tissue paper and locate the holes on it.
  •   The cartridge which leads to the ink tank contains a sponge in it.
  •   Place a sharp pin into the hole to expand it.
  •   Inject the correct color ink from the ink bottle using the syringe.
  •   Insert the syringe into the cartridge and do not overfill the ink.
  •   Once the refill process is complete, place the cartridges into the respective slot.
  •   Lower the cartridge access door.

How to Print Photos with HP Photosmart?

  •   Load the photo paper in the rear input tray. The loading process varies based on the model of your printer.
  •   If the printer contains a perforated tab for handling photos, keep the photo paper in a way such that it faces upwards.
  •   Do the necessary edits to the photo like brightness, color, and any other appearance settings.
  •   Right-click on the photo you want to print.
  •   Choose the Open with option. Select Windows Photo Viewer or Paint.
  •   Click the File menu and select Print. The Print or Print Pictures menu appears.
  •   Choose Options present in the lower right corner of the screen in Windows Photo Viewer and select Printer Properties.
  •   Click Preferences in the Print window of Paint.
  •   Open the Document Properties dialog box to obtain Layout, color, and advanced settings.
  •   Select OK and click Print.

HP Photosmart Scan to Computer

  •   To scan to the computer, Get Solution for How to Setup HP Photosmart Wireless Printer full feature software package which includes the HP Scan software and Install.
  •   Place the file in the scanner glass and close the scanner lid.
  •   For printers with the Scan button or a touch display with a Scan menu, choose the name of your computer.
  •   Select the type of scan, if instructed.
  •   Wait for the scan process to complete.
  •   Go back to the computer screen and select the file which has scan mentioned in its folder name.
  •   If the Scan button is not available, search for HP in Windows.
  •   Choose the name of the printer to open HP Printer Assistant.
  •   Click Scan a Document or Photo.
  •   The HP Scan software opens, do the necessary edits, choose the destination folder and click Scan.

HP Photosmart Printer Power Cord Replacement

The power cord is an electrical cable which connects the printer to an electrical outlet. The power cord must be replaced only with a compatible one.

  •   The power cord must be replaced if there are any issues with the printer.
  •   If an incompatible cord is used, it may lead to problems with the various process in the printer.
  •   You can replace the old power cable with a new one by purchasing it from the HP Store or from trusted retailers.
  •   Follow the steps given below to link to the HP Store.
  •   Open any web browser.
  •   Type the URL in the address bar, press the Enter button.
  •   The HP Store web page opens, select the New User? Register Now link on the page.
  •   Enter the printer model and other details on the screen that displays.
  •   Choose the Next option.
  •   Go with the on-screen instructions to finish the registration.
  •   A confirmation email will be sent to the user after the registration is successful.
  •   Now you can order the replacement power cable from the HP Store and get them delivered at your doorstep.

How to Factory Reset HP Photosmart Printer?

The reset process is done to resolve various issues relating to the printer software, error messages. It can be done either by disconnecting the printer from the power outlet or by restoring the factory settings.

  •   Press the Menu button at the front area of the printer.
  •   Choose the Preferences option by pressing the Up and Down arrow buttons.
  •   If the Preferences option is not available, choose the Reset All Menu Settings option.
  •   Else, select Tools and click Restore Factory Defaults.
  •   The menu layout varies depending upon the model of the HP Photosmart Printer.
  •   Select the OK button, the printer will start resetting the factory defaults and will inform you once the process is complete.
  •   Another method to carry out the reset process is from your computer.
  •   Open the File menu on the system.
  •   Click the Print option.
  •   Choose your printer name from the list.
  •   Select Properties and click the Advanced tab.
  •   Choose the Reset option to restore the settings to factory defaults on your computer.

HP Photosmart Troubleshooting

The above steps for How to Setup HP Photosmart Wireless Printer Solutions is completed. The process of fixing the error messages that appear on the printer’s operation panel or the computer is called as HP photosmart printer troubleshooting. You can refer to the troubleshooting section in the printer manual. This will help you resolve the problems like paper jams, corrupted drivers, scanner error, and more through our technical support team.

Why HP Photosmart Not Printing Black?

  •   The printer works but does not print in black ink.
  •   Verify the ink level of the black cartridge on the printer’s operation panel.
  •   If the ink levels in the cartridge are low or empty, change the cartridges immediately.
  •   Clean the cartridges using an automated tool.
  •   Carry out a test print and check if there is a problem with the black cartridge.
  •   Replace the black ink cartridge.
  •   A block on the printhead might cause an error.
  •   Hence, clean the printhead and Perform a firmware update if the issue persists.

HP Photosmart Not Printing Wireless

If the hp photosmart printer is unable to print over the wireless connection, try doing the steps given below,

  •   Restart the printer, computer, and the wireless access point.
  •   Make sure the printer and the Windows or Mac device is established to the same wireless network.
  •   Check if you have installed or updated any security software in your system as it may block communication.
  •   Check if the printer is connected to a Virtual Private Network.
  •   You will be unable to carry out a print function when connected to an active VPN.
  •   Hence, disable the VPN connection for a temporary period.
  •   If the issue remains unresolved, uninstall and reinstall the printer driver.
  •   Upgrade the printer firmware and try to print. We hope that you got a complete solution for How to Setup HP Photosmart Wireless Printer.