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HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2135 Scan Guidelines

Get the Solution for HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2135 Scan, exhibits exceptional scanning features. As a pre-requisite, download a full feature printer driver before you initiate a scan. Also, connect your printer and computer to the same network. The printer supports features such as scan to computer, scan from a mobile device, scan photos, and scan as PDF files. The scanning features are available for Windows, Linux and Apple platforms. Document or photo is loaded on the scanner glass. Ensure that you place the document with its print side down. In the printer software, select the option Scan a Document or Photo to initiate a scan.

How to Scan using HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2135 Printer?

Scanning converts the documents into digital files. The Scan option enables scanning and storing of a document on a cloud server. Scanners today provide high-quality resolution for both black-white or color documents. The printer produces high-resolution images, photographs, graphics, and designs. Follow the steps given below to understand HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2135 How to Scan.

  •   Place the paper, file, or photograph on the scanner glass.
  •   Ensure that you place it with the print side down facing the front right corner of the scanner glass.
  •   The power cord must be linked to the rear of the printer and the other end to a power outlet.
  •   Switch on the printer.
  •   Connect your printer to a good wireless network.
  •   Exit all running programs on the computer. Install the HP Printer Assistant software.
  •   Double-click the printer icon. Open the printer software.
  •   Switch on the computer. Click on the Start icon. Select the following options All Programs > HP. Find the folder for your printer and select the icon that reflects the printer’s name.
  •   In the printer driver software, select the option Scan a Document or Photo. Choose the scan type and then click Scan.
  •   Save the scanned file as PDF or JPEG format. Access your scanned documents from any location if you have saved it on your cloud storage driver or sent it to your email.

hp deskjet ink advantage 2135 scan

  •   If you have issues with scanning, open the HP Printer Assistant software. Reboot your computer and reconnect the printer set-up. Additionally, download the HP Print and Scan Doctor tool to examine and resolve any issue for HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2135 How to Scan.

How to Scan to Computer?

  •   Switch on the printer set-up. Connect the printer and its peripheral devices to a same wireless network. Download the HP Smart app.
  •   It has its functions extended to printing and scanning.
  •   Open your printer folder. Select your printer name. If your printer is not found in the list, add your printer. Open the HP Deskjet 2135 printer properties, and adjust the settings if necessary. From the printer’s control panel, select the options Scan to Computer > Scan.
  •   Place the document/photo to be scanned on the scanner glass. Disable and enable the Scan option on the printer set-up.
  •   You can also scan using the HP Scan. Choose the scan-profile type and follow instructions on the screen.
  •   Use the Modify option to change the scan settings. Change options such as page size and orientation, scan resolution, and contrast. Save the file.

How To Scan to Email?

  •   Load the photo or files to with the printed side facing the scanner glass. Never keep the scanner glass dirty. Wipe the glass with a linen cloth.
  •   Hover the mouse to the Printer icon on the desktop and double-click it. Click the arrow button on the Window start screen. Choose your printer name.
  •   Open the printer software and select the Scan a Document or Photo. Select the scan type you want and click Scan.
  •   Choose the option Email as PDF or Email as JPEG to send the scanned document to your email. There are multiple advantages of saving the files in your email. It saves time and assures easy access to your files/documents, with our steps you can get a complete solution for HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2135 Scan.