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HP Printer Wireless Troubleshooting

A wireless error occurs due to poor signal strength and power supply problems. Overcome this error by following the steps below:

Quick Steps for Wireless Troubleshooting

  •   “Download and install” the Full Feature software, if not installed previously.
  •   “Launch” the Start program and search for HP, in your computer.
  •   Select your printer model or HP Solution Center from the list.
  •   The “HP Printer Assistant” software opens on your Windows device.
  •   Click Tools and select Advanced Settings if you are using LaserJet printers.
  •   Expand the “Print and Scan tab” and “click” Maintain Your Printer if you are using InkJet printers.
  •   If the “HP Solution Center” opens, expand the Tools option from the Home menu.
  •   Select the Printer “Toolbox” option on the next screen.
  •   “Choose” your printer model from the list displayed.
  •   Learn about the available options by opening each tab.
hp printer wireless troubleshooting

How to Fix HP Printer Driver Unavailable Issue?

If you do not have an updated driver or if the driver is unavailable, then download it from our website using the steps below.

  •   Click the Start button and open the Search tab.
  •   Type change device installation settings and click the Search icon.
  •   Select the Change Device Installation Settings option from the list displayed.
  •   The Device Installation Settings window displays on the screen.
  •   Click the ‘Yes, do this automatically’ option from the pop-up window.
  •   Click Save Changes at the bottom and wait for a few seconds.
  •   This action sets the Windows Update to automatically download the driver software.
  •   Connect your printer and the computer to a USB hub through a USB cable.
  •   Install the driver files using the driver installation disc or by downloading it from our website.
  •   Initiate a print job and check whether the printer prints correctly.

hp printer troubleshooting

How to Fix HP Printer Not Print Anything?

The HP Printer Troubleshooting issue might be due to ink cartridges running low on ink, paper mismatch, problems with printhead alignment, and more.

  •   Open the cartridge access door and wait until the carriage moves to the center.
  •   Lift the black colored tank cover, take the cartridge out, and send it to the manufacturer for recycling.
  •   Repeat the same procedure for removing the tricolor cartridge. Check if the computer shows the original ink level.
  •   Extend the input tray out and load it with few papers. Take the newly purchased ink cartridges from its pack.
  •   Unpack the black ink cartridge. Pull the peel-off tab to detach the protective tape.
  •   Touch only with the black plastic region on the cartridge and ensure to not touch the copper wiring on it.
  •   Insert each cartridge by sliding it into the designated ink slot. Close the ink tank cover.
  •   Take the tricolor cartridge out of the package. Repeat the steps above and insert the new tricolor cartridge into the respective slot.
  •   Close the ink tank cover and the cartridge access door. Connect the printer to your computer.
  •   Open a document and print using the Print option from the file menu. When the printer completes the printing process, check the output.

HP Printer Not Printing from Computer

Guidance for Printer fails to print from a computer, then it must be stuck due to the Offline error. Below Provide the HP Printer Troubleshooting Steps for Printer not Print from Computer.

  •   “Power off” the printer and wait until it turns idle.
  •   Unplug the power adapter and disconnect the printer from the power connection.
  •   Power off the device that you are using to print from.
  •   Disconnect the printer from the router if the network connection established is wireless.
  •   Power off the router, wait for few seconds and reestablish the power connection.
  •   Switch on the router and wait till the LED light blinks.
  •   Turn on the printer’s Wi-Fi by pressing the Wireless button on the printer.
  •   The printer automatically reconnects to the nearest available network.
  •   Power on the laptop or computer and enable the Wi-Fi feature on it.
  •   Connect it to the same network to which the printer is connected. Check if the issue is resolved.

How Do I Realign HP Printer?

If the printer alignment fails, the error message ‘Alignment failed’ displays on the printer’s Control Panel.

  •    For HP Printer Troubleshooting, Resetting the printer is the best way to resolve the alignment issue.
  •   “Press” the “Power button” and turn on the printer.
  •   Unplug the power cable and disable the “power connection”.
  •   Remove the power adapter from the wall power outlet.
  •   “Wait” for a few seconds and “re-plug” the power cord to the printer.
  •   “Reestablish” the printer’s power connection.
  •   The printer should “turn on” automatically after the initialization is done.
  •   If the auto-connection fails, turn it on manually.
  •   The “alignment issue” will be resolved after you turn on the printer.
  •   “Print” a test page to check the alignment and ink flow.

