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HP Sprocket Printer is a portable and pocket-sized one. Use this printer to print 2”* 3” inch photos from your smartphone. It prints stickable snapshots from any location. Use the HP Sprocket app to set your photos before printing from them. Use the Bluetooth connection to print your cherished moments.

How to Setup HP Sprocket Printer?

Setting up the HP Sprocket Printer is very easy. The HP Sprocket Setup is available in a packed box. It contains a USB cable, Zink photo paper, and other materials. Go through the steps below to set up the printer.

Easy HP Sprocket Setup Instructions

  •   Open the box and take the printer out of it.
  •   “Remove” the HP Sprocket printer from the bag.
  •   Use the setup card in case of any references.
  •   Use the “HP Zink Sticky” Backed Photo paper for quality printouts.
  •   Find the USB cable and use this cable to charge the printer.
  •   “Insert” one end of the cable to the printer and the other end to the system or USB adapter.
  •   The “red light” on the printer indicates charging, and the green light indicates fully charged.
  •   The time for charging is “60 to 90 minutes” for full charge.
  •   Open the Web Browser on your mobile device and download the app from the mobile device.
  •   HP Sprocket Setup Instructions configures the printer hardware.

How to Download HP Sprocket App?

HP Sprocket App is compatible with Android and Apple devices. While downloading, do not turn off the mobile device and the printer. Use the steps below to download the app.

  •   Download the Sprocket app from the Google Play Store for Android devices.
  •   Download the Sprocket app from the App Store for Apple Devices.
  •   Click the Download option to begin the download process.
  •   After downloading, check the downloaded file on the mobile phone.
  •   Click on the file to begin the installation process.
  •   The app is compatible with Android Devices using OS v4.4 and Apple iOS 8 and above.
  •   Install the app on the mobile phone for the proper functioning of the printer.
  •   If the phone supports NFC, pair the mobile device and printer.
  •   If the app is incompatible, it is unable to print from the printer.
  •   Before downloading and install with our HP Sprocket Setup Instructions, check the compatibility of the app from our website.

How to Use HP Sprocket Printer?

The main instructions for using the printer is to connect the printer and mobile device using the Bluetooth option. Do not overfill the paper on the printer.

Steps for Use Sprocket Printer

  •   The use of the HP Sprocket Setup is to print from it.
  •   Switch on the HP Sprocket App. Open the HP Sprocket app on your device.
  •   Tap Photos from the home screen.
  •   Use the on-screen instructions to access the photos.
  •   Choose the photo you wish to print. Edit the photos on the mobile device.
  •   Tap the Checkmark icon to make the necessary changes. Tap Print.
  •   Open the HP Sprocket app if you are trying to print from the camera.
  •   Tap the Camera icon from the home screen.
  •   Adjust the photo appearance by clicking the Edit option.
  •   In case you are using a social media account, launch the HP Sprocket app.
  •   Tap the Facebook, Instagram or Google icon from the home screen.
  •   Touch the Sign into account. Log in on your social media account.
  •   Choose the photo you wish to print.
  •   Adjust the color settings by clicking the Edit icon. Tap the Print icon.

How Does an HP Sprocket Work?

The printer does not utilize ink cartridges to print. It uses Zink technology for the printing purpose. Go through the steps below for the working process of the printer.

  •   HP Sprocket Setup Instructions uses ZINK Zero ink technology.
  •   Zink is the abbreviation of Zeo Ink.
  •   It produces original color without the use of ink cartridges.
  •   The papers are waterproof and damage-proof.
  •   The paper is smudge-resistant which results in the long-lasting photograph.
  •   Zink paper is a composite material of cyan, magenta, yellow and magenta.
  •   The paper looks like regular white paper, and it is embedded with dye crystals.
  •   It uses heat to activate and colorize the crystals.
hp sprocket setup instructions

How do you Open the HP Sprocket?

HP Sprocket app contains various information starting from the printer information to its setup procedure. Know more details on the app with the help of the instructions given below.

  •   View the “HP Sprocket App” on your mobile device.
  •   Click on the app to open it. Tap the Sprocket app to get the information of the printer.
  •   View the battery status and Auto-Off settings of the printer.
  •   Change the settings if required. Find the Mac address, Firmware version, and Hardware version.
  •   The menu options on the app are Sprocket, Buy Paper, How to and Help, Give Feedback and About.
  •   The Sprocket menu is to view the paired printer information.
  •   The Buy Paper option is to purchase HP Zink Sticky backed paper.
  •   Open the Help icon to get more information about the Hp printer.

How to Refill HP Sprocket Paper?

The maximum number of paper sheets loaded into the HP Sprocket Setup Instructions is 10. After the paper loading completes, refill the compatible Zink papers into it. Go through the steps below to load the paper. How to load hp sprocket paper

  •   The printer supports the paper size of 5.0*7.6 cm.
  •   Use the ZINK Photo paper for the printer. Switch off the printer.
  •   Take the top cover by moving it away from the output slot.
  •   Insert ten sheets of photo paper with the Blue Smartsheet.
  •   Ensure that the Smartsheet is on the bottom of the stack with the bar-code facing down.
  •   Check if the HP logos are facing downwards.
  •   Do not overload the Smartsheet as it may result in various issues.
  •   Adjust the top cover with the tracks on the printer’s outside.
  •   Move the top cover towards the output slot until it placed firmly.
  •   Press the Power button to switch on the printer.

HP Sprocket Troubleshooting

How to Solve HP Sprocket Not Printing Issue?

If you are unable to print from the HP Sprocket printer, use the solutions below to resolve it.

  •   Press the Power button to turn off the sprocket printer.
  •   Check if the photo paper inserted into the input tray.
  •   Find the Bluetooth menu in your wireless connection settings on your mobile device.
  •   Check the printer name in the list of available devices.
  •   Open the HP Sprocket app on your mobile device.
  •   Tap the Menu icon and click Sprocket. After a while, try to print from the printer.
  •   If the issue persists, reset the mobile device and sprocket.
  •   This may help to resolve the not printing issue.

Does the Polaroid Zink Paper Work with HP Sprocket?

Use the Polaroid Zink paper with HP Sprocket Setup. Use the blue Zink Smartsheet card for the HP Sprocket with the photo paper from the Polaroid Zip. Before loading the paper, insert the Blue sheet into it, our above steps gives you a complete HP Sprocket Setup Instructions.