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Solution for HP Deskjet 5820 Setup

The Hewlett-Packard company recently released the HP Deskjet GT 5820. HP has gone an extra mile to design the printer set-up with the ink bottles being placed outside instead of the traditional method of keeping them inside. It makes extra thick and crisp printouts, exceptional scans and copies. It is quite affordable to most people around the globe and yields good quality prints at a meager cost per page. The printer also has a spill-free replenishment system. Altogether the HP Deskjet 5820 Setup is the best choice for small-scale business sectors and home offices to produce excellent printouts.

hp deskjet 5820 setup

HP Deskjet GT 5820 vs Canon G3000

The Canon g3000 printer is more expensive than the printer. It costs around ₹12299. And the Canon g3000 is a Pixma G series printer set-up. But the print speed of the printer set-up is quite faster. It ranges around 16ppm while the print speed of Canon g3000 is around 5ppm. Both the printers support wired and wireless network connectivity.

How to Download HP Deskjet GT 5820 Driver?

  •   The HP Deskjet GT 5820 Setup is available as a full feature printer driver download.
  •   If an updated printer software does not support your printer, it results in garbled outputs, blemished ink streaks or sometimes no print job at all.
  •   If the printer throws an error, go ahead and check the status of the printer driver. It might be outdated. Uninstall and re-install the printer driver to maintain proper functioning of the printer.
  •   Gather the make and model number of the printer and register in the website dashboard to receive newsletters and updates about the latest printer driver in your mailbox.
  •   Else, search for a compatible printer driver. You can download the printer software and install it.
  •   Extract and save the .exe file from the computer’s Download location.
  •   As an alternative method, you can also rely on the HP Deskjet 5820 Setup CD that would have come with the printer shipping box.
  •   Insert the CD into the computer disk drive.
  •   Follow the on-screen instructions given by the installation wizard. Download and extract the file.
  •    Visit our website dashboard to reach out to the dedicated customer care support. The toll-free number and the instant chat support team will provide excellent guidance to fix any issues with the printer driver installation.

Solution for How to Setup HP Deskjet GT 5820 Printer?

  •   The HP Deskjet GT 5820 printer set-up begins with unboxing the printer model. Unboxing is nothing but the unwrapping of the printer. It requires patience and time. Gently cut the insulation tapes that cover the printer shipping box. Open the side flaps of the box.
  •   Ensure that all the printer accessories such as the power cable, power cord, USB cable, user guide, etc are safely packed inside the box without damage. Look for the installation CD and place it outside. HP Deskjet 5820 Setup the full feature printer driver from this CD.
  •   Hold the printer on both sides and carefully place it on a sturdy space. Remove insulation tapes and packaging material from the printer components. Use sharp scissors to cut the tapes.
  •   Carefully place the ink cartridges out of the box. Also, make sure that you keep the cartridge card safe for future use. It will help you choose the ink cartridge from the manufacturer’s store while replacing.
  •   Notice a booklet resting on top of your printer set-up. This booklet is the multi-language user guide of the printer. It includes the basic steps and troubleshooting information about the printer.
  •   The HP Deskjet GT 5820 Setup is simple to complete. Start by connecting the power cable. Connect the Power cable to the rear of the printer. Stretch the cord and connect the other end to an electrical outlet.
  •    Switch ON the Power button on top of the printer.
  •    Open the ink carriage access door. It will move to the middle of the printer. Lift the ink cartridge slab and insert the ink cartridges into their slots.
  • Align the ink cartridges to achieve the best quality prints.

  •    Open the paper input tray door and load the printing papers in portrait orientation.
  •    Download the full feature printer software to ensure trouble-free printing.

