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How to Setup HP Printer?

  •   Tear the seal and cut the tapes with sharp scissors to unpack the HP printer from its box.
  •   Make Sure that the ink cartridges, instruction manual, installation CD and other printer accessories damage-free.
  •   “Hold” the HP Printer on both sides and place it on the nearby table.
  •   Connect the HP printer to the power source to prepare it for the hardware set-up. “Insert” the power cable’s one end to the printer’s rear and the other to a direct wall outlet. Turn ON the printer with the Power button on its control panel.
  •   Select your preferences, region, and language when prompted.
  •   “Open” the ink cartridge access door.
  •   “Insert” the cartridges into the designated ink slots. Perform the same for the other cartridge. Align both the ink cartridges.
  •   “Download” and install the driver software on your computer.
  •   “Get” the make and model number of the HP printer.

hp printer setup

  •   “Click” the link with the compatible printer driver and save the file on your computer.
  •   “Open” the paper tray. Place sufficient printing papers in the input tray.
  •   “Connect” the printer to a network. Print a test page, Click for HP Printer Troubleshooting.

Guidance to Setup HP Printer Utility

The HP Utility Setup is a printer management software that installs the full feature Mac print driver package. It gets automatically installed when the printer driver is downloaded. With the HP utility setup, check the printer status, view the estimated ink levels, and check wireless settings. The HP Printer Setup Utility only supports Mac computers.

  •   “Select” System Preferences from the Apple Menu.
  •   Click on the Print & Scan icon.
  •   “Click” the Plus button and select your HP printer.
  •   Click on the “drop-down menu” and choose your printer model.
  •   Click the Utility tab.
  •   “Open” the Printer Utility folder from Hewlett-Packard folder on the computer.
  •   Select the HP printer from the list of devices listed on the screen.
  •   Click the Supplies Status. It will display the details of the printer.

hp printer setup utility

HP Printer Wireless Wizard Setup

The HP Wireless Setup Wizard helps connecting the printer to the wireless network. Operate the HP Wireless Wizard from the Printer’s Control Panel.

  •   “Get” the network name and security password (WEP, WPA, or WPA).
  •   Go to the “Network menu” from the Printer’s Control Panel.
  •   Touch the “Wireless icon” and select the Wireless Wizard settings.
  •   Select your wireless network name from the list of networks in the near locality that display on the screen.
  •   Enter the HP Printer Setup wireless network name manually if required. Make sure that you enter the name and password without changing the upper and lower cases.
  •   “Connect” the HP Printer to the wireless network.
  •   Print a Wireless Network Test report to ensure that the connection is stable.

hp printer wireless setup wizard

How to Download HP Printer Driver?

A Compatible Driver is Essential to Maintain Proper Communication between the Printer and its Peripheral Devices. There are multiple ways to download the driver software of the HP Printer. Proceed with the steps below to download it.

  •   Download the Printer Driver on your computer. This driver ensures error-free printing.
  •   Get the make and model number of the HP printer. Find them on the printer sticker.
  •   Search the compatible driver by entering the printer model on our website. Go to the driver download page and click on the link to download the driver.
  •   Save the file on the computer’s Downloads location.
  •   Initiate the HP Printer Setup of the driver software. Double-click the downloaded file and extract it.
  •   Proceed with the instructions given on the screen to complete the driver installation process.
  •   Install the printer driver from the installation CD that comes with the HP printer.
  •   Contact us for further assistance in downloading the printer driver on your computer.

How Do I Setup HP Printer to Mac?

To complete the Setup on a Mac computer, install a compatible printer software. Download and install the printer driver using the Apple Software Update. Proceed with the guidelines given below to complete the printer set-up for Mac.

  •   Switch ON the HP Printer.
  •   Connect the printer to the computer using a wired or wireless network connection.
  •   Click the “Apple menu” to select the option System Preferences.
  •   Depending on the version of OS, click either of the options Print & Fax, Print & Scan, or Printers & Scanners.
  •   Select your printer name from the list of available printers.
  •   Select the Add option to manually add your printer to the list. Download a generic driver for the printer.
  •   Select the option Download and Install to complete the installation.
  •   HP Printer Setup the Mac Snow Leopard print driver using the Apple Software Update.
  •   Make sure that the Mac computer supports the type of printer driver. Print a page to check if the installation was proper.
  •   Uninstall and reinstall the driver using the Apple software if required.

How to Setup HP Printer Without CD?

There are multiple methods to download the printer driver on the computer. With the HP Easy Start app, users can easily download the driver without the use of CD. Go through the step-by-step instructions below to understand the procedure quickly.

  •   Switch on the HP Printer and connect it to your computer.
  •   Initiate a stable wireless or wired network connection before you proceed with the driver installation.
  •   Open a web browser. Search for the HP Easy Start Windows utility software.
  •   Download the app.
  •   The HP Easy Start app provides a guided setup for the driver software download of the printer. It automatically downloads the driver.
  •   Find the set-up file of the printer driver from this software.
  •   Extract and save the zip file.
  •   Go on with the instructions on the screen to complete the download and HP Printer Setup.
  •   If the installation fails, contact us.
  •   Download the user guide for further details on the printer driver installation.

How to Setup HP Printer on Windows 8.1?

The Setup for your Windows 8.1 computer can be initiated with an installation CD. Go through the simple guidelines below to complete the setup.