HP Printer Troubleshooting Won’t Copy or Print Issue

  •   Open the Control Panel Settings menu on your HP printer. Scroll down, locate the Copy menu, and tap on it.
  •   Touch the Copy menu and select the Copy Document or Copy Photo option.
  •   Wait until the Basic Settings tab displays on the screen.
  •   Touch the Settings icon. The list of customization that is applicable to the Copy process displays.
  •   Select the Paper Type, Contrast, Enhancements, Optimization, and more.
  •   After making the necessary changes, touch the OK option. Load the original document and perform the Copy operation.
  •   Check whether the HP Printer Troubleshooting issue is resolved.
  •   For printing related problems, checking the level of the ink cartridges may help.
  •   The ink level should not be lower than the actual level.
  •   Use genuine ink cartridges and papers of appropriate quality.
  •   Prefer connecting the printer and the computer through a wireless router. The above instructions are Useful for HP Troubleshooting.

How to Solve HP Printer Scanner Failure?

Guidance for scanner failure occurs in HP printers due to the scanner malfunctions.Check if any of the following error messages is displayed, Scanner not found or Computer Not Working.

  •   Disconnect the “USB Cable” from the printer and computer. Restart both the devices.
  •   Reinsert the USB cable into the printer and to a different USB port on the computer.
  •   “Open” a web browser on your computer and download the HP Print and Scan Doctor tool that comes along with the printer driver.
  •   Launch the tool and click the Start option.
  •   Select your printer from the list and click the ‘Fix Scanning’ option.
  •   After the results screen appears, view the list of actionable results.
  •   In case the device prompts for HP Printer Troubleshooting the problem, click ‘OK’ and follow the on-screen instructions to resolve it.
  •   If the issue persists, open the Device Manager on your computer and locate the printer driver software.
  •   Right-click the driver and select ‘Update’ from the drop-down menu.
  •   The Operating system updates the driver software to its latest version.

Solve HP Printer Not Connecting to Computer Issue

The printer that you use to print may not connect to your computer or laptop due to problems in the network connection. To Troubleshoot with the Wi-Fi Direct Connection, follow the upcoming instructions.

  •   “Close” all the activities, programs, and applications on your computer.
  •   Click the Start menu and expand the Search tab.
  •   Type ‘cmd’ and press the Enter button.
  •   The system displays a list of options to choose from.
  •   Select the ‘Command Prompt’ option from the list.
  •   Type ‘Wi-Fi Direct’ in the command prompt and press the Enter button.
  •   Make sure that you have an active internet connection.
  •   The utility tool opens and starts to repair the damaged files.
  •   Once the tool completes the repair process, you will receive a message stating ‘Corrupted files repaired successfully’.
  •   Check if the HP Printer Troubleshooting issue is resolved.

How to Fix HP Printer Cartridge Problem?

HP printer possess an in-built monitoring system to check the ink cartridges level at regular intervals and notify the user when the ink is low or drained.

  •   After refilling the ink cartridges, sometimes the HP Printer fails to recognize the change in ink level.
  •   Press and hold the left and right navigation keys on the HP printer’s keypad.
  •   Release them together, then tap the numbers 7, 8, 9 for the black ink cartridge.
  •   Type 4,5,6 for color ink cartridges.
  •   The system prompts to disable the ink monitor.
  •   Press 1 to confirm the action.
  •   Repeat the step-by-step procedure and this time, press 2 to reset the ink monitor.
  •   If the cartridges are replaced, the device resets automatically.
  •   This is done due to the chip built into the cartridge.
  •   If the auto-reset fails, you can perform the aforementioned process. HP Printer Troubleshooting for Ink Cartridge Problems are Fixed Above. Still, you Have any Doubt Reach Us.

HP Printer Cartridge Error After Refill

Instead of replacing the ink cartridges, you can refill them by following a step-by-step procedure.

