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How to Download HP Driver Software?

The “two methods” to install the driver on your system are mentioned below:

  •   The “first method” is using the software installation CD.
  •   Load the CD into the system’s disc drive. View the list of available files on the screen.
  •   Select and double-click the setup file to begin the installation process.
  •   The “second method” is downloading the driver from our website.
  •   Go to the Driver download page and click on the Download link.
  •   Choose the connection type based on the printer features.
  •   Click on Finish to accomplish the installation process.

hp printer driver download

HP Printer Software & Driver Download

The driver for Windows and Mac systems is available at free of cost on our website. When the appropriate driver downloads on your system, install it. Keep updating the driver if notified, to avoid system bugs.

HP Drivers Download Free for Windows 10

The Windows 10 operating system is compatible with the full feature and basic driver. Avail the full feature HP Printer Driver Download for a complete set of driver software and installer.

hp printer driver download for windows 10

Quick Steps for Driver Download on Windows 10

  •   Locate the full feature driver download link for the Windows 10 operating system on our website.
  •   Double-click on the link to begin the download process.
  •   Ensure that the USB cable is disconnected from the system and the printer.
  •   Click on the Download icon of the browser you use to run the installation file. The transfer time varies based on the connection speed.
  •   Select the Run option if the pop-up window displays on the screen.
  •   Use the on-screen instructions to install the file.

HP Drivers Download Free for Windows 8.1

The driver file and version varies based on the Windows 8.1 operating system. Follow the steps below to start the download process.

  •   Download the driver for the Windows 8.1 operating system from our website.
  •   Click the link on the download page to full feature HP Printer Driver Download.
  •   Disconnect the USB cable connected to the PC and the system.
  •   If the system contains a Firefox browser, select the Save File icon if a pop-up screen displays.
  •   Double-click the recent file to begin the software installation if the download completes.
  •   If an Open Executable File Pop-Up screen displays, select the OK button.
  •   If the file is in the compressed format, it may take time to extract and run.

Free HP Printer Driver Download for Windows 7 Printer

The Windows 7 operating system supports full feature and basic drivers. Use the full feature driver to avail complete functionality of the printer.

  •   Download the full feature driver for the Windows 7 operating system.
  •   Click the download link on our website to begin the download process.
  •   Do not turn off the printer at that time.
  •   Click on Run on the window that pops-up.
  •   It takes some time to transfer a file to the system based on the connection speed.
  •   Select the Continue or Yes option when the User Account Control pop-up screen displays.

HP Printer Driver for windows 7 64 bit

HP Drivers Download Free for Windows 7 64 bit. HP Printer Driver Download with the help of instructions given below.

  •   Download the full feature or basic driver for the Windows 7 operating system.
  •   Select the Save option if a new pop-up screen displays.
  •   Select and double-click the most recent file to begin the software installation.
  •   Click OK if an Open Executable file pop-up window appears.
  •   Select the Continue or Yes icon if a User Account Control screen displays.
  •   If the file is in a compressed format, it may take time to extract and run it.
  •   Proceed with the instructions that display on the screen to download the driver.

HP Drivers Download Free for Mac

Use the Apple software update to install the driver of your printer on the Mac computer. To install, follow the instructions below.

  •   Check if your printer has a Mac Snow Leopard printer driver.
  •   If it is not available, download the Mac driver from this website.
  •   After HP Printer Driver Download, connect the printer to your Mac computer.
  •   Next, add the printer to the Printers list by following these instructions.
  •   Tap Apple → System Preferences → Print & Fax.
  •   Check whether the Printers list shows your printer name.
  •   If it is not shown, click plus sign, tap Printer name and proceed with these instructions.
  •   Tap Print Using → Printer name → Add. If prompted, click Download and Install to complete the installation.

HP Printer Scanner Driver Download Guidance

If you need to download the HP printer scanner driver, follow the instructions provided below in step-wise format.

  •   Type the model number of your printer on our website.
  •   The Driver-Product Installation Software displays on the screen.
  •   Locate the full feature driver available under this software.
  •   Click on the Download button to download the driver.
  •   Follow the directed instructions on the screen to connect your printer.
  •   If it prompts you to choose the software to install, then select the one that contains HP Scan.
  •   After HP Printer Driver Download, perform the scanning tasks on your printer.

HP Printer Driver Download without CD?

If the installation CD is unavailable, click the download link present on this site to download the driver on your computer.

  •   It might consume little time while the printer driver is downloading.
  •   Meanwhile, a set of instructions will be prompted on the screen.
  •   Go with the instructions to complete the download process.
  •   Next, it will instruct you to choose the format to save the file.
  •   Select .dmg if it is a Mac computer or tap .exe if it is a Windows PC.
  •   The downloaded file gets saved in the selected format in the Downloads folder.
  •   Otherwise, it will be located in the browsers downloads bar. Open the file and begin the installation.

How to Download HP Universal Printer Driver (UPD)?

To download the HP universal printer driver, proceed with the instructions given below. Initially, check if your printer supports UPD(Universal Printer Driver).

  •   Most HP printers support the UPD. To check if your printer is already installed with the HP “UPD”, continue with these steps.
  •   Open the Printers folders from the command prompt on your computer.
  •   Choose the printer and right-click on it. Next, select the Properties or Printer Properties option.
  •   The HP UPD version displays on the lower left for an HP UPD dynamic mode installation.
  •   Select the About tab for an HP UPD traditional mode installation.
  •   The HP UPD version appears at the top of the screen.
  •   If it is not displayed, then Download Universal Printer Driver from online and install it on your computer.If it is shown, then open the file and install it on your PC.
hp universal printer driver download

Our Experts are Provide the Detailed Guidance for HP Printer Driver Download Free from Website & also Provided the Driver Installation Guidance.