  •   Turn on the HP Printer and prepare it for the setup. Be ready with the installation CD that came with the printer.
  •   Carefully plug one end of the power cord to the printer’s rear. Plug in the other end to a power source.
  •   Switch on the computer.
  •   Press the Eject button on the computer.
  •   Place the installation CD into the tray.
  •   Select the Download option if prompted. Make sure that you do not interrupt the installation in between.
  •   Save the .exe file in the computer’s Downloads location.
  •   Select the Run option to complete the installation.
  •   If a message ‘Software currently unavailable for this device’ is displayed, it indicates that the printer driver is not HP Printer Setup correctly. Hence, uninstall and re-install the printer driver.
  •   Print a page to check if the driver download was proper.

Solution to HP Printer Setup on MacBook Pro

Today, MacBook Pro is a widely used printer. Proceed with the guidelines given below to Setup to the Macbook pro.

  •   Switch ON the Mac computer. Connect it to a network router/access point.
  •   Connect the appropriate end of the power cord to the printer’s rear and the other end to an external power source.
  •   Press the Power button to switch on the HP Printer.
  •   Open the Installation CD and insert it into your computer’s drive. Download the required software.
  •   Initiate a driver download with the link given on this website. Enter the make and model number of the printer and search for a compatible printer driver.
  •   Connect the printer to a proper wireless connection. Check if your printer supports the Wi-Fi Direct feature.
  •   Initiate the USB HP Printer Setup if required.
  •   Insert the ink cartridges into their ink slots.
  •   Load ample of printing papers into the paper input tray of the HP printer.
  •   Initiate printing.

Connect HP Printer to iPhone

Proceed with the instructions below to easily Setup the printer on iPhone. Print photos, documents, emails, or webpages from your Apple iPhone.

  •   Switch ON the Wireless feature on the HP printer.
  •   Connect the printer to a local wireless network.
  •   Check if the printer has a wireless icon. Also, look for a blue light on the printer’s front side which should appear stable.
  •   Switch on the computer.
  •   Select the document, photo, email, or webpage to print.
  •   Tap the Share icon to share the document or image to another phone.
  •   Select the Print icon, depending on the type of file you want to print.
  •   From the Printer option, choose the available list of printers network displays.
  •   Select your printer and change the print settings if required.
  •   Tap the option Print.

HP Printer Ubuntu Setup

HP Printer Setup to a Ubuntu computer is quite easy. It allows you to easily configure CUPS and set up the printer. Proceed with the guidelines given below to connect the linux machine to the printer.

  •   A Ubuntu desktop environment will provide a graphical printer configuration tool.
  •   Switch on the HP Printer set-up and connect it to your computer.
  •   Select either of the options System settings / Printers. This will take you to the Add Printer screen.
  •   Download the CUPS driver.
  •   Complete the driver installation on your computer.
  •   Long press the Power button on the printer’s control panel and turn the printer on.
  •   Connect the HP Printer to a wireless or wired network connection.
  •   The HP Linux printer’s driver package is known as HP Linux Imaging and Printing (HPLI.
  •   Update the printer driver frequently.
  •   Start Printing.

HP Printer WPS Pin Setup

Prefer using a wireless network to work with your HP Printer. Meanwhile, directly use your printer’s Wi-Fi Direct setting to connect and share documents and photos. Follow the steps given below to print wirelessly.

Quick Steps for WPS PIN

  •   HP Printer Setup using the WPS method. It includes a “PUSH method and PIN method”.
  •   Find the “WPS push button” on the wireless network router.
  •   Press and hold the “WPS button”.
  •   “Release” it after 20 seconds to initiate the network connection.
  •   “Navigate” the arrows keys to select the Wireless LAN setup.
  •   Confirm your choice by selecting the “Ok tab”.
  •   “Wait” till a blue “Wi-Fi” lamp flashes.
  •   Enter the SSID if required. The HP Printer set-up will automatically start searching for the available list of wireless networks.
  •   Install and update the printer driver. Begin printing.

HP Printer Setup for Airprint

The HP Airprint feature enables users to connect to the printer wirelessly. The Apple devices having iOS version above 4.2 supports the Airprint app. Proceed with the guidelines given below to connect the printer to an AirPrint HP Printer Setup.

  •   To begin with, make sure that your printer supports the Apple AirPrint feature.
  •   Ensure that the printer supports mobile printing.
  •   There is no special driver required to connect the printer to a wireless network.
  •   Connect the HP Printer to the power socket.
  •   Turn on the wireless connectivity button from the printer’s control panel.
  •   If the printer has a touch panel, tap on the Settings option to connect it to a wireless network.
  •   Connect your phone to the wireless network to which your printer is connected.
  •   Open the photo or document that has to be printed, on the iOS device through any application.
  •   Select the AirPrint-enabled printer from the list of printers.
  •   Select the required number of copies and tap on Print.

How to Setup HP Printer to Computer?

Connecting the HP printer to a computer makes the printing process quick. Proceed with the basic HP Printer Setup instructions given below to understand how to setup hp printer to computer.

  •   Turn on the HP Printer.
  •   Obtain the USB cable not less than 3 m in length. Make sure that the cable is not bend or broken.
  •   Connect one end of the cable to the printer’s rear and the other end to an empty port on the computer.
  •   Make sure that you remove previously connected USB connections.
  •   Install an updated printer driver using the HP Easy Start application for a guided driver installation.
  •   Enter your HP Printer model name and click the Submit button.
  •   Make sure that you download a compatible driver to ensure error-free printing.
  •   After the driver download, select the USB option as your connection type when prompted.
  •   Read the guidelines on the screen and follow them to finish the USB HP Printer Setup and Start printing.

how to setup hp printer to computer