HP Deskjet GT 5820 WiFi Setup

  •   Connecting the printer set-up to a Wi-Fi HP Deskjet 5820 Setup is vital to produce excellent quality prints wirelessly with ease. Most of the latest HP printers are equipped with upgraded Wi-Fi facilities.
  •   Make sure the network router and computer are switched on, and the computer is connected to the same wireless network as that of your printer.
  •   Download the latest full feature printer software. It contains a wireless software for scanning and other printer management functions.
  •   Enter the Wi-Fi password to add your printer to the wireless network. To begin with, check to which operating system is your printer connected. The Wi-Fi password varies depending on the OS.
  •   Select your printer. Select the Wireless network option. Click the option Continue. Follow the instructions on-screen to set up your printer to a wireless network.

HP Deskjet GT 5820 How to Scan?

  •   The printer model has terrific scan features. HP has flourished its scanning expertise by enabling excellent scanning options through email, scan to computer and using the HP Scan App.
  •   To scan from your computer, install the full-feature software and driver. The full-feature driver for HP printers released in 2011 and later includes the HP Scan software. It supports the major scanning functions.
  •   HP Deskjet 5820 Setup the printer and computer to the same network. Switch on both the devices.
  •   Load genuine HP printing papers on the scanner glass.
  •   Double-click Printer icon in the desktop and open the printer software. Select the Scan option in the printer software. Select Scan a Document or Photo. Save your file as PDF or JPEG.

HP Deskjet GT 5820 How to Print?

  •   Printing is the primary function of a printer. The printer produces lab-quality prints in quick time. The monthly duty cycle is of 1000 pages.
  •   It is essential to load genuine quality printing papers in the paper input tray before you attempt to print. Connect to a proper power supply and turn ON the printer. Also, switch ON the computer.
  •   Select the necessary printing properties with the Print option from the printer software. Tap on the button that directs to the Properties dialog box. Choose the options on the Layout tab to select either Portrait or Landscape orientation.
  •   It is important to choose the quality of paper before you take a print. Hence, pick the Paper/Quality tab to select the appropriate paper type from the drop-down list. You can also crop and edit the document or photo before printing from HP Deskjet 5820 Setup printer. Click the option Print.

HP Deskjet GT 5820 How to Copy?

  •   Copy features are important for producing copies of your original documents.
  •   Stack papers in the paper input tray. Ensure that you load the documents with the print side facing down on the scanner glass. Also, make sure that the printing papers have the ColorLok logo for copying purpose.
  •   Select the option Start Copy Black to make a copy. The printer starts the copying function after two seconds.
  •   Press the copy button multiple times to increase the copies. Keep in mind that you can’t expect the quality of copies to match the original documents.
  •   You can produce single-side copies or 2-side copies according to the printer model. You can select the paper size, quality, type, etc before printing the copies.

HP Deskjet GT 5820 Mobile Printing

HP Deskjet GT 5820 AirPrint Setup

  •   The Apple AirPrint is to used to print wirelessly from your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch on the printer. The AirPrint allows instant printing of photos, email, web pages, and documents.
  •   To begin with, switch on the printer set-up.
  •   Connect the HP Deskjet 5820 Setup to a Mac machine. Refer to gain further guidance. Ensure that both the devices are connected to the same network as your AirPrint enabled device.
  •   Connect the printer to the AirPort Time Capsule and Apple’s AirPort Extreme. They are the Wi-Fi base stations.
  •   Switch ON the option AirPort on the top of the screen. Choose the number of copies required. Switch on the option Double-Sided Printing if needed. Click the option Print to start printing.

HP Deskjet GT 5820 ePrint Setup

  •   The HP Deskjet GT 5820 all in one printer supports the HP ePrint printing services. This cloud-based printing service is secure and allows users to print virtually.
  •   An active Internet connection is necessary to print using HP ePrint.
  •   The HP ePrint set-up handles print jobs by sending photos and documents to the printer through email. Make sure that the total size of the email is 10 MB or less.
  •   Turn on the Embedded Web Server (EWS) from the printers control panel. It allows the printer set-up to communicate securely over the network.
  •   Else, press the HP e-print set-up button on the HP Deskjet 5820 Setup printer’s control panel to initiate a print. Enjoy the benefits of the HP ePrint app by sending the print jobs from your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, Click to Know More.