  •   After refilling is complete, the printer may fail to print documents.
  •   Follow the upcoming guided solutions to resolve the issue.
  •   If the printer is not turned on previously, turn it on.
  •   Unlock the cartridge access door and wait until the carriage turns idle.
  •   Take both black and tricolor ink cartridges out of their slots.
  •   Take a white cloth and place the cartridges on it.
  •   If there are no leaks, invert the cartridges and check.
  •   If leakage is present, it is better to replace the cartridges with new ones. For Troubleshooting Guidance for Cartridge Failure is given below.

How to Fix HP Ink Cartridge Failure?

The HP Ink Cartridge failure message occurs due to the use of duplicate ink cartridges, not replacing the ink cartridges at regular intervals, and more.

  •   The Ink Cartridges are Sensitive.
  •   An error message displays on the screen if the cartridge fails to work.
  •   While the cartridge needs to be replaced, take the empty cartridge out, and replace it with a new one.
  •   For HP Printer Troubleshooting, Insert the cartridges into their slots.
  •   Use only genuine ink cartridges.
  •   Do not touch the printhead nozzle on the cartridge.
  •   Do not use an old or used ink cartridge.
  •   Do not leave the printer empty with no cartridge as it damages the printheads.
  •   Ensure to cover the printer when not in use.
  •   Refer to the user manual to learn about the supported ink cartridges.

How to Solve HP Printer Offline Problem?

Guidance for Offline Issue. If your computer is installed with Windows 8 or 10, download the special edition of the HP Print and Scan Doctor tool on your system from the manufacturer’s site.

  •   Open the Downloads folder and locate the file named HPPSdr with the .exe extension.
  •   Right-click the file and select the ‘Run’ option from the drop-down menu.
  •   Wait for a few seconds and the HP Print and Scan Doctor tool opens.
  •   Click the Start button on the HP tool’s home page and select your printer model from the list.
  •   If your printer model is not listed, restart the printer.
  •   After it turns on, click the ‘Retry’ option on the page.
  •   If the printer name is displayed, click on it.
  •   Follow the on-screen instructions for HP Printer Troubleshooting and resolve the connection problems first.
  •   After resolving, click the ‘Fix Printing’ option.
  •   The utility tool resolves the issue automatically.

HP Printer Troubleshooting Paper Jam Issue

Guidance for Paper Jam Issue. A Paper jam in an HP printer occurs due to dislocation of papers, using papers that are not compatible with the printer, and overloaded input tray.

  •   Leave the printer turned on for a while.
  •   Lift the scanner lid and keep it steady.
  •   Pull the paper and photo input tray out to the maximum limit.
  •   Locate the jammed paper and take the paper out without tearing it.
  •   Ensure to remove all the jammed papers. Do not touch any internal linings of the printer.
  •   Open the ink cartridge access doors.
  •   If you find any paper on the carriage roller, slide them through the roller and remove.
  •   Examine the ink cartridge system thoroughly and remove the remaining papers, if any.
  •   To avoid the HP Printer Troubleshooting paper jam issue, use only appropriate papers that are compatible with the printer.
  •   Refer to the manual to learn regarding the supported paper types.

How to Reset HP Printer to Factory Defaults?

Factory resetting is suggested in the following situations: network failure, USB connection failure if the printer fails to restart, and if the printer displays false error messages.

  •   Disconnect the printer from all the external connections such as USB hub, wireless network, and computer.
  •   Establish the power connection to the printer. Open the Control Panel Settings on it. Scroll down to spot the Recovery Manager or Device Manager option under the ‘About Printer’ menu.
  •   The Recovery Manager displays three options to choose – System Recovery, Factory Reset, and Minimized Image Recovery.
  •   Select the Factory Reset option and the printer displays a warning message.
  •   Ignore the message and click Proceed or OK.
  •   The printer restarts after the factory reset process is completed.
  •   Perform the first-time printer setup.There are three types of reset: Partial, Semi, and Full reset. For More HP Printer Troubleshooting Guidance Contact Our Experts.
hp printer factory reset