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Canon Pixma Mx452 Setup Guidelines

  •   Proceed with the procedure stated here to set up and install your Canon Pixma MX452 printer.
  •   Cut the seal of the printer package and open it carefully.
  •   Check for the additional components such as ink cartridges, power cord, manual, quick installation guide, warranty card, and more.
  •   Unpack the Canon MX452 printer from the box and place it on a steady surface.
  •   Connect the Canon printer to the power source using the power cord provided to you.
  •   Open the cartridge door of the Canon Pixma MX452 setup and wait until the carriage moves to the center of the printer.
  •   Unpack the new cartridges that are present in the printer package and remove the protective film.
  •   Insert the cartridges in the respective position and close the access door.
  •   Load a set of plain papers in the input tray and take a test print.
  •   Finally, download the necessary drivers on your system from this site and install it successfully.
Canon Pixma mx452 Setup

Canon Pixma Mx452 Driver

MP drivers are available for your Canon MX452 printer on this site. Make sure that you enter the correct OS version while downloading the drivers. If you download the wrong driver, then it will not be compatible with your system.

Canon Printer Pixma Mx452 Manual

Download the service manual for your Canon MX452 printer from this website. Enter the printer’s model number in the respective textbox and tap Enter. Click the Manual Download button, and the manual will be stored in the Downloads folder.

How to Connect Canon Pixma Mx452 to Wireless?

  •   The instructions that are stated below will help you connect the Pixma MX452 printer and the computer wirelessly.
  •   Enable the wireless feature on your computer and wait until the nearby networks are displayed on your screen.
  •   Choose a network and specify the password in the correct textbox. Tap the Connect button.
  •   After the connection is established successfully, go to the printer and tap the Canon Pixma mx452 Setup icon.  
  •   Select the Device Settings option and then choose the LAN Settings option.
  •   Next, you have to select the Wireless LAN Setup option in the next step.
  •   Press the Stop button when the WPS prompt appears and choose the Standard Setup option.
  •   Choose your wireless network from the list displayed and specify the security key.
  •   Assign a test print job from the device you have connected to check the connection.
Connect Canon Mx452 to Wireless

Canon Mx452 Ink Reset

  •   To reset the ink cartridge, you have to follow the below-given instructions.
  •   Before resetting the ink levels, the LED’s near the Black and Color button will be flashing.
  •   Now, you have to press the Stop/Reset button for at least 5-8 seconds to initiate the ink cartridge reset process.
  •   Once the ink reset process is over, the lights available near the Color and Black button will turn off.

How to Scan on Canon Mx452?

  •   To scan your documents, you have to place the originals in the Automatic Document Feeder.
  •   Make sure that you have installed the Canon IJ Scan Utility software on your system. It is a part of the MP driver package.
  •   Download it from the official site if you have not installed it.
  •   Tap the Settings button once the software opens on your system.
  •   Select the Document Scan option from the left panel of the window.
  •   Mention the Source, color mode, paper size, resolution, and other scan settings on Canon Pixma mx452.
  •   Tap the OK button and then choose the Document option from the main screen of the software.
  •   Ensure that you have selected the correct binding side. Click the OK button to initiate the scanning process.

How to Copy on Canon Mx452?

  •   Open the input tray of the Canon Pixma MX452 printer and position a few plain papers in it. Ensure that the side to be printed is facing downwards.
  •   Adjust the paper width guides after placing the paper. Make sure you do not overload the tray.
  •   Next, you have to open the output tray extension followed by the document tray.
  •   Check if you have extended the paper output support and the document cover of the Canon printer.
  •   Position the original text document or image on the scanner glass and close the document cover.
  •   If you wish to copy more than one page, then place the document in the Automatic Document Feeder.
  •   Tap the Black or the Color button based on your choice. The copy process is now initiated.

Canon Mx452 Airprint Setup

  •   To print your document via AirPrint, you have to perform the following setup process.
  •   Go to the Wireless LAN Settings present under the Setup menu and connect it to the wireless network.
  •   Next, connect the iOS or Mac device to the same network as your Canon MX452 printer.
  •   Download the AirPrint app and install it on your device using the prompts displayed.
  •   Search for the image or document that you wish to print and open it on your device.
  •   Launch the AirPrint app and tap the Share icon. Choose the Print option from the pop-up menu that appears.
  •   In the Print Settings window, specify the paper size, type, source, and the number of copies in the next step.
  •   Tap OK to initiate the printing process.

Canon Pixma Mx452 Troubleshooting

Troubleshoot your Canon Pixma MX452 Setup using the procedure that is specified here. Call the technical team if you need detailed assistance on any issue related to printer.

Canon Mx452 Paper Jam

  •   First, cancel the current print job by pressing the Stop button on the Canon MX452 control panel.
  •   Pull the paper tray and tray extender towards you, hold the paper tightly, and pull it out from the tray slowly.
  •   If you are not able to clear the jammed paper from the paper tray, follow the solutions provided below.
  •   Check if the Canon Pixma mx452 printer is turned off. Disconnect a power cord from the wall outlet.
  •   Open the output document tray followed by document cover.
  •   Press the open lever and then remove the jammed paper from the transport unit.
  •   Make sure to close the transport unit door properly.
  •   Plug the power cord to the Canon MX452 printer.
  •   After turning the printer on, perform the printing function.
Canon Mx452 Paper Jam

Canon Pixma Mx452 Error 5100

Proceed with the solutions provided below to resolve the error code 5100 on your Canon MX452 printer.


  •   Check if any protective material or tape is present inside the Canon MX452 printer. If you find any tape attached inside, remove it.


  •   Make sure your Canon MX452 printer is turned on.
  •    Open the front cover -> paper output tray -> paper output cover.
  •   Release the empty cartridge from the cartridge slot by pressing the ink cartridge lock lever. Take it out from the printer.
  •   Purchase a new ink cartridge and then unwrap it install on Canon Pixma mx452.
  •   Insert the black and color cartridges in the right and left side of the cartridge holder respectively.
  •   Never touch the electrical contacts on the FINE cartridge holder while installing the cartridge.
  •   Close the front door of the Canon MX452 printer.


  •   Remove the jammed paper inside the Canon MX452 printer.


  •   Remove all the cables connected to the Canon MX452 printer.
  •   After 10 minutes, connect the data cable again.
  •   Once you finished the reset steps, press the Power button to turn on your printer.


  •   Find the encoder inside the Canon MX452 printer.
  •   If the encoder film is not clean, wipe it using a moistened cotton swab.
  •   After cleaning the encoder film, leave it for a few seconds for drying.
  •   Print a Nozzle Check Pattern page to determine the print quality of Canon Pixma mx452 